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Sheridan Lake Resort

Sheridan Lake Resort is located in Chilliwack, British Columbia. The property is owned by Titus and Tami Midgley, who strive to keep a family-friendly atmosphere at the resort. Because of the lake's reputation for fishing for rainbow trout, many people who come to stay at the resort enjoy spending time on the lake, trying to catch a big trout. Those who catch a trout that weighs over six pounds can have their picture taken and then hung on the resort's wall of fame. The surrounding area of Chilliwack has an abundance of green grass, trees, and rolling hills.


Sheridan Lake Resort has 84 RV sites and 18 cabins. There are a variety of pull-through sites and back-in sites in regards to the RV areas. The cabins have one or two bedrooms depending on the one that a guest stays in. They also have a fridge, a stove with an oven, a microwave, a toaster, a coffee maker, dishes, towels, and dishcloths provided.

There are many amenities at the campground that guests can enjoy. These amenities include the boat launch, a dock, a fish house, a BBQ house, and a lake, at which guests can enjoy a variety of activities. There is a store on the property that sells RV supplies for those who need them, logo clothing as memorabilia, camping and fishing supplies, personal hygiene items, snacks, and coffee. Sheridan Lake Resort also offers boat rentals for guests who did not bring their own. Kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and moorage are all available for rent and use.

The property is unique and well known for the chance that guests have to fish directly on the premises. Sheridan Lake is known by many people as a lake that carries many rainbow trout. The average rainbow trout weighs three pounds, but there are fish that are caught that weigh up to 10 pounds. The region surrounding the campground, Chilliwack specifically, has over 100 lakes that many visitors consider exceptional for swimming, fishing, or boating. There is also an abundance of hiking trails, as well as trails for ATV riding, Razor riding, or horse riding. In the winter, Chilliwack's slopes and snow conditions draw in many skiers, snowboarders, and snowmobilers. The weather drops significantly, so visitors are encouraged to bring jackets and other warm clothing with them so that they have a higher chance of enjoying their stay in the area.


Sheridan Lake Resort strives to have a family-fishing-oriented campsite. The owners and staff hope that guests will have a fun and relaxing time while also enjoying/spending lots of time fishing. The owners and staff try to make it a priority to get to know their guests. Approximately 60% of their guests are returning customers, some of which have come back more than one more time after their initial visit. Guests have commented on how "well kept" the property is, how the various upgrades provided have affected their stay, the social atmosphere, and how they are "treated like family" while they spend time on the campground. One guest said that the camp was a "very clean, peaceful, and convenient location," he also said that "they have everything you need in their store and very friendly staff." Many other reviews that have been left by the various guests to Sheridan Lake Resort have also described similar things.

Sheridan Lake Resort is a place that some avid fishers visit because of the lake's reputation for rainbow trout fishing. Families often come for family reunions or other events and enjoy fishing, even if they aren't very interested in fishing. Everyone is welcome to try and catch one of the ten-pounders. Any catch over six pounds goes on the Sheridan Lake Angling Wall of Fame, where many pictures of past residents holding their catches now hang. Fishing is what the staff at the resort strive to make as one of the central focuses for the people who stay at the Sheridan Lake Resort. Fittingly, the resort is just off of Fishing Highway 24. Sheridan Lake Resort is most popular and busy during the summer months because of the weather that accompanies the fishing people do. As for the winter months, there are still many winter activities to enjoy, such as ice fishing, skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling.


The current owners of the Sheridan Lake Resort are Titus and Tami Midgley, who are often accompanied by their "mascot," Tucker, who is their pet dog. Deciding on running a campground was their semi-retirement plan. They love the location of their property, as well as the lifestyle that has accompanied their fishing-oriented resort. They keep busy all year-round, but Titus and Tami enjoy a bit of downtime during the winter months when the campground has fewer residents staying at the provided living spaces. The owners have four kids and love owning the campground and making memories with their children and all the families that come and stay.

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