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Trinity Luxury RV Resort and Cabins

Trinity Luxury RV Resort and Cabins

Trinity Luxury RV Resort and Cabins is located in eastern Texas at the edge of Trinity. The property is 160 acres in size and comes with a lake, several miles of multi-purpose trails, five cabins, and five RV sites. A wedding venue is another notable feature of the RV resort, and three of the five cabins contain hot tubs. Additionally, the park provides kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and paddle boats for guests to use on the lake, complimentary to their stay. Golf carts can also be rented and used to explore the on-site trails, although these must be rented for an additional fee. The multi-purpose trails can be used for hiking, biking, or riding the golf carts.


Trinity Luxury RV Resort and Cabins is at the edge of Trinity, Texas, immediately turning off Pinecrest Road. Most of the surrounding area consists of woods or open country, with several other properties dotting the vicinity outside the central part of town. The 160-acre RV park is mainly wooded, with much land for guests to explore. There is a relatively decent proportion of shade on the property, owing to its quantity of trees. A ten-acre lake with a dock at the end of a peninsula is found at the east end of the property, and the RV park takes up a four or five-acre area right next to the lake.

Five cabins and five RV sites are available for guest use at Trinity Luxury RV Resort and Cabins. The RV sites are 60 by 20 feet concrete pads with full hookups, sewer, water, and 50/20/30 amp service. Additionally, they come with a picnic table and a fire pit. Two of these sites are pull-throughs, while the remaining three are back-ins. As previously mentioned, these sites are next to the on-site lake. The five cabins range from accommodating four to eight people at a time. They are also classified as either "luxury" or "family"; the luxury cabins have a hot tub while the family units allow up to eight people. They come with front porches, wheelchair-accessible ramps, and outdoor seating areas.

Trinity Luxury RV Resort and Cabins has several out-of-unit amenities that guests can access. Visitors are allowed the use of the lake and complimentary rentals of kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, or paddle boats as part of their stay. These rentals do not need to be reserved ahead of time; they are used on a first-come-first-serve basis. The RV park has an array of golf carts that can be rented to explore the trails and terrain. These are not complimentary and require an additional fee for rental. Visitors may also fish at the lake and can expect to catch largemouth bass, perch, and catfish. Miles of trails on the property are multi-use for walking, biking, or driving in the golf carts. While Trinity Luxury RV Resort and Cabins does not have a main office, RV supplies and firewood can be purchased online and delivered to the RV sites. Another noteworthy feature is that all service at the park is done online, with one notable example being the supply purchase.

Tyler, one of the property owners, says Trinity Luxury RV Resort and Cabins is mainly a destination, and that visitors are not usually passing through or seeing another location. However, he mentions some nearby attractions guests can visit while at the RV park. Hunstville is about 20 minutes from Trinity and has a movie theater, bowling alley, antiques, museums, and the Sam Houston monument. Hunstville State Park is within 30 minutes of the RV resort, and the Davy Crockett National Forest is up the road north of the resort. Among the restaurants where visitors can eat, Tyler recommends they try Daisy's Diner and Frank's Taco Station in Riverside or Tacos by the Trax in Trinity. Both Frank's Taco Station and Tacos by the Trax serve Mexican food with the addition of burgers at Frank's Taco Station. Daisy's Diner offers lunch and dinner, with the menu consisting of home-cooked meals.


When describing the atmosphere of Trinity Luxury RV Resort and Cabins, Tyler, one of the owners, describes it as a "family-oriented" place. He says the goal is for visitors to feel "like [they're] at a state park with lots of trees, but [can] still have all the amenities" of a regular RV park or cabin. The owners want their guests to feel comfortable and at home and try to create a "personable atmosphere." To help maintain this atmosphere, Bill, Tyler's father, drives around several times each day to greet visitors and socialize with them. Tyler also mentions that, when creating Trinity Luxury RV Resort and Cabins, they wanted to build the kind of place where they personally would like to camp.

Weddings can be hosted at Trinity Luxury RV Resort and Cabins, as a wedding venue is on-site. As mentioned earlier, walking trails and the lake to fish or boat on are open for guest use. Additionally, Tyler notes that several family reunions happen at the park each year, mentioning how the entire property gets rented by a single group at least four or five times each year. He further explains that visitors can be confident that their reunions will not be interrupted; the RV resort is fenced in and can only be entered with an access code that is changed routinely.

According to Tyler, guest reviews tend to focus on how "personable" the owners and staff are as well as the quality of the establishment. One such visitor said, "My husband and I spent the weekend in the Ester Jane cabin. We enjoyed our staycation in Trinity County. The room had everything we needed to relax and recharge. The hot tub was a highlight. Plus two places to have a fire." Another patron said, concerning the property itself, "The privacy was amazing. Even when all of the RV spots were full, it seemed like there was plenty of space for everyone. Easy booking, easy stay. The amenities (golf cart rental, boats) were thoughtful and very much appreciated." In conjunction with guest reviews, Tyler recollects a project he directed where he sent out follow-up emails to visitors two days after they departed the RV park. In the emails, they were asked to review their experience and leave feedback or suggestions, and Tyler says that almost every review was positive. He believes that the project helped bring to the owners' attention what improvements, additions, or changes could be made to the property. It also helped them learn how to manage their resort better; for example, they bought a new fleet of golf carts to avoid reliability issues. Additionally, they regularly switch out their kayaks and canoes due to sun damage and usage by guests.

Trinity Luxury RV Resort and Cabins has a few policies that must be observed during guests' stay. Dogs are not permitted inside the cabins, but they can stay in kennels outside the cabins or at the RV sites. They can also swim in the lake and accompany their owners on the trails. Additionally, visitors are not allowed to smoke inside the cabins. Tyler further notes that he and his family ask guests to be respectful of others staying at the RV park and that they refrain from being "belligerent or vulgar." This respect for other patrons entails not making excessive noise at night or drinking alcohol to the point of causing disturbances and disrupting the experience of others.

Tyler estimates that half of the visitors find out about the RV park through the Internet while the other half hear through word of mouth. Moreover, he has launched Facebook and Google ads in the past, mentioning how the Trinity Luxury RV Resort and Cabins Facebook page has around 7,000 likes. This has led to the park being at nearly full capacity throughout the high season. The goal is to target families, and Tyler says the clientele is usually a 50/50 split between adult couples and families. According to him, the RV resort sees several returning guests constantly, even getting no less than one returning occupant each weekend. He has also noticed that the cabins are more popular because of the small number of younger visitors with RVs.


Trinity Luxury RV Resort and Cabins began as a family ranch owned by Bill Thomas and his two sons, Tyler and Nathan. Initially, the land was meant to serve as a getaway location for their family. While working on the layout of their property, they decided to expand the lake and clear out some of the immediate surroundings to make room for their jet skis. As they were making space around the lake, Bill got the idea to build an RV site next to it. They made the preparations and excavated the land to accommodate the units.

In 2018, they opened their RV park to the public and started with two cabins, six RV sites, and an Airbnb. All of the work was done by their family, according to Tyler. As time passed and guest feedback came through more often, they began installing hot tubs in some of the cabins. In fact, the hot tub in the family-size cabin was the result of several visitor requests. Bill and his family built ramps for the cabins and worked on the electricity in the buildings. As of now, Tyler says they have no further plans to expand their operation. They like keeping the resort small because it is easy to manage, although Tyler says the one downside is the limited capacity during the busy season. 

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1907 Pinecrest Dr
Trinity, Texas 75862
United States




Bill, Tyler, and Nathan Thomas

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