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Wayside RV Park

The Wayside RV Park is located in Florence, Oregon, and is currently serving as a short-term and long-term rental park. There are 29 RV and motor home sites as well as 28 mobile homes where the long-term residents live. All the RV sites are paved and include full hookups: water, sewer, electricity, and garbage hookups. Patrons pay rent and electricity while the property pays for the water, sewer, and garbage. There are bathrooms with showers available to guests, as well as a Rec Room where patrons can participate in activities such as pool, card games, or use the full kitchen. Other amenities available to visitors are free Wi-Fi throughout the park and 49 channels of Dish Network. A dog park is also located on the grounds for patrons to use for pets as needed. The premises consists of about four acres of land that is located near the Oregon coast and other smaller lakes.


The Wayside RV Park is located in Florence, Oregon, off of Highway 101. The property has been in operation for the past thirty years and has been kept up to date by the current owners. The premises is in close proximity to the Oregon coast and to various attractions in the city. The Rhody Shuttle Service is available for patrons who need transportation.

Wayside RV Park has 54 sites for RVs and motor homes; there are also 11 mobile homes on the land. The property is a 55 and older community. The RV sites are all paved with small sheds that visitors can put tools in and have a picnic table. Each unit comes with full hookups, including water, sewer, electricity, and garbage. The amps provided for the RVs are currently 30 amp. The mobile home area is for people to rent the lot and bring in their own mobile home to live in. The property pays for water, sewer, and garbage while the patrons have to pay for the rent and electricity. The property includes a dog park and bathrooms, which are found on the north end of the land. To the south, the Rec Hall serves as a common area and includes a laundry room, mailboxes, a full kitchen with a dining room, and a place for any guests that the patrons invite to the property that aren't staying. Additionally, the building is available for visitors to rent out for activities or events such as family reunions. As a whole, the business sits on about two to three acres of land. The property also has private parking for guests.

Other amenities offered to patrons include free Wi-Fi and 49 channels of Dish Network. There are also showers near the north bathrooms, with the other showers on the property being near the Rec Hall having an adjoining tub. The outside of the property has shrubs next to a sidewalk, with one side near the 37th street having grass and rocks. Activities located on the premises include card games and a pool table in the Rec Hall. Some activities vary on the time of year; such as Thanksgiving where the business will have guests get together and eat dinner, allowing them the chance to get to know each other.


Wayside RV Park has implemented their quiet time on the premises to start at 10:00 PM. Smoking is allowed on the property only if they do it on their own site and clean up after themselves. Patrons are also expected to clean up their trash to preserve the desired cleanliness of the property.

The current manager, Sue, has set goals of keeping the property clean, focusing on aesthetics, keeping in good communication with guests and tenants, and being willing to find out what they can do for their visitors. They want patrons to feel happy and relaxed and have said that "90% of the guests" have reported feeling as such. The business establishes a high amount of communication to help the patrons feel happy and relaxed and will check on them throughout their stay. One visitor has remarked that the property is an “Upscale RV park, small, friendly 55+ community, well-maintained grounds, and clean facilities. Management is responsive and professional.” The property sees a high amount of repeat guests and has become friends with multiple patrons who have come through the area.

The manager of the establishment has said the environment of the Wayside RV Park is one of helping each other out and high amounts of interaction. In the end, management wants guests to know who they are and wants them to feel comfortable asking for anything they need. The positive mindset of the management has been attributed by them as a successful innovation that has made the business more accomplished.

The property is open year-round, with the busiest season being in the summer. The edifice has a significant amount of visitors throughout the year, but the summer activities have led to a higher business rate during that time. All the parks in Florence work together to help patrons find a place to stay if one is booked, especially during the summertime when they tend to be booked to capacity. Those who stay at the property are usually older than 55, which has deemed it as a 55 and older park.

Visitors to the property often come to the area for the close proximity to the nearby coast and beach. There are also sand dunes people often like to play on. The nearby lakes are commonly visited by paddleboarders and horseback riders. Specific attractions recommended by the manager include sandboarding on the dunes or the game park. In the office on the property, guests are allowed to go grab brochures that have suggested activities to do in the surrounding area. The brochures provide information about activities and their locations. People are able to go crabbing in the old town area. Management recommends patrons to eat at the Chinese restaurants in town or Rosa’s Mexican Restaurant.


The Wayside RV Park has been in operation for about 30 years. According to the manager, it looks the same as when it was first started but has been continually kept up to date with the addition of the dog park. The owners bought the edifice to specifically clean it up and make it more convenient for patrons. The property has always been designated as a place of lodging, with the previous name of the business being Wayside RV Mobile Home Park. The property has been owned by multiple different owners. The current owners plan to continue to clean up the property with the goal of keeping it nice, groomed, and organized.

The current manager is also a caregiver and says that she is a caring person and has been working with the business for the past couple of years, enjoying serving the public. She has loved being able to get to know the people living in the park and "keeping the park looking its best." The current owners have invested in multiple parks by cleaning them up to the point where other people can move in.

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3760 U.S. 101
Florence, Oregon 97439
United States





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