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Dutch Flat RV Resort

The Dutch Flat RV Resort is located in Placer County, California, near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The property has a total of 62 RV sites, all including 30 amp hookups. The manager lives on the campground and is commonly referred to as the camp post. There are also common areas including a pool, club room with a patio, barbeque area, showers, and restrooms. Amenities provided on the premises include a dump station and WiFi throughout the park. The land is heavily wooded and forested; there are walking trails created by one of the owners. Laurie and Ron are the owners of the resort. The location of the property is 60 miles away from Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.


The Dutch Flat RV Resort is located on over 70 acres of land, consisting of 62 RV sites. The premises is located on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, specifically in Placer County, California. There are 11 pull-through sites for the RVs, with the rest being back-in. All the sites include a 30 amp hookup for the RVs. The amenities available to patrons throughout the resort include free WiFi, a club room with a patio, and a dump station. The camp host lives on site. All RVs go through the camp host to check-in when first arriving.

There are showers and restrooms for guests to use. Common areas that patrons utilize include a full kitchen inside and swimming pool and barbeque area outside. The pool is available for patrons to use between the hours of 10:00 AM until dusk; it is also important to note that there is no lifeguard on duty. On the adjoining property, there is a76 service station with a 7-11 store where guests are able to go and buy any supplies that they may need. Other things for visitors to participate in include gold panning, hiking, and biking. ATVs are also welcome to the property but are not rented by the establishment.

The property is wooded and forested, with walking trails and a creek that patrons can walk to. There are a couple of miles worth of walking trails. Lake Tahoe is approximately 60 miles away, as is Sacramento, which on average takes about an hour to drive to.


People have mentioned that the Dutch Flat RV Resort has lots of walking trails and is generally quiet. Laurie herself says that the walking trails are the premise’s most unique feature. One guest has remarked, “The camp hosts are awesome and accommodating, and ever so sweet. The pool is really beautiful and well-kept. It is a quiet park with no ridiculous parties, which is great.” The owners say that most patrons find their property through the internet and wish that guests knew more about the atmosphere of their property, which they consider to be a quiet and relaxing environment.

There is a wide variety in the demographics of visitors to the Dutch Flat RV Resort, with foreigners, middle-aged couples, families, workers, people passing through, etc. The owners strive to make sure no partiers, illegal substances, or anything that would make an unsafe environment for visitors, are on the property. Laurie says that she talks to every patron over the phone before they arrive on the premises and is often the first person people talk to when first arriving.

The business is open year-round, with the busiest season of operation falling during the summer months, specifically from June to August, but is still busy throughout the year as well. Most visitors who stay at the campground are coming for nearby attractions. Such locations include Lake Tahoe, mining areas, historic sites, and the surrounding nature. The owners say that people will come to their property to stay while they find a place to live in the area permanently. Laurie recommends that their visitors try the Monte Vista Inn, which is within walking distance of the resort. 


Since buying the property, Laurie and Ron, the owners, have put in all the hiking trails on the premises. Ron is also an operator and has been able to add the routes himself and other additions to the land as well. Right now, the property only has 30 amp hookups for RVs, but the owners have future plans to upgrade all of them to 50 amp hookups in hopes of accommodating patrons better. Overall, Laurie and her husband want to continually upgrade their property to make it comfortable and convenient for their guests.

Laurie and Ron have said that what they enjoy most about their job is meeting the people that come to stay on their property. According to Laurie, there is a lot of interaction between the workers, them, and patrons on the grounds. Their goal is to help visitors with their needs and be friendly while not intruding on their vacation.

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