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Willow Creek Campground

Willow Creek Campground offers a variety of outdoor spaces for tents, RVs, or pre-constructed cabins just south of the town of Camptonville, California. The edifice is open year-round and is located about six miles away from New Bullards Bar Reservoir and northwest of Tahoe National Forest. The property offers a game room and has a store that sells supplies and things patrons may want or need while they are visiting. Activities such as panning for gold, fishing, and mountain biking are some of the more popular things that people do in the area. Willow Creek Campground sees a variety of people that come to Camptonville for many different things, but the business is catered more towards families and those who have children, attempting to offer a "family-friendly" experience.


Willow Creek Campground has a total of 5 cabins, 10 RV locations, and 15 campsites. The cabins and RV sites are in the central area, while the tent spots are a little more separate from them.

The cabins are all individually decorated and uniquely set up. There are tiny cabins that are intended to be smaller and offer essentials like a private bathroom, shower, stove, and refrigerator. There are other cabins that are larger with all of the aforementioned amenities, as well as a separate bedroom, living room, and full kitchen. There is one that has six bunk beds, making it more ideal for larger groups. Each cabin is fully furnished.

There are ten RV locations in total. Seven of them have full hookups, including water, electric, and septic tanks. The other three are only partial hookups with just water and electricity. A majority of the RV sites can be found in the lower area of the camp, and there are bathrooms across from the units. In the upper area, across the bridge, there are bathrooms, showers, and a laundry room that are available for everyone to use.

Also located on the property, besides the living arrangements, are things like a game room. The game room has a deck that is built around the outside. The game room comes equipped with a pool table and even a Pac-Man arcade game. A small bar and common area allow people the chance to socialize and hang out with others. The game room is available to anyone staying at the property. A store is found on the property as well, and it is only available to those who are staying at Willow Creek Campground. The store sells items like ice, ice cream, sodas, chips, and a variety of things for camping like tarps, marshmallows, and more. In the future, the owner plans on selling souvenirs like shirts and caps. A small creek runs through the property and can be seen from many of the campsites and cabins. One unique activity that can be done at the stream is panning for gold.

Beyond the campgrounds, guests can find a number of different places to visit. Six miles away from Willow Creek Campground is New Bullards Bar Reservoir. The reservoir is known for its bass fishing and offers visitors a place to take part in activities like canoeing, kayaking, and swimming. The property is also about eight miles away from the main visitor area of the Yuba River. The city known as Downieville is known for being a hot spot for mountain biking and has many stores pertaining to such activities. One restaurant that is located in Downieville that the owner recommends to her guests is called Two Rivers Café. Two Rivers Café serves a variety of dishes, specializing in things like pizza and hamburgers. Nevada City is another city that the owner tells her guests is a popular place to visit. In Nevada City, one can find a variety of "mom and pop" stores, cafes, and shops.


Willow Creek Campground is catered more towards families and children, though the owner reports that they see a wide variety of guests throughout the year. The owner, Renee, explains that she wants her guests to feel welcome and give them a place where they can relax and enjoy themselves. One activity that she has done for patrons in the past is a tractor ride that takes people on rides through the forest. Renee tries to interact with the guests of her property when time permits and based on the personal preference of the patrons. She likes meeting people and socializing with them and makes it a priority to meet people when they arrive for their stay.

Safety is important at the campsite, and the owner tries to create a space that is enjoyable and fun for everyone. Those who do not want to be involved with the group activities that are held on the campgrounds are not pressured to join, but everyone is invited to show up if they would like.

Some policies that are implemented at Willow Creek Campground include no smoking inside any of the buildings. Pets are allowed on the property, so long as the owners keep them on a leash and clean up after them. There is an extra fee for those staying in a cabin to bring a pet, but that fee is not included for those staying at a tent site or in their own RV.

In the past, church group activities and family reunions have been held at Willow Creek Campground, but other than that, they do not often have any events on the edifice. The owner plans on expanding and making a place on the property for larger events like weddings and other significant celebrations in the future.

Willow Creek Campground has received a number of reviews from patrons who had stayed at the business. One thing that is often mentioned is the quality of care that the owner puts into the units. One person wrote, "The new owners are not only super friendly and accommodating, but they are also turning this property into something really special. Rustic cabins, campsites, and RV spots are what you will find when you arrive."


The current owner, whose name is Renee, purchased the property in 2019. It began to be used as a camping location for the public under the name of Willow Creek Campground, sometime between 1999 and 2000. The history before then is lesser-known, but it goes as far back as the 70s.

Renee found Willow Creek Campground when needed to move from her home in November of 2018. She traveled for some time until Willow Creek Campground came across her path, and after flying out to see it for herself, she fell in love with the property. Renee explains that she loves spending time outdoors. Urged by her parents, she decided to make the purchase and has been running the Willow Creek Campground ever since.

When Renee purchased the campgrounds, she went about making preparations to remodel, update, and improve things on the property. All of the cabins have been renovated, and the tent sites have been expanded in size to make them larger. The deck was added around the game room under her ownership, and the game room was updated as well. She added to the store to make improvements and give guests more options for things they might need while they are camping. The way the current campgrounds are laid out, about 7 of the 20 acres of land are currently being used for the camp, so the owner plans to expand the current selection of units and use more of the property. This would allow more people to visit Willow Creek Campground in the future.

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17548 Golden Chain Hwy
Camptonville, California 95922
United States




Renee Roberts

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