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The Old Saw Mill Campground

The Old Saw Mill Campground

The Old Saw Mill Campground is a camping location that is found in Bedford, Pennsylvania, which is a city that is close to the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland. The property owns 57 acres of land, with 37 of them being dedicated to four-wheeling trails. They have a total of 66 available campsites that guests can choose from when making reservations. The bathhouses have showers and laundry machines that patrons can use if they need. The campground is located outside of Bedford, away from the busier parts of town, giving guests more of a sense of privacy and quietness. The Old Saw Mill Campground received its name from the sawmill that used to operate on the property before it was turned into a camping establishment.


The Old Saw Mill Campground has 66 available campsites that are split up into two sections. There are about 20 units in the family section, which is ideal for families with younger children that want more space to play, and the rest of the sites are in the adult-only area, which is meant for those who want a more quiet experience and time to relax. Regardless of which location a guest chooses, everyone has access to the main building, which is where the office is as well as a game room with video games, pool tables, and a gambling machine. The blue and grey building also has a gazebo out front, which offers added outdoor seating. They do not charge for the showers, washers, or dryers, so guests are able to use those whenever they need them.

There are 37 acres of trails that (this was bolded before I even started reviewing, idk why. Seems ok to me) those staying at the property can ride their four-wheels on. The courses vary in difficulty, ranging from beginner to advanced to extreme. The property does not have any four-wheelers that can be loaned to patrons, so guests will have to bring their own motorized vehicles. Fishing is another activity that tends to be popular on the edifice. Guests can take their poles to the nearby bodies of water. Horseback riding is available in the area for those that want to explore the land to a greater extent.

Located more in the town of Bedford, visitors can spend time at the bowling alley, watching a movie at the movie theater, or taking the time to visit some of the shops. There is a country club that offers a golf course as well. The owner, whose name is Chris, also likes to recommend places to eat to people who are looking for somewhere to get a meal. One restaurant that he mentions as a personal favorite of his is called Mom's Café, which is a little diner that can be found down the street (from the campground or downtown?).


Chris, the current owner of The Old Saw Mill Campground, wants his guests to feel enjoyment and comfortable at his business. He enjoys many aspects of the job, but Chris mentions that he specifically likes to see people using the four-wheeling trails on the property. Many people that come are retired or on a vacation or a getaway. The typical demographic of guests tend to be adults and those who are retired who often[that] want time to relax in the outdoors. The motto for The Old Saw Mill Campground is, "Come as a guest, leave as a friend." According to Chris, the campgrounds have "a neighborhood-like vibe where everyone is friendly and respectful of each other." They get many repeat guests, and some reserve the same site [keep their site reserved] for the next time they plan on coming back.
Due to the fact that it is an outdoor campground, there are no policies prohibiting people from smoking at their own campsite. During the weekdays in the family section, quiet time starts every day at 8:30, but on the weekends, quiet time begins at 11:00. In the adults-only area, quiet time begins at 8:30 every day, including the weekends. This is implemented in hopes to help people have an easier time winding down for the night. Pets are allowed at the campsite as long as the pet owners are responsible for them and clean up after them. 

Once a month, the owners will have a meeting with the campers that are present to discuss what their plans are for the next year and what they can expect in the future. At these meetings, depending on the time, they will provide breakfast or lunch to those that decide to join.


The Old Saw Mill Campground has been in business since 2016. There was a short period of time that the owner had to close it, but it reopened in 2018. Before the land was used as a place for people to camp, it was an old sawmill, which is where it received its namesake.

The current owner was planning on retiring, but he still wanted to do something while he was retired. That is when he decided to purchase the property and turn it into a campground. Chris, the owner, explains that once he bought the old sawmill, he began building campsites around the sawmill without getting rid of it. He left the mill standing as a way to preserve the history of what it was before. According to the owner, there were about three acres of sawdust from the mill that people had begun using for their four-wheelers. When the area was turned into a campground, Chris kept the places that were used as four-wheeling trails and added more to encourage people to continue the sport.

The owner recently put in a new gazebo for guests to use, and there are plans to add another in the near future. He also plans on building a new place for visitors to have the ability to socialize and meet others that are also staying at the camp.

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Bedford, Pennsylvania
United States





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