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Wild Cherry Resort

Wild Cherry Resort is an RV resort situated on approximately 35 to 40 acres of land in Suttons Bay, Michigan. The property offers a range of accommodation options, including seasonal and daily sites. Brian, one of the owners, says that the resort prides itself on its "well-maintained" grounds and provides amenities such as water, sewer, and electric hookups. With its access to lakes, state parks, and sand dunes, Wild Cherry Resort aims to offer a "tranquil retreat," according to one of the owners. The resort operates from May to November, with the busiest period being from June 15th to Labor Day. Brian mentions that while the resort primarily caters to an older demographic, families are also welcome, with opportunities for children to explore and enjoy the natural surroundings. The owner continues to remark that the property's "claim to fame" with repeat visitors is due to them having a "quiet park." 


Wild Cherry Resort is a property located in Suttons Bay, Michigan, with 91 units available for reservation. The resort offers a variety of accommodation options, including seasonal and daily sites. Brian, the owner, says that the seasonal sites have a relatively large amount of space between them, with the intent to avoid disturbance from the comings and goings of daily visitors. Each site at Wild Cherry Resort is equipped with amenities, including water, sewer, and electric hookups. The availability of both 30- and 50-amp hookups caters to different types of RVs and their power requirements. The owner reports that the campground is "big rig friendly," with the average RV site being 45 feet by 75 feet. 

At the resort, there are no dedicated facilities such as restrooms, showers, or laundry. Guests who come to stay at the property are expected to be "self-contained" regarding these types of facilities, according to the owner. Brian says that this setup allows for a "streamlined experience" and reduces the need for additional maintenance. The owner continues to note that the resort is known by many for its "well-maintained grounds," featuring concrete patios and bluegrass. Wild Cherry Resort takes pride in its clean and tidy environment, striving to make it easier for visitors to enjoy their time without unnecessary distractions.

Brian remarks the resort's location is a notable feature; being centrally located on the Leelanau Peninsula surrounded by Lake Michigan, Wild Cherry Resort offers access to numerous inland lakes for fishing and various state parks for biking enthusiasts. The owner also reports that the Leelanau Trail has a nearly 17-mile biking trail, along with other trail networks that wind near Lake Michigan, which can provide opportunities for outdoor activities. Leelanau Trail provides off-road connections between Traverse City and Suttons Bay. Running through the last of Leelanau County's former railroad corridors, the trail features views of forests, farms, vineyards, lakes, and ponds. Sleeping Bear National Park—most prominently known for its sand dunes—serves as another draw for tourism. For those who take an interest in more leisurely activities, it should be noted that a number of wineries can be found in fairly close proximity to Wild Cherry Resort. For dining recommendations, the owner suggests North Country Grill and Pub, The Cove, and an establishment called "Knot Just a Bar." Brian explains that these restaurants offer diverse dining experiences, including waterfront options.


Wild Cherry Resort strives to create a peaceful atmosphere for its visitors. Brian, the owner, says that the absence of playgrounds and the preference for quieter clientele—typically 40 years and older—contribute to the "serene ambiance." The owner also mentions that the resort's location, tucked half a mile away from any road in any direction, "further enhances the tranquility," allowing guests to "enjoy the sounds of nature," including coyotes and frogs. Families with children who appreciate a more secluded and tranquil environment can still enjoy their stay, as they have the option of exploring the wooded surroundings. 

Brian and the staff at Wild Cherry Resort make an effort to interact with those visiting the park. One guest appreciated the atmosphere of the resort and mentioned in a review, "It is a simple, clean, beautiful park with the friendliest owners and staff. It was quaint and quiet, and all of the people we spoke to throughout the park were very friendly as well." The resort hosts weekly potluck gatherings, where people can come together and enjoy a communal meal. On occasion, there may be additional events featuring live music or other entertainment options in the clubhouse.

Wild Cherry Resort has several important policies in place, with the intent to ensure a pleasant and safe experience for visitors. One such policy is the prohibition of aggressive dogs from being brought onto the premises. Another important policy at Wild Cherry Resort is the requirement for guests to be self-contained. This means that patrons must have their own bathroom and shower facilities within their RVs or accommodations. Brian mentions that some people may be unaware of this requirement, highlighting the necessity for people to be informed. Quiet time is also enforced at the resort, with 11:00 p.m. being the designated time when noise should be minimized to create a peaceful environment for all those staying at the park. Smoking is not permitted in the clubhouse, although the owner mentions that the clubhouse is generally a quiet space where people may occasionally watch TV or socialize after a long day of activities.

Wild Cherry Resort operates from May to November, making it a six-month seasonal destination. Brian reports that the busiest period for the resort is from June 15th to Labor Day when they experience high occupancy rates.


The property's history is rooted in its transformation from a former cherry farm to an RV resort. The resort has been in operation for 20 years, and the transition from farming to hospitality was made by the current owners, Brian Spinniken and his father, James Spinniken. Brian says that his background in turfgrass and golf course construction led him to venture into the hospitality industry. The owner also notes that the family's multi-generational ties to the land add a "sense of legacy" to the resort's story.

As for future endeavors, Wild Cherry Resort has plans for expanding the property. The addition of more RV sites is in the works, with a goal of 133 fully developed sites. The property also features a partially completed clubhouse, which is currently available for rental purposes. 

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United States




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