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Inn Town Campground

Inn Town Campground lies in the forested foothills of Nevada City, California. The campground is a mix of different lodging styles, ranging from RV sites to glamping tents to more traditional camping experiences. The area is known for being part of the Gold Rush in the mid-1800s, and there is an assortment of outdoor activities to take part in.


The Inn Town Campground has been in business for a relatively short period of time, having opened in 2016 under the management of Dan Thiem. The property consists of 16 RV sites, 18 glamping tents, and around 36 tent camping sites. Inn Town Campground is open year-round, though, in the winter months, they close their glamping tents and the majority of their tent sites. Their best season of operation is the summer, in which they tend to bring in the most guests and generally have an immense workload. The RV sites at Inn Town come equipped with water and electric hookups, and all but a few of the sites are defined as "full hookups," including sewer hookups. Each spot includes a picnic table and has access to an on-site dumping station. Sizes of the RV sites vary but can accommodate larger RVs when necessary. The glamping tents at Inn Town Campground are a more modern camping style, seeing as how they are furnished with more luxurious beds and linens than what would be possible in a regular tent. Glamping tents are also connected to electricity, though they don't have bathrooms or any other manner of running water. All guests on the property have access to clean bathhouses and showers. Also included as some of Inn Town Campground's features are a pool, an outdoor movie theater, nearby nature trails, and a large "commons area" building with a communal kitchen and lounge area. In addition to those activities, Inn Town Campground has a small store that sells a handful of grocery-style items and smaller snacks such as ice cream, drinks, beer, and wine. The area is known for its outdoor capabilities, offering visitors easy access to mountain biking trails, hikes, fishing spots, and historical locations. The overall space of Inn Town Campground takes up 15 acres in the Nevada City limits of Nevada County, California. The most significant natural feature of the area is the Tahoe National Forest, which covers the majority of Nevada County.


The culture of Inn Town Campground is best described as "family-friendly" and "laid back and mellow." The owner of the property, Dan Thiem, explains that "if you want to go and be loud and party a lot...we are not the place for you." The property emphasizes calm and relaxed attitudes, and thus enforces a few guidelines to maintain those goals. They ask that people generally keep quiet, especially after 9 PM. Keeping a tidy campsite and avoiding a carbon footprint are also encouraged. Dan explains that the majority of their guest reviews are positive in nature, though from time to time, they'll receive a review of someone who had broken camp conduct and received some sort semblance discipline for it. Generally, guests appreciate the peace and quiet the camp offers, as well as the cleanliness of the sites and how friendly the staff members are. Inn Town Campground strives to emulate the feel of a state or national park, yet maintain the convenience of a smaller campground. They have a more comprehensive range of accommodations compared to other RV parks they have seen, and in their case, it wasn't an afterthought. Each aspect of the campground was specifically planned out in phases for intended purposes. In other words, each site was designed with its typing already in mind. Nevada City is an original mining town that burst into life during the California Gold Rush of the mid-1800s. The city opened in the year 1850, shortly after the infamous rush of '49. What is unique about Nevada City is that it has been remarkably preserved over the years. Mines are strewn about the area in abundance; there are even two old gold mining sites on the property of Inn Town Campground. The town is small and close to the South Yuba River, which draws in many visitors annually. Many visitors to the Nevada City area are searching for mountain biking, fishing, hiking, and camping opportunities. Visitors to the area express appreciation for the natural beauty of California.


The history of Inn Town Campground is relatively brief, though the area as a whole is rich in culture and depth. The 15 acres that make up Inn Town Campground used to be a variety of properties and other locations, but the most prominent ones were two gold mining claims and an old historic Chinese cemetery. Over the years, these sites were purchased from the government, and the property's size became what it is today. In 2016, Dan Thiem purchased the land in order to fulfill a new dream of his. He had been spending the past few years in New Zealand with his family, and they occasionally frequented the "holiday parks" that are prevalent in that area. When they returned to the United States, they "thought it would be awesome to build a similar sort of thing" in their hometown of Nevada City. They decided to make it more "Americanized" in the process. Dan says that the industry is a lot of fun, but the summers can get busy.

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