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Wild Bill's Campground

Situated on the rural outskirts of Deadwood, South Dakota, Wild Bill's Campground offers 100 RV sites and 13 cabins for guests to reserve. Currently under the ownership of Brittany Miller and Tyler Grimm, the campground contains several on-site facilities that patrons can utilize over the course of their stay, including restrooms, a bar and restaurant, and a laundry and shower house. Beyond this, the property features several outdoor activities. Tyler observes that most people who stay at the campground are in the area to utilize the off-road trails that wind throughout the surrounding area. The two camp hosts have the goal to create an atmosphere that allows everyone to feel as though they have the freedom to express themselves and to be immersed in the natural environment that encompasses the site.


Wild Bill's Campground is located on a 14.8-acre property surrounded by an abundance of trees. The campground offers a range of accommodations, including 100 to 180 RV sites and 13 cabins. On a typical basis, the establishment provides 100 sites; however, during local events that take place in Sturgis, Wild Bill's Campground can have up to 180 RV sites for visitors to occupy. The RV sites are equipped with various amenities, such as full hookups, 30-amp water and electric sites, and 10-amp water and electric sites. Each RV site has a picnic table and fire pit as well.

Regarding the amenities found in the cabins, Cabins 1 and 2 are equipped with a kitchenette, a bathroom, a futon, air conditioning, a propane gas fireplace, and entertainment amenities, such as a TV with a DVD player. Cabin 3 is a dry cabin with a queen bed, a microwave, a coffee pot, a grill, and heating and cooling options. Cabins 4 and 5 supply queen bunk beds and amenities that are akin to Cabins 1 and 2. For larger groups, Cabins 6 through 12 have two full-size beds, a dorm fridge, and a TV with a DVD player. Occupants of these cabins also have access to the nearby on-site restrooms and the laundry and shower house. With the exception of Cabins 1 and 2, those who stay in the cabins are expected to provide their own towels, linens, and blankets. All cabins come with a picnic table and fire pit for outdoor relaxation.

In addition to the accommodations, Wild Bill's Campground has a range of activities and facilities for guests to enjoy. The campground features two creeks that merge into one, creating a waterway that contributes to the natural landscape. Patrons can go fishing in the creek, play grass volleyball, tetherball, and enjoy the playground. The campground also has a game room, a pavilion for large groups, and outdoor movie screenings on weekends. For those looking to unwind, there is a full bar and restaurant on-site as well. American fare, which may include burgers, Philly cheese steaks, salads, fries, and toasted sandwiches can be purchased at the restaurant.

Wild Bill's Campground sells clothing with the business's logo on it, which is available for purchase at both the office and the bar and restaurant buildings. Firewood can also be acquired at the campground, though across the street from the property, there is a travel center where guests can get propane filled as well, according to one of the owners of Wild Bill's Campground, Tyler. For visitors who enjoy outdoor activities, the campground is situated in an area that is generally known for its extensive off-road trails, "spanning 1,300 miles," as reported by Tyler.

In addition to the natural features of the surrounding area and the recreational opportunities, there are other attractions in the campground's vicinity. The historic town of Deadwood offers a glimpse into the region's mining history. The Sanford Underground Research Facility, which Tyler says is "the deepest underground laboratory in the world," hosts tours and conducts research on topics such as electrons and dark matter. When it comes to dining options, Wild Bill's Campground boasts its own restaurant, though the owner also recommends Legends Steakhouse, located in the historic Franklin building, for breakfast and dinner. Cadillac Jack's Gaming Resort, a nearby establishment, contains four restaurants: a steakhouse, a Mexican restaurant called Guadalajara, and a sub sandwich spot. This variety can present guests with a range of culinary choices to suit their preferences.


Wild Bill's Campground aims to provide a unique experience for its patrons. One of the owners of the campground, Tyler Grimm, enjoys the fact that "every day is different," with new challenges and opportunities arising on the property. The owner enjoys witnessing the transformation of stressed-out guests into relaxed and happy individuals, finding solace in the campground's environment. Wild Bill's Campground strives to create an inclusive and respectful environment where people can freely express themselves. In an effort to achieve such an atmosphere at the campground, the owners try to greet visitors with warmth and make an effort to ensure their needs are met. In view of the area's historic connection with the Lakota Sioux tribe, Tyler says that the location of the campground in the Paha Sapa is "spiritual," and he wants to "share that experience with everyone."

The emphasis at Wild Bills Campground is on creating an atmosphere of freedom and authenticity. In addition to feeling appreciation for the spirituality of the area, Tyler wants everyone to feel a sense of escape from the pressures and routines of daily life. According to Tyler, the campground receives people from various parts of the country and the world, fostering a multicultural and diverse community. One guest who previously stayed at the campground commented in a review, as they remarked that they came "all the way from South Africa and had the privilege to meet and have some drinks with the owner as well as the manager. Great place and great people."

In terms of policies, Wild Bill's Campground has a few guidelines that patrons are expected to act in accordance with during their stay. While pets are allowed at the establishment, it is important for owners to keep them on a leash when walking through the campground to secure the safety and comfort of other guests. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and ensuring they do not disturb or approach other campers. Animals should not be left unattended for extended periods, as the campground emphasizes responsible pet ownership. To maintain a peaceful atmosphere, quiet hours are observed from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. During this time, everyone is expected to keep noise to a minimum, with the intent to allow everyone to rest and relax without disturbance. Smoking is not permitted inside any of the campground's buildings. Those who wish to smoke are requested to do so outdoors, and they must dispose of cigarette butts in designated receptacles. It should also be noted that any form of harassment, discrimination, or disruptive behavior towards fellow campers, staff, or property is strictly prohibited.

Tyler believes that the natural surroundings of Wild Bill's Campground—with its abundance of trees and proximity to creeks—can create a tranquil atmosphere. The owner hopes that the campground allows guests to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy the sounds of the babbling brook, the wind rustling through the trees, and the calls of birds and wildlife.

While the campground does not operate year-round, its season typically spans from mid-May to mid-September, aligning with the spring and summer months when outdoor activities are more popular. Those who enjoy the off-road trails in the vicinity constitute the majority of the demographic that Wild Bill's Campground receives. 


Tyler Grimm and his fiancé, Brittany Miller, are the current owners of Wild Bill's Campground. The property has been under the ownership of the Miller family since 2005, when Tyler's father purchased the acreage. Tyler then purchased the campground from his parents, Keith and Shelly, in 2021. The campground was formerly known as the Chicken Ranch and operated as a convenience store. At that time, it also served as a bus stop for local school children, who would gather at the store before boarding the school bus. Over the years, the site has transformed into an established campground with modern amenities. Cabins 1 and 2, which are still on the grounds today, were built in 1954 and 1956, respectively. During this time, the property began to attract visitors who were drawn to the natural features of the surrounding area and sought a place to enjoy outdoor activities.

Located near Galena, a historic mining town, Wild Bill's Campground has connections to the mining industry. Tyler reports that the region was once home to "one of the largest iron ore mines in the world." Although the mines are no longer active, the presence of iron ore in the area adds to its historical significance. The property's long-standing presence in the area and its connection to the community contribute to the campground's unique character.

In terms of improvements, the current owner has made several changes to enhance the property. These include renovating the entire bar and grill, adding a new deck and patio, renovating all the cabins, upgrading water lines and the water softener system, and improving the shower house. Additionally, 16 new RV sites have been added, and the creek has been illuminated with colored lights. These changes reflect the owner's commitment to constantly improving the campground's facilities and amenities.

Looking ahead, the owners plan to continue expanding the number of RV sites and potentially adding a large lodge cabin that is capable of accommodating a larger group. Festivals and events are also on the horizon, offering guests more opportunities for entertainment and community engagement. The owner's focus on beautification and unification involves landscaping, the addition of flowers, and the preservation of the campground's natural land.

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21372 U.S. 385
Deadwood, South Dakota 57732
United States




Tyler Grimm and Brittany Miller

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Keith and Shelly

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