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Wonderland RV Park

The Wonderland RV Park is located in the small town of Torrey, Utah. The property consists of nearly five acres of land, covered mainly in grass and trees. It is surrounded by two highways, running near it on the east and north sides, and an abundance of pastures with a variety of animals on the south and west sides. There are a total of 43 sites for those who are visiting the property to choose from for their stay. 33 of these sites are full-hookup RV spots, some of which are pull-through sites, and others are back-in sites. There are also 3 RV sites that are specifically water and electric sites. The other places that visitors to the property can use are the 2 car campsites, the 3 tent sites, the 4 cabin units, and the Sheepcamp Wagon. Guests can use the dog-run, the volleyball or basketball courts, or the grassy field for their various activities while they stay at the property.


The Wonderland RV Park is about a five-acre property meant for those who are looking for a place to camp with either their RV's, tents, car campers, or the cabins on-site. The park is located in Torrey, Utah, which is a small town near the Capitol Reef National Park. There are a total of 43 sites for those who are visiting the property to choose from for their stay. Thirty-three of these sites are full-hookup RV spots. The middle strip of places that RV's can park in are all pull-through sites, the spots on the west of the property are premium back-in sites, and then the rest of the RV back-in sites are located on the north side of the park, which is against the highway.

There are also three newer RV sites that are specifically water and electric only sites. The other places that visitors to the property can use are the 3 tent sites, the 4 cabin sites, and the Sheepcamp Wagon. The tent sites all have electric plugs that can charge simple electronics, a small fence for the privacy of those staying on the sites, and poles available for those who would like to use hammocks. Two of the cabins available are eight feet by twelve feet and contain queen-sized beds, TV's, heat pumps, and air conditioning. The other two cabins are larger log cabins, and they have two queen-sized beds, microwaves, fridges, and heat pumps in each of them. All of the cabins are made for camping, so none of them have separate bathrooms or showers, but the property itself has bathrooms and showers provided for said guests.

The Sheepcamp Wagon and the two "car campsites" are something unique to the property. The Sheepcamp Wagon is more akin to a historical cabin than the other units, striving to provide an appearance of what a lodging arrangement might have looked like in the 1800s. That being said, sliding windows were added and the old cookstove was removed to allow for a potbelly stove for those staying in the wagon to use. There is a small shaded area provided for those staying in the Sheepcamp Wagon, which can sleep two guests at a time. The two "car campsites" aren't very common at other RV parks but are made for those who have camper vans.

A variety of amenities and features can be found on the property. As mentioned above, gender-specific shower and bathroom facilities are provided for those who are staying at the Wonderland RV Park. The showers all have timers on them. There are also washing machines and dryers available for use right next to the restrooms and showers. There is a pavilion on the property that can be used for light recreation or cooking, which has been beneficial for those using tents in the past when poor weather has hindered their experience. A communal fireplace is available for any guest to use right next to the pavilion, and a small store located in the office sells a few necessary things guests may need. If the store doesn't provide what a visitor needs, there is also a store across the street from the property that may have what they are looking for. There is a basketball court and a volleyball court in the grassy area right next to a dog run area. Another feature that has helped guests in the past is an office with a room that has Wi-Fi available. This office is a place that people can request to use for video calls and other technological requests with the knowledge that camp staff enter and exit the space with relative frequency.


Tracy, the owner of Wonderland RV Park, wants his guests to feel relaxed while they are staying at his property. He strives to help his guests feel this way by keeping things simple and by getting to know all of the people that he can. One way that he tries to keep things simple is by keeping their rules to a minimum. This property has policies in place to help make sure the grounds stay clean and welcoming for others who desire to stay at an RV park. Some of these policies include making sure to not drive or park on the grass contained on the property, avoiding washing cars or RV's on the property, and keeping people from tying things to the nearby trees.

Each guest who comes to the property will check-in at the main office, where Tracy will confirm their stay and then show them where they will be parking or living for their trip. He asks that those at the property who invite people to visit them while they're staying at the campground first inform him to make sure that there will be space available rather than making the area too crowded for other guests. Guests who desire to bring pets are free to do so as long as they keep them on leashes at all times unless they are at the provided dog-run area. Cleaning up after pets is enforced throughout the entire property.

Every so often, Tracy and the staff go out and change the water for guests. While they do so, they strive to talk to their guests as often as they can. This has proved to be a good time for Tracy to learn more about those staying with him, which is his favorite part of his job. He loves having good conversations and learning where people are from and what they do. He has made many new friends because of his attitude of being as approachable as he can be—something he encourages his staff to do as well. The staff and owner strive to treat those at the property how they would like to be treated themselves. They hope to be aware of their guest's needs and take care of them. Because of this, many of the visitors to the Wonderland RV Park are repeat customers and are esteemed by Tracy as close friends.

Many of the guests that have stayed at the Wonderland RV Park have left reviews that have highlighted a variety of aspects of the property. One person, in particular, left a review about the cabins and some of the amenities. He wrote, "it was just what I needed; air-conditioned with a nice bed and power to charge devices. The showers and restrooms were clean, roomy, and well maintained. The folks running the place were friendly and helpful." Another guest's review reads, "We spent a few days here and had a very nice experience. The campground is very well maintained, and the owners are very nice. There is green space at each site, much appreciated by our dog. The location is perfect for exploring the national park"

Tracy strives to be clear with his guests so that they know everything that they need to know in order to help them relax while on their trip. He has also added a few features in hopes of helping people to have less stress or worries while staying at the property. One of these features was the timers on the showers, which have helped give time to accommodate all of those who need the showers. Other new features consist of the pavilion and the fireplace, which have helped many who are looking for a night around the fire or a place to sit outside but in the shade.

The typical demographic of guests at the property used to be mainly retirees, but because of the renovations and updates from the last couple of years, many young families have been coming to the property as well. The property opens on March 15th and closes on November 1st. The winter months are slower for the town, so closing at this time has been found to be beneficial for the property. The surrounding area has many things that guests can do, especially during the warmer months. Some of these things include hiking, fishing, ATV or UTV riding, and more. The Capitol Reef National Park is near the property, which has attracted many guests, especially those who enjoy hiking and exploring.

There are also many places that people can eat at while they stay at the Wonderland RV Park. Among these, Tracy has several recommendations. The first of these is the Rim Rock, which serves steak, pasta, ribs, and more. Another is La Cueva Restaurante Mexicano, which specializes in Hispanic foods of many kinds. The broken Spur Inn and Steakhouse and Wingstrand's are the other two places that Tracy recommends to his guests. All of these places are within a five-minute drive from the property.


The Wonderland RV Park's construction began during the year 1995 and then opened in 1997. The mark for twenty-five years in business will be next year for the property, which they consider to be a high accomplishment. Tracy, the current owner, purchased the property six years ago from his parents, who have built many other properties in the area. This property was the third one that they had built in the Torrey, Utah area. Tracy entered the lodging industry mainly because of the influence of his parents. They owned three businesses: a hotel with a swimming pool, grounds, yards, event center, etc.; a C-store with a Taco Time and a Sporting Goods inside; and finally, the Wonderland RV Park. They sold the other two properties but kept the RV park for longer because of the enjoyment that they got from running it. When they decided to retire, they asked Tracy to buy it because they felt that he would be able to keep the property growing and running, unlike the other two properties that they had sold, which quickly went out of business with the new owners. Tracy enjoyed the RV park most while growing up as well, so when he got the opportunity to buy it from his parents, he felt that he would be able to run the property well and keep it in business.

Since purchasing the property, Tracy has made many changes. He has upgraded the Wi-Fi a few times for his guests with the help of another staff member, added some routers for better phone calls, and added some new appliances in the main laundry room. Later on, Tracy also put timers on the showers, added the water and electric-only RV sites, installed heat pumps in the cabins, and gave electricity to the tent sites for plugging in small electronics. The office also was in need of some additional space and renovations in order to provide a larger check-in area, so Tracy took care of that. The staff doesn't allow smoky campfires at each site anymore, so they added a community pit instead near the pavilion, a feature which is also new to the RV park. A couple of other things that Tracy has added since his time at the Wonderland RV Park include the basketball and volleyball courts, as well as poles near the tent sites for hammocks.

With many of the cars in the world becoming more electric, Tracy has a few plans to possibly convert some of his sites into places that are capable of charging cars as well as having hookups for RV's. The plans for this and other technological changes are still undecided, but Tracy and his staff hope to implement them eventually. 

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