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The Kamloops Region is located in the southeast section of British Columbia, Canada. Kamloops is the name of the largest city in the destination.[6] Kamloops and the surrounding areas are primarily known for the outdoor activities that can take place there. The area attracts many visitors every year with its outdoor activities, including hiking trails, kayaking, golf, mountain biking, and more. Most tourists come for hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter, though there are activities for every activity level in the area.[1] While Kamloops is the largest city in the area, some other notable (and much smaller) cities surrounding Kamloops include Walhachin Savona, Boston Flats, and Pritchard. Generally, this territory is temperate in the summer with colder winters.[4]

What Kamloops is known for

The Kamloops Region is famous for being the Tournament Capital of Canada. Every year there are hundreds of sports tournaments and outdoor activities that happen in or near Kamloops. They have practically every type of tournament, festival, or outdoor activity as could be imagined. Additionally, there are events such as campouts focused on ending youth homelessness, the Youth Provincial Judo Championship, and the annual Kamloops Cowboy Festival.[8] 

Many people come to the area for the festivals and tournaments. A wide range of the Kamloops visitors come for the festivals and tournaments, so they come from all over Canada to participate. A large number of people come for outdoor recreation as well. Mountain biking, hiking, fishing, golf, and longboarding are popular activities in the summertime. In the winter, some popular activities include snowboarding and skiing. When most people visit the Kamloops area, it is in the summer when it's warm but not too hot. The second busiest time of the year is right after the first snow.[3] 

Besides more physically challenging outdoor activities, Kamloops also has a steam train that tourists can enjoy the countryside "the old fashioned way." There are also options for wine tastings, brewery tours, art galleries, and many little shops downtown.[9] Some consider Kamloops to be a "hidden gem" because there is a wide range of activities; therefore, everyone can find an activity they enjoy in the Kamloops Region. In 2020 1.9 million people visited Kamloops and the surrounding areas, mainly for outdoor recreation. This number has grown every year since 1981.[6]


Unlike most of Canada, the Kamloops Region typically receives very little snow over the course of a given year, but there is enough for people to ski and snowboard in the mountains. There is an average of roughly 24 inches of snowfall every year which can encourage skiers, snowboarders, and people who want to do other winter activities to come for a visit. The average temperature in the summer is around 72 degrees Fahrenheit.[4] Many people like the temperate weather and the wide assortment of activities available in the summertime. Due to the destination's geography, the outdoor activities which are possible in the region are what draw in the most visitors. Though the peak tourist season is in the summer, the winter still brings many tourists for the winter sports. There are activities to participate in year-round. The humidity in the winter is essentially 0% most of the time, and in the summer, it can get up to 10%, but generally, it is a little bit lower.[4] 

The Kamloops Region includes the Dunn Peak Provincial Park as the most northeast part of the destination. It goes over to the Marble Range Provincial Park in the west and down to Douglas Lake in the south. Part of the land is mountainous with hundreds of lakes, lots of forests, and small highways winding in and out of the trees. The other part is flat grasslands.[9] 

Native to this destination are black bears, grizzly bears, and cougars. These animals are currently on the protected list in British Columbia. There are also smaller animals such as bunnies, deer, and fish prominent in this area. Plantlife is also thriving in Kamloops with plants such as wildflowers, grasses, and trees.[10]


The destination was initially settled 10,000 years ago when the Secwepemc and Nlaka'pamux Native Tribes first moved in. They were the only people in the area until the early 1800s, when Europeans made their way west. The Europeans first started trading furs with the Secwepemc and Nlaka'pamux tribes. Both sides benefited from this trading, so everyone was happy. Then, in 1896, the Klondike Gold Rush started. This brought a lot of traffic to the Kamloops area, and more people began settling. This was when Kamloops began to be a well-established area.[1]

In 1882 America passed the Chinese Exclusion Act, making it very difficult for Chinese immigrants to live legally in America. Most immigrants did not have enough money to make it all the way back to China, so many of them went up to Canada. Since this time, there has been a significant Chinese influence in the city of Kamloops. They created a small "Chinatown" in Kamloops that survives even today. Though there is a heavy Chinese influence, there is also a heavy influence of people from South Asia, Japan, and the Philippines.[1] People wanted to remember the area's rich Native American heritage, so they named it Kamloops, which is a Romanized version of the Shuswap word "Tk'?mlĂșps", meaning "meeting of the waters". [7]

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