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Sierra Valley RV Park

The Sierra Valley RV Park was originally established in 1984 and was purchased two and half years ago by Alvin Loy, who is the current owner of the property. The premises has a total of 50 RV sites available for reservation, all sites including full hook-ups with 30 amps for the electrical hook-ups. The property is comprised of a total of 3 acres of land in Beckwourth, California. WiFi is available on the premises, as well as two stand-alone bathrooms and a coin-operated laundry facility. The location of the business is situated between two lakes: Lake Davis and Lake Frenchman. Both lakes are located within 10 miles of the property. According to Alvin, the lakes are popular spots among visitors to the area, with fishing and water sports being some popular activities. The park is open year-round to visitors, with the busiest falling between April to September.


The Sierra Valley RV Park is located in Beckwourth, California. The property has a total of 50 spaces for RVs that guests are able to reserve. The establishment is situated on a total of 3 acres of land. All 50 of the sites include full hook-ups, with 30 amps available for guest use. According to Alvin Loy, the owner, the park provides WiFi to patrons; however, the connection is not always the most reliable. Other amenities offered to visitors of Sierra Valley RV Park are two stand-alone bathrooms and a coin-operated laundry facility.

The park is between two lakes, Lake Davis and Lake Frenchman. Both bodies of water are within 10 miles of the property. Alvin says that the area is extremely fishing-oriented, with many patrons coming to fish at either of the two nearby lakes. The two lakes also provide opportunities for visitors to the area to participate in water activities.


Alvin Loy, the owner of Sierra Valley RV Park, says that he sets out his rules and regulations and then steps back, allowing the patrons to have space during their stay. He says this method provides visitors to his property the ability to go about their business. He also reports that most often, visitors to the park come with their trips already planned out and ready to explore the surrounding area. According to Alvin, one of the most important things to him is providing a safe park for those who stay at the Sierra Valley RV Park. The reason for the emphasis on safety at the park stems from the main demographic of families on the property. The owner hopes to provide a safe, family-friendly environment. 

Alvin says that if he is outside in the park, he is open to talking to any guests and will also engage in conversation if they come to his house since he also lives on the premises. One past visitor to the establishment remarked, “The owner got us spots next to our group and was friendly and accommodating. The grounds and restrooms are clean and nicely maintained.” 

Alvin expresses that the most unique thing about the property is the central location to multiple fishing spots. Guests often comment how they enjoy having conversations with Alvin and how much they enjoy the park. One particular patron said, “The park was clean, nice, and the camp hosts were accommodating. The facilities are great, including the coin-operated laundry machines.” Most visitors to stay at the park find the establishment through the internet, and most guests are also returning customers to the park.

Portola, California, is a town located near the RV park that often has a few shows being performed. Quincy is another town that has a couple of summer activities happening, one of the big ones being archery hunting. The park is centrally located between both towns. The Sierra Valley RV Park is most known, however, for its relatively close proximity to Reno, Nevada. One popular event hosted in Reno is the Hot August Nights which are car shows, and often times the area runs out of places to stay, which increases the business for the Sierra Valley because of its proximity to Reno.

The Sierra Valley RV Park is open year-round, with the busiest seasons of operation falling between April to September. This time frame is when the area is reportedly warmer, and more activities are happening in the surrounding area. When visitors are in town, Alvin says there are not too many places to eat in the surrounding area but recommends them to try Two Brothers, Lemon Valley, Atlantis, and Wild River Grill if visitors are willing to travel a little farther for a place to eat. The surrounding area also has multiple natural attractions such as Lake Davis, Frenchman Lake, and Feather River, which, according to Alvin, are popular fishing sites and good places to do water sports. Other popular sites to visit are the Nakoma Golf Resort and Great Eagle Golf Resort.


Alvin Loy, the current owner of the Sierra Valley RV Park, purchased the property about two and half years ago. The previous owner of the park was Brian Bordan, who operated the business until Alvin purchased it. Before purchasing the Sierra Valley RV Park, Alvin owned a mobile home park in Arkansas. One of the main reasons that Alvin entered the lodging industry was to be closer to his children as they went to college. According to Alvin, the proximity to his kids at college is a huge benefit to him. 

The business was established in 1984 and has seen updates and renovations through the years. Since Alvin’s arrival at the park, there have been additions of washers and dryers for patron use. Alvin hopes to continue to grow his property and continue to renovate and add features to the land to grow his business. Alvin attributes the success of his business to being in the right place at the right time and through his interactions with customers.

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