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Almond Tree RV Park

The Almond Tree RV Park is located on the outskirts of Chico, California and has 42 sites for guests to reserve. Sites vary between 30 and 50 amp hookups, back-in, and pull-through spots. Each site comes with cable television, WiFi, and a picnic table. Trees growing around the vicinity offer a moderate amount of shade across the grounds. The sites are animal-friendly and child-friendly. The owner asks that those who stay on the property keep their animals on leashes at all times, pick up after them, and do not leave their animals unattended. Additionally, only RVs 10 years old and newer are allowed to stay at the sites. A nearby park, called DeGarmo Park, has a play structure for children as well as a fenced-in dog area. 


The Almond Tree RV Park is located in Chico, California near DeGarmo Park. The establishment has 42 spaces that are a mixture of pull-through or back-in spaces, 30 and 50 amp hookups. Each site also comes with a picnic table, cable television, and free WiFi. The property that the park sits on is also home to the Almond Tree Mini Storage Facility. 

There are a variety of amenities offered to those who stay at the Almond Tree RV Park. There is a recreation room as well as an outdoor pool that guests can use free of additional charges. Patrons may also use the laundry room and showers that are on the premises. Additionally, the owner of the business strives to provide those who visit the property with anything they may need for their stay. There is a store inside of the main office building that sells a variety of items that the owner hopes guests find useful. There are toothbrushes, shampoos, conditioners, various RV supplies, bandages, batteries, and smaller food items such as canned soups, chips, and soft drinks. Inside the main office building is also a "lending library" that guests can visit and pick up a book to read during their stay at the park. In front of the main building is a small decorative pond, and there is a gazebo on the grounds that guests can visit. 

The area surrounding the property could be described as a "semi-industrial area" as well as an area with many homes. The park is on the outskirts of the city of Chico and offers closeness to the city and attractions. Nearby the Almond Tree RV Park is the DeGarmo Park. At the park, there is also an area for dogs. 

The owner has implemented policies to help guests be respectful to each other as well as the property itself while staying at the RV park. Dogs are allowed at the park, however, they are not to be left unattended. Pets may be outside as long as they are on a leash and with their owners at all times. Those bringing animals to the property are also expected to clean up after their pets. Other important policies for patrons to be aware of include no smoking inside any of the buildings on the premises. Smoking is allowed at the individual sites but the owners ask that those who choose to smoke be respectful of patrons in the sites near them. All ages are allowed at the park as well. The property also does not allow RVs that are over 10 years old. 


Those who stay at the Almond Tree RV Park frequently comment on the cleanliness of the park, the hospitality of the staff, and the amenities on the property. One guest said, "Wide drives, very green grass, good location, friendly staff, and reasonable rates. The property features a small but fun pool and great water pressure in the showers." Other visitors to the property mention the spacious grounds and the location of the park near town. "Love their clean, green grounds. There is no fenced dog run but plenty of space to walk your dogs. The property is in town and it is very quiet," said a visitor who has stayed at the park multiple times. 

The property is open all year, and the busiest time of the year for the park is generally from January through May. During the late winter and early spring seasons, many RV clubs will stay at the property. Some of the clubs that generally stay at the park are the Sams Club, the Travelers Club, and the Chardonnay Club. Due to the high presence of RV clubs that stay at the property, the general demographics of the property are mainly older men and women traveling with their groups. Others who stay at the park are from Canada driving through the United States on their way to Mexico. "Snowbirds," or people who have winter homes in warmer climates, stay at the property frequently on the way to their winter homes. There is a college near the property so sometimes parents of college students will stay on the property as well. 

The property is located down the street from a city park named DeGarmo Park, which guests can walk to with their children or animals. There is a fenced-off dog area at the park where dogs can be off-leash as well. Other attractions in the area include Bidwell Mansion. The building is the former home of General Bidwell and Annie Bidwell. The couple was one of the founders of Chico, and they discovered gold in the area during the time period of American history coined as the "California Goldrush." The mansion is a relatively large ranch-style house, and there is a park near the building as well. The city of Chico is also home to Chico State College, which is a public college in the town. About 11 miles from the property is the Abbey of New Clairvaux, a monastery. The building that is now the abbey was originally built in Italy but was disassembled and shipped to America where it was rebuilt in Vina, California, which is near Chico. The monks who live at the monastery make and sell their own wine.

During the year, the city of Chico hosts several community events. In the fall, the city throws a harvest festival with outdoor activities for all ages. In different seasons of the year, there are multiple festivals or celebrations that guests can attend. Staff can recommend places to visit as well as community activities. Three restaurants that staff recommends to guests are La Hacienda, which serves Mexican cuisine; Basque Norte, which serves Spanish and Mediterranean dishes; and Italian Cottage. 


The Almond Tree RV Park has been in business for the last 27 years. In 1995, the owner bought the property and decided to build an RV park for those visiting the Chico area. The property has been owned and operated by the same people for all 27 years of its operation. The property has had many updates over the years including adding WiFi to each site, painting and redecorating, and updating electrical systems as needed. Recently, the parking pads were redone with the hopes of aiding guests with the parking of their RVs. The grass was also redone recently. In the future, the owner plans to continue with the maintenance of the property in hopes to give guests the best experience possible. 

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