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The Yuba City Destination has cities, lakes, rivers, and mountains and is located in California. Cities inside the destination include Chico, Roseville, Folsom, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Yuba City, and Sacramento. Some of the attractions in the region are the Sutter Bike Trail, the Bok Kai Temple, the Community Memorial Museum, Sutter Buttes, Norcal Escape Co., and Candy Box.[2] Other activities in the area include the Crocker Art Museum, the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Sacramento Zoo, the California State Railroad Museum, the Old Sacramento State Historical Park, and the California State Capitol Museum.[3] The climate in the nearby area changes throughout the year, with the coldest months being from November to March and warmer months in June to September. It rains the most in December, with other likely rainfall in February and November. It never snows in the zone.[4]

What Sacramento is known for

The Yuba City Destination is best known for Sacramento, a city within the region. Sacramento is a large city with around 525,398 residents.[9] Also in the region is Yuba City, a city with around 67,010 residents.[10] Other features found nearby are the Tahoe National Forest, Chico, Roseville, Folsom, Elk Grove, and Rancho Cordova. There are a small handful of famous attractions in the area, such as zoos, museums, the California State Capitol Museum, and the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament.[3] 

In Yuba City, there is an assortment of activities for people to participate in. Some of these include Norcal Escape Co., Sutter Buttes Olive Oil, the Sutter Bike Trail, Sutter Buttes, the Bok Kai Temple, the Community Memorial Museum, and the Candy Box. Norcal Escape Co. has a series of escape rooms and continues to get new features. Sutter Buttes Olive Oil has various kinds of olive oil that guests can buy. The Sutter Bike Trail is a trail that is mostly paved. Guests can bike along the trail and view the scenery. The Sutter Buttes are eroded volcanic lava domes. They include hikes, trails, and walking tours that often go over the history of the Sutter Buttes. 

The Bok Kai Temple is a temple people can view and take pictures of. The Community Memorial Museum has exhibits on the community's history and the people that used to live there. Lastly, Candy Box is a store that sells many different kinds of candy. They also sell an assortment of different flavors of ice cream.[2] In Sacramento, there are many things for visitors to do, most of which have been previously mentioned. Sacramento Zoo is home to many animals and also offers packages to its guests, such as overnight stays with the animals. Old Sacramento State Historical Park has a lot of historic buildings and features that people can view and tour. 

The California State Railroad Museum has multiple exhibits on the railroad, the history of the railroad, and a collection of trains. The California State Capitol Museum is in the state capital building. There are exhibits on the history of the capital, along with a general history of California. The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament can be toured and viewed.[3] Because of how large the city is, Sacramento gets an extensive amount of tourists each year. To be specific, around 15.3 million people visit Sacramento annually. 4.3 million people visit the Old Sacramento Waterfront a year, while around 875,000 people visit Sacramento annually for conventions.[9]


The Yuba City Destination is located in California. From Yuba City, mountains can be seen. The zone itself has a few mountains and fields. Also within the destination are forests, lakes, and rivers. Notable features in the zone include Sacramento, Yuba City, Tahoe National Forest, Folsom, Roseville, and Elk Grove. The shape of the zone is square-like and wraps around various cities and landmarks. The north side of the building is mostly flat and ends just above Chico, Paradise, and Portola. The east side of the border goes along the state line between California and Nevada, while the west side of the border goes down in a straight line just past Yuba City. The south end of the border goes down past Elk Grove and Jackson.

Animals in the destination include bats, mice, squirrels, mountain beavers, American beavers, California kangaroo rats, North American porcupines, voles, woodrats, muskrats, gophers, hares, jackrabbits, desert cottontails, and brush rabbits.[5] Plants that grow well in the surrounding landscape include giant Burmese honeysuckle, serpent trees, New Zeland tea bushes, shrub roses, and rose mallow.[6] Because of the weather, the best time to visit the district is from the beginning of April to the start of July or from the beginning of August to the beginning of November. 

The weather in the area has an average high of around 78 degrees Fahrenheit in July and an average low temperature of about 44 degrees in December. The warmest months are from June to September, while the colder months are from November to March. Rain is most likely to fall in December, with other high chances of rain in February and November. It never snows in the region. The most humid time of the year in the sector is in December and January, with the lowest humidity in June, July, and August. The time of the year with the most wind in May. Other windy months include February, March, April, and June. Most people visit Yuba city in July.


The Maidu people lived in the Yuba City area before the Spanish and Mexican scouting expeditions came. The word "Yuba" comes from "uba," with is a variant spelling of the Spanish word "uva," which means grape. A large amount of land that included Yuba City was given to John Sutter by the Mexican government. He sold part of his land to some enterprising men who wanted to create a town near the confluence of Yuba River and Feather River. Yuba City was a steamboat landing, had 20 dwelling homes, a hotel, a grocery store, and a post office by 1852. In 1854, Yuba City was chosen to be the county seat for Sutter County.

Later in the year, Yuba City lost the position of the county seat, and instead, Nicolaus became the new county seat. Two years later, Yuba City was once again voted to be the county seat and has remained the county seat ever since then.[1] After World War II, Yuba City's population increased. Orchards were turned into neighborhoods for people to live in. In 1995, a series of storms caused rivers to overflow. Yuba City flooded, and many had to be saved by helicopter and taken to safety. One interesting story regarding the region took place in March of 1961, when an airplane holding nuclear weapons had a pressurization problem. As a result, the plane had to fly lower, and the fuel ran out. The plane crashed, and the airship and nuclear weapons were destroyed, though there was no explosion.[1]

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The Cottage Inn at Lake Tahoe is located in Tahoe City. The establishment is situated next to Lake Tahoe. In 1938, the property was built by a founding family of the area. The owner and staff strive to give guests a comfortable and relaxing stay. They hope visitors can have a romantic experience and make new memories. There are 22 units, each with its own theme and unique name. The property has often been described as rustic and romantic and is considered to have a mature atmosphere. Guests frequently come for honeymoons, anniversaries, and special events. The property is most known for its location and breakfast. The breakfast is included with the stay and is delivered to guests' rooms. Patrons have access to a private beach, and at the main lodge, chairs and towels can be bought or rented out. 

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Collins Lake

Browns Valley, California

Collins Lake

Collins Lake, located in Browns Valley, California, was established as a campground in 1972 by Robert Young and has continued to be in the Young family since, with the current owner being Robert’s grandson, Jacob Young. The business owns the 1,600-acre lake with 12 miles of shoreline, giving some of the 293 units a view of the lake. Eight cabins make up some of the units, with 100 RV sites having hook-ups and the rest having none. There is a main office, general store, showers, and laundry areas on the premises. Visitors are also able to rent boats from the establishment, with the most popular rental being a party boat with a slide attached to it. The property has quiet time starting at 10:00 and has security patrol the land at various times in hopes of ensuring the safety of the patrons. The business is open year-round, with the busiest season falling in the summer.

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The Almond Tree RV Park is located on the outskirts of Chico, California and has 42 sites for guests to reserve. Sites vary between 30 and 50 amp hookups, back-in, and pull-through spots. Each site comes with cable television, WiFi, and a picnic table. Trees growing around the vicinity offer a moderate amount of shade across the grounds. The sites are animal-friendly and child-friendly. The owner asks that those who stay on the property keep their animals on leashes at all times, pick up after them, and do not leave their animals unattended. Additionally, only RVs 10 years old and newer are allowed to stay at the sites. A nearby park, called DeGarmo Park, has a play structure for children as well as a fenced-in dog area. 

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The Dutch Flat RV Resort is located in Placer County, California, near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The property has a total of 62 RV sites, all including 30 amp hookups. The manager lives on the campground and is commonly referred to as the camp post. There are also common areas including a pool, club room with a patio, barbeque area, showers, and restrooms. Amenities provided on the premises include a dump station and WiFi throughout the park. The land is heavily wooded and forested; there are walking trails created by one of the owners. Laurie and Ron are the owners of the resort. The location of the property is 60 miles away from Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.

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Coachland RV Park offers 126 RV sites and is located in Truckee, California, which is found close to the border between California and Nevada. Lake Tahoe, Tahoe National Forest, and Donner Lake are all within the vicinity of the RV park. A complimentary breakfast is served every Saturday, with a unique pancake breakfast being made once a month. The property has a dog park and across the street is a recreational center with an indoor swimming pool. One policy that is important for potential guests to know beforehand is that the property does not allow trailers that are over ten years old. Coachland RV park is open year-round, making it an ideal location for those looking to visit some of the ski slopes nearby during the winter.

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Inn Town Campground lies in the forested foothills of Nevada City, California. The campground is a mix of different lodging styles, ranging from RV sites to glamping tents to more traditional camping experiences. The area is known for being part of the Gold Rush in the mid-1800s, and there is an assortment of outdoor activities to take part in.

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Willow Creek Campground offers a variety of outdoor spaces for tents, RVs, or pre-constructed cabins just south of the town of Camptonville, California. The edifice is open year-round and is located about six miles away from New Bullards Bar Reservoir and northwest of Tahoe National Forest. The property offers a game room and has a store that sells supplies and things patrons may want or need while they are visiting. Activities such as panning for gold, fishing, and mountain biking are some of the more popular things that people do in the area. Willow Creek Campground sees a variety of people that come to Camptonville for many different things, but the business is catered more towards families and those who have children, attempting to offer a "family-friendly" experience.

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The Sierra Valley RV Park was originally established in 1984 and was purchased two and half years ago by Alvin Loy, who is the current owner of the property. The premises has a total of 50 RV sites available for reservation, all sites including full hook-ups with 30 amps for the electrical hook-ups. The property is comprised of a total of 3 acres of land in Beckwourth, California. WiFi is available on the premises, as well as two stand-alone bathrooms and a coin-operated laundry facility. The location of the business is situated between two lakes: Lake Davis and Lake Frenchman. Both lakes are located within 10 miles of the property. According to Alvin, the lakes are popular spots among visitors to the area, with fishing and water sports being some popular activities. The park is open year-round to visitors, with the busiest falling between April to September.

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