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Zion Retreat

Zion Retreat began in the year 2005. It is seven miles off of Highway 70 in eastern Ohio. The property spans across 1365 acres in the city of Flushing, mostly comprised of rolling hills and forests. Zion Retreat is geared towards offering programs and activities to more substantial groups via cabins if they so desire, but they also have an assortment of RV sites.


The Zion Retreat consists of various lodging styles. Firstly, they have five luxury cabins (which house anywhere from 14 to 22 people). They are the Bear Cabin, Deer Cabin, Eagle Cabin, Eagles Nest, and Fish Cabin. Each of these cabins is equipped with modern amenities to ensure a convenient experience. The management does their best to keep things up to date. The cabins' quality is not common to a traditional camping experience; they are designed for easy lodging for people of all ages. If visitors desire a more rustic experience, there are four rustic cabins that they can choose from. Each one houses five people, and although they are a little more organic, they are cleaned frequently. In total, the cabins can lodge up to 91 people. In addition to the cabins, Zion Retreat also has 60 RV sites with full hook-ups. They are spread out in clusters, and each one comes with a picnic table outside. Zion Retreat is known for its courses and camps, which are geared toward teaching people (especially youth) about the importance of keeping the environment clean, as well as basic nature skills such as fishing and boating. Zion has 18 boats available for rent and also rents out stand-up paddleboards and other aquatic equipment. Other activities at Zion Retreat include swimming, aqua ziplining, hiking, fishing, using their playground, or playing sand volleyball. There are 14 ponds spread across the property, and four of them sit right in the vicinity of the RV sites. These ponds are open for easy fishing. Zion Retreat is in the process of making "18 Hole Fish." It will be a unique spin on fishing, treating it more as a game of golf than usual. People will go from pond to pond, receiving different poles and baits with specific challenges at each spot and a scorecard. Zion Retreat is also working on constructing a bathhouse.


As the name implies (referring to an ancient biblical city of righteousness), Zion Retreat is a Christian non-profit organization with a mission to "help people draw closer to Christ." They desire for every guest that comes their way to feel welcome and comfortable, no matter the circumstances that the person is visiting. Often, Zion Retreat acts as a facility rental service due to its large cabin occupancy capacity. They frequently work with different Christian organizations in order to educate and inspire youth and adults. The atmosphere at Zion Retreat is calm and safe. They prohibit smoking in the cabins, and they have other select rules put in place to make stays at Zion Retreat family-friendly. When people come to visit Zion Retreat, they often say that it is "a hidden secret." Lori—one of the managers at Zion—states that "there's something about seeing it with your own two eyes that draws people in. We put up advertisements and flyers, but it isn't until people see the area that they really are impressed." The region is a nice balance between being located only seven miles away from a major highway and being in the middle of nowhere to the degree of feeling secluded. Guests have said that they appreciate the modern buildings on site and the maintenance of the property. The area of Flushing, Ohio, is known for its country roots and history with the Underground Railroad. Up until 2018, an annual festival called Jamboree in the Hills was held nearby to showcase local and more notorious country singers/songwriters. Nearby, there is also an Underground Railroad museum, providing information on the impact and history of one of America's most famous elements of the Civil Rights Movement. The area is also lush in public hunting grounds, especially drawing in large crowds in the month of November. Zion Retreat is open year-round, though their peak season is from May to October.


The story of Zion Retreat starts a few decades ago when the Wagner and Garritson families desired a peaceful place to retire. They were living in New Jersey at the time but were drawn to Flushing, Ohio, for fishing and hunting opportunities—activities they had enjoyed for years. After a few years of living in the region and caring for cattle, they felt strong desires to share their love of the location with others. Thus, the Zion Foundation was formed with the intent of helping others enjoy the beauty of nature and increase their faith in Jesus Christ. Zion Retreat is under the ownership of a non-profit committee and has been since its official opening in 2005. The current board members are Jim Wagner, Tom Wagner, Nina Dutton, Roy Hershberger, and Barb Ballins.

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