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Woody's Roundup RV Resort
Woody's Roundup RV Resort

Woody's Roundup RV Resort

Woody's Roundup RV Resort offers 76 RV sites available for rent, additionally with an on-site laundry facility, a main office building, and a common area for guests. Some of the activities on the premises that visitors can participate in include a pool, shuffleboard area, and a pool table, to name a few. Nicole, the manager of the RV resort, tries to encourage an interactive atmosphere and allow visitors to socialize with one another by making these common areas available to patrons, and also by providing snacks in the community room where guests can lounge. One particularly unique aspect of the RV resort is that people of all ages are welcome to stay at the property, though there had formerly been a policy that prohibited children from staying at the property when the RV resort was under previous ownership.


Situated in southern Arizona, Woody's Roundup RV Resort features 76 RV sites in total, all of which are full hookups, offering 30 and 50 amp service. The majority of sites are back-in, though they have a few pull-through sites for larger rigs, which were created by merging two sites and making one large space. The main office building can be found on the premises, and it is attached to the original house on the property that is currently being converted from park-use to guest-use. It previously functioned as a housing space for the former management; however, the current manager has the goal to convert the house into a common area where guests can lounge, play games, and socialize. A community room is also an on-site area where various gatherings for holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving have been hosted. Tables and chairs are provided in the community room as well. Additionally, an on-site laundry room is available, and guests can visit the main office to receive quarters to use the machines.

A few of the amenities that are provided at Woody's Roundup RV Resort include a pool table, swimming pool, an off-leash dog area, fruit trees, and a shuffleboard area. Currently, a library is being put together to be made available for guests in the future. The managers are in the process of asking people who come to stay at the RV resort about what activities they would want to participate in on the property to incorporate those activities into the property.

Woody's Roundup RV Resort is located among several restaurants within the area. Nicole, the manager of the RV resort, recommends guests to Chariot Pizza, which offers Italian entrees, and she additionally recommends Chiquita, a Mexican restaurant in Prince, located about a half of a mile from the property.


One unique aspect of Woody's Roundup RV Resort is that they allow visitors of all ages to stay at the property. Nicole and her husband, both of which are the managers at Woody's Roundup RV Resort, strive to interact with guests if the patrons want to. Nicole explains that during the mornings, her husband, Steve, drives around the property in his golf cart, collecting trash, and as he does this, he puts forth an effort into interacting with those who are staying at the RV sites. Additionally, Nicole remarks that when she's in the office working, and guests come in, she interacts with them, assisting them with their questions or concerns. To further encourage visitors to interact with each other, the managers provide coffee and donuts in the community room to allow guests to get the chance to meet one another and socialize.

Nicole and Steve want their guests to feel welcome and as though they have that sense of being at home. One particular visitor who had previously stayed at the RV park commented, "Very pleasant atmosphere, great location. I’m really liking all of the new improvements and updates being done by the new owners so far." The managers and owners strive to give a "community feeling" to those who are staying at the RV resort. Furthermore, Nicole notes that they strive to put the safety of their guests first.

The general demographic of Woody's Roundup RV Resort is relatively mixed with families who come with children under the age of eighteen, those who are traveling for business or work purposes, snowbirds, and college students. The property is open year-round, with the busiest season typically falling between October and the first half of April. Nicole mentions that they hit a peak between January and the end of February due to a gem show that occurs in Tucson, which draws in some visitors. This particular gem show is a popular event in the area, according to Nicole.


Nicole and Steve are currently the managers of Woody's Roundup RV Resort. The owners of the RV park are not the original owners but the fourth owners of the property. In the early years of when the park first started, there was a mix of RV sites, park models, and mobile homes that were semi-permanent to the park. For the most part, the mobile homes are gone, though there are about three left. There had formerly been ten mobile homes; however, the property was not originally for RVs or mobile homes, as they additionally featured tent spaces that people could camp in.

The property has undergone a variety of changes and renovations since becoming an RV resort. In addition to removing many of the mobile home sites, the original owners did not allow children in the RV park at all, but this policy has changed as Woody's Roundup RV Resort now strives to be a family-friendly park that welcomes people of all ages. Other modifications that have been made to the property have been mainly "aesthetic changes," as stated by the manager, some of which include landscaping and painting the buildings and pool area.

Nicole and Steve had been guests at Woody's Roundup RV Resort prior to becoming the managers of the property. As soon as the ownership had been changed, it opened up an employment opportunity for them both. Currently, Nicole's job mainly entails office work, which she mentions she has had previous experience doing. She remarks that one of her favorite parts of her job is speaking with visitors and learning about other cultures and various parts of the world. She says that she enjoys "getting to interact with all different walks of life" and "helping be a problem solver."

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3445 N Romero Rd
Tucson, Arizona 85705
United States



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