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Whisper Canyon Campground

The Whisper Canyon Campground is located in California on 160 acres of land. On the property, there are eight yurts and five cabins, each cabin with one room and bunk beds. The campground has a chapel and commercial kitchen, along with bathrooms, showers, and various activities. Some of these activities include a zipline, softball, Frisbee golf, horseshoe throwing, and a water slide. There is also a volleyball net and a playground. The campground, which was first established in 1978, is owned by a corporation and operated by a reasonably sized staff. The current owners of the property have been operating it since 2016. Since they first started running the property, they have expanded the cabins and added more to it.


The Whisper Canyon Campground is located on 160 acres of land and has a total of thirteen units. On the property, there are eight yurts, each of which consists of one room with eight bunk beds. There are also five cabins that are also one room. The most popular units on the property are the yurts. Mike, the administrator of the property, explains that it is because of their uniqueness. They are also popular because they have air conditioning and ceiling fans. A chapel, barn, and commercial kitchen are located at the Whisper Canyon Campground. The chapel can be used to hold religious events and other rituals. Within the chapel is a foosball table, along with a ping pong table. The commercial kitchen is open to everyone staying on the property and has a cafeteria that can fit over 100 people. 

The Victory Circle, which is an open-air area, has seating for 100 people. It is a place where campfires can be held, all of which use charcoal. The area can be a good place for large groups to gather. 

Activities that are offered at the Whisper Canyon Campground include a water slide, Frisbee golf areas, softball, a zipline, and horseshoe throwing. The water slide is 35 feet tall and 75 feet wide. There are two lanes on the slide, which allows two people to go down at the same time. The slide leads to a splash pool and is decorated blue with red and white stripes, along with white stars on the side of it. Added at the request of guests, the slide is a feature that is newer to the property than the pool is. Most of the features on the property must be paid for separately from the payment to stay on-site.

At the Whisper Canyon Campground, shirts are available for guests to buy. The shirts have the campground's logo on them, and they come in various sizes to accommodate guests. 

There are six miles of trails on the property, and there will soon be more. There are two separate buildings that have restrooms and showers. The owners of the property are planning on adding a third bathroom/shower building. In the area, there are many pine and oak trees and the surrounding area consists of ranches and farms. On the property, there is a wide variety of wild animals that live in the area. Turkeys are common and can often be seen wandering the property. Squirrels are also common animals in the area, and there have also been mountain lions, deer, and other animals sighted before. the seasonal pond on the property often attracts some of these animals.


People who come to the Whisper Canyon Campground have complimented the staff and quietness of the property. Mike, who is the administrator of the property, says that he enjoys getting to know the people and talking to them. They also mentioned the activities that are available such as a zipline, swings, a seesaw, volleyball, football, soccer, a playground, and a bonfire pit. Other guests have complimented the look of the establishment and the chapel that is located at the Whisper Canyon Campground. 

At the property, there are policies that guests are expected to follow. Some of these policies include a no-smoking policy and no-pet policy. No pets are allowed on the property to keep things safer for the guests and their pets. Mike explains that if pets came, they could run off and find dangerous animals in the woods surrounding the campground. No weapons or drugs of any kind are allowed on the property. Another important policy is that there must be at least one adult in the cabin if there are children under the age of 18. There is a curfew at 11:00 PM that is put into place to ensure that the guests staying at the campground don't keep the surrounding establishment awake. People must sign a contract agreeing to the policies when they come to the campground.

Mark describes the Whisper Canyon Campground to be a quiet place. He explains that there are no major cities nearby. Instead, there are two lakes, farms, forests, and ranches. Located near the lakes are three main restaurants; a pizza restaurant, a sandwich restaurant, and a sit-down pasta restaurant. The two lakes in the area are relatively nearby the campground--one is ten miles away and the other is eighteen miles away. People often go to the lakes to waterski and/or swim.

The busiest season at the Whisper Canyon Campground is from April to July. There is not a regular demographic of age groups. There are groups of retired people, elementary-age kids, high school students, toddlers, and young adults. The campground is designed to host entire groups on the property. The chapel is open for groups of people to do various activities as long as they are safe and reasonable. At the Whisper Canyon Campground, there are no specific events that are held or hosted. Instead, there are various things provided for games and sports, some of which must be paid for.


The Whisper Canyon Campground first opened in 1978, and it was owned by a man who gained the property through an inheritance. He and two other men turned the 160-acre property into a campground for the purpose of hosting children's groups. After five or six years, they started renovating the property. They upgraded many of the accommodations and started charging for people to stay there. 

After a few years, a corporation took over the property. Because the corporation is located away from the Whisper Canyon Campground property, they decided to have someone else run the property. The current owners started operating the property five years ago in 2016. Since they have owned it, they have put in the kitchen, expanded the cabins, and added more seating. Future plans for the property include building outdoor basketball courts, putting in a professional volleyball net for use in the summers, and adding a swimming pool.

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