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Beaver Lake
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The Beaver Lake Region is located in the northwestern corner of Arkansas, within the United States of America. The region derives its name from the Beaver Lake Reservoir in its eastern quadrant. The lake is a large tourist draw to the neighboring cities of Springdale, Fayetteville, Rogers, and Eureka Springs. No state other than Arkansas is included in the Beaver Lake Region, though the borders of the area line up with the state borders between Arkansas and the nearby states of Oklahoma and Missouri. Apart from Beaver Lake itself, one of the notable attractions nearby is the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. The general area surrounding Beaver Lake has more rainfall annually than most parts of the United States, though less snowfall than the median.[5]

What Beaver Lake is known for

As the region's largest attraction, Beaver Lake draws in somewhere around 3 million visitors per year.[1] That tourism alone supports much of the economy in Eureka Springs and Springdale, allowing for the successful growth of many businesses and restaurants. It can be argued that the peak tourism season for the Beaver Lake Region is the summer, though the wide range of seasonal activities in the winter, spring, and fall means that the decision often depends on the visitor's personal preferences. People who enjoy water activities are more likely to visit during the summer. Swimming, fishing, and boating are all supported activities at Beaver Lake.[4] Allyson Twiggs Dyer, the executive director of the program "Visit Rogers" in 2016, explained that the lake "has everything an outdoor enthusiast is looking for in a recreational lake."[2] Should the visitors be looking for other activities, however, they might find what they are looking for during the fall. Leaf-peeping becomes available at that time, and there are various ghost tours to pique guests' interest. 

The Eureka Springs Oktoberfest is the featured event for the region's fall season.[4] During the winter, tourists are more likely to visit indoor locations such as antique shops or museums. One of the most famous museums in the region is the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, located in Bentonville. This museum has a unique architecture with curved, dome-like ceilings and smooth, geometric walls. The facility has a body of water at its center and is completely surrounded by nature. As its name implies, the museum showcases modern American art while simultaneously blending it with nature. There are over 120 acres that comprise the park and trails around the museum.[3] An additional attraction of the region is the Arvest Ballpark, located in Springdale. The baseball field is the home field for the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, a minor league team. The field has seating that can accommodate up to 6,500 visitors. Visitors to the Beaver Lake Region typically arrive in the area by means of Interstate 49, which cuts through Fayetteville, Springdale, and Rogers, Arkansas—the three largest cities in the nearby area. The interstate continues northward until reaching Kansas City, Missouri. One notable business in the Beaver Lake Region is Tyson Foods, Inc. The business is one of the largest food manufacturers in the world, taking a spot in the Fortune 500 list. Their headquarters is located in Springdale, and they are known for producing chicken, beef, and pork products worldwide.[8]


As the largest source of fresh water in the region, Beaver Lake provides drinking water that supports the growing populations of the Springdale-Fayetteville-Rogers metropolitan area. It is estimated that the water from Beaver Lake is used to supply drinking water to roughly one in seven residents of the state of Arkansas. Additionally, the water from the reservoir is used state-wide in power generation, all stationed out of the Beaver Dam.[2] The Beaver Lake Region stretches a small distance to the east of the main lake, encompassing Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The northern and western edges of the region are the state borders with Missouri and Oklahoma, respectively. The area reaches down to Greenland to the south, rounding out the territory and forming somewhat of a square. Geographically-speaking, the metropolitan section of the region is generally flat. There are clusters of trees and other greenery, accenting the city blocks and business districts. Describing the land directly around Beaver Lake, there are various rolling hills and valleys. Many communities and lodges have been constructed right at the lakeshore. 

The Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area is south of Beaver Lake and is home to a wide range of wildlife. Some of the more notable fauna that inhabits the area are the butterflies and birds, which migrate to the region annually.[7] Within the lake itself, fishermen are likely to encounter species such as largemouth bass, flathead catfish, white/black crappies, walleyes, and bluegills.[6]

Weather in the Beaver Lake Region fluctuates over the course of a year by a decent amount. Summers bring high temperatures averaging around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, while the winter months see temperatures that drop to roughly 27-30 degrees. Eureka Springs, in particular, is one of the coldest communities in Arkansas. Average rainfall in the region is above the national average, coming out to be around 47.3 inches per year. Snowfall, on the other hand, is well below the national average and only reaches about 9.3 inches annually. Based on previous years, the average number of rainy days in a given year is nearly 100. Though there isn't a prominent season that has a significant increase in tourism, the most comfortable months from a temperature standpoint are May, June, and September.[5]


One of the first incorporated cities in the region was Springdale in the early 1800s. When it first came to be, the township was known as Shiloh rather than Springdale. The name was taken for "religious purposes."[9] The prominent religion at that time was the Baptist church, forming under the name of "the Regular Baptist Church at Shiloh" in 1840. The church building was destroyed in a fire during the Civil War, forcing new constructions to take place until the Shiloh Church was completed in 1868. Only ten years later, the name "Shiloh" was discontinued upon the addition of the township to Washington County. Joseph Holcombe became the first mayor of Springdale as it is known today.[9] For the next few decades, the economy of the region was defined by its farming. Crops such as grapes, strawberries, and cherries were heavy influences within the area, along with apple and peach orchards. Eventually, however, insects would prove to be the downfall of that industry in the Beaver Lake Region, forcing citizens to transition to producing poultry instead. 

John Tyson saw the growing potential in this new enterprise in the mid-1900s, deciding to ship large quantities of chickens to Chicago. His increasing success led to the creation of Tyson Foods, Inc., which is one of the world's largest meat producers today.[9] The religious roots of Springdale have continued into the twenty-first century. Somewhere around 50% of the population claims to be affiliated with a religion, and roughly 18% of citizens are Baptist. Methodists, Pentecostals, and other Christian sects are other prominent religions in the region.[10] The majority of citizens in the Beaver Lake Region are white.[5]

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