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The Mt. Greylock Region covers the northwest area of Massachusetts and parts of New York and New Hampshire. Albany, New York, and Pittsfield, Massachusetts, are two major cities located within the region. Other cities include North Adams, Bennington, Cambridge, Greenwich, Manchester, Nassau, Stephentown, Richmond, Williamstown, and more. Mt. Greylock State Reservation, Taconic Ridge State Forest, and Berlin State Forest are a few of the natural landmarks located in the region. Additionally, from New Hampshire protrudes the Green Mountain National Forest across Mt. Greylock Destination's borders, covering the northeastern part of the territory and creating another natural landmark in the area.

What Albany is known for

The Mt. Greylock Region has plenty of activities to do and sites to see. Albany is a part of the region and is the capital of New York. The New York State Capitol is a historical site to see, with the building being over 125 years old. The New York State Capitol has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was declared a National Historic Landmark. Tours are available for visitors and a Visitor Center for the New York State Capitol and the Empire State Plaza.[2] 

One popular attraction that is found in Albany, New York, is the Schuyler Mansion. The Schuyler Mansion was the home to Philip J. Schuyler, who was a general in the Revolutionary War. Elizabeth Schuyler was the daughter of Philip J. Schuyler and married Alexander Hamilton in 1780. Tourists can visit the property and tour the mansion. There is also a Visitor Center where visitors can learn about the life of Philip Schuyler.[1] 

The name of the region is named after the Mount Greylock State Reservation located in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. The state park is the highest point in the state of Massachusetts and covers 12,000 acres. Activities to do while in the state park include camping, cross-country skiing, hiking, hunting, mountain biking, and snowmobiling.[3] The Berlin State Forest is located within the region and is open year-round, and offers a scenic 2.2-mile hiking loop. Camping, hunting, and trapping are allowed at the Berlin State Forest. Campers that are staying more than three nights need a permit.[4] 

Albany, New York, sees many tourists and is a big business contributor to the city. Tourism has increased over the years and sees around 4,300 tourists in Albany County each day. This has had a significant impact on local businesses and taxes in the area.[5] The three busiest months to visit Albany, New York, are April, June, and July.[6] The region is generally known for the rich history, architecture, and amount of tourism in the area.[7] One of the businesses within the region that is famous is the Ge Advanced Materials. William Stanley moved his Electric Manufacturing Company to Pittsfield, and it continues to be a success today. The business was a large contributor to the growth in population in the 1930s.[12]


The Mt. Greylock Region is named after the state park located in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, called the Mt. Greylock State Reservation. The state park offers many opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Other natural landmarks within the region include the Berlin State Forest, the Taconic Ridge State Forest, and the Green Mountain National Forest in the state of New Hampshire. Two of the largest cities in the region are Albany, New York, and Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Albany is located on the far west side of the region, with Pittsfield bordering the region's southeast end. Other cities include Glenmont, Poestenkill, Pownal, Adams, Chatham, Cheshire, and more. 

Weather in the region differs throughout the year, with warm and rainy summers and winters being cold and cloudy. Based on weather, tourists can find the warmest weather from June to September. May to September are the warm months and they have an average high of 73 degrees. July is the warmest month of the year and reaches up to 83 degrees. December to March are the coldest months of the year, with temperatures usually reaching below 42 degrees. January is the month that tends to receive the most snow, while June tends to be the month that gets the most rain.[8] 

Pittsfield is one of the largest cities located within the region, and it receives around 73 inches of snow each year.[11] Mt. Greylock State Reservation is one of the spots within the region where wildlife can be spotted. Birds found within the region include the blackpoll warbler, thrushes, waxwings, and golden-crowned kinglets. Other animals such as black bears and white-tailed deer can be seen while visiting the state park.[9]


The Mahican people were some of the first known to inherit parts of the Mt. Greylock Region. The region's name is somewhat unknown but supposedly named after a Native American Chief, Gray Lock. Europeans later came and developed the area further. As the area developed, writers and artists were drawn to the area because of the scenic landscape and mountain views. During the 19th century, the mountains were cleared of much of the trees for paper, charcoal, and other wood products from local industries. In 1885, a group formed a business called the Greylock Park Association to conserve the area. Eventually, the state also took part in protecting the mountains.[10] 

Pittsfield, Massachusetts, is one of the largest cities within the region and the largest city closest to Mt. Greylock. Pittsfield has a population of around 45,000. The area consists of 87.4% white, 4.7% black, .4% Native American, 2% Asian, .02% Pacific Islander, 2% other races, and 3.5% are from two or more races.[11] One of the largest businesses in the area is General Electric (GE). GE was produced and brought to Pittsfield in 1891 by William Stanley. The company's relocation brought a substantial amount of population growth in the area and continues to employ many residents today.[12]

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Bonnie Brae Campground is a camping location that has 53 sites that range from RV slots and tent sites to a few cabins. The establishment is located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, directly in the middle of Berkshire County. The county gets its name from the surrounding mountain range that is named Berkshire and is right next to Pontoosuc Lake. It is common for people staying in the area to spend time outside, whether that is hiking trails like Appalachian Trail, spending time at one of the lakes, or going to one of the golf courses, such as Baker's Golf Center. There is easier access for those who want to go fishing or spend time in one of the state forests.

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