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Wagon Wheel Motel & RV Park

Wagon Wheel Motel & RV Park is located in Mackay, Idaho. Mackay Idaho is a high mountain desert with the Mackay reservoir just six miles away. Mount Borah is the highest peak in Idaho and is nearby the RV park as well. One of the biggest draws to Mackay, Idaho are the ATV trails. There are hundreds of miles of ATV trails for ATVers to explore. There is plenty of hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Mackay, Idaho, is geared toward attracting outdoor enthusiasts.


Wagon Wheel Motel & RV Park has 14 RV sites, 15 motel rooms, one cottage, and one rental house. Motel rooms have small kitchenettes, a faux fireplace, and are a non-smoking area. Motel rooms are stocked with towels, toiletries, and dishes. The RV sites have full hookups and a bathhouse. Guests can purchase a variety of RV supplies and beverages in the lobby at Wagon Wheel Motel. Propane fire is the only thing that is allowed while on the property. There is a free ice machine for guests to use. Guests are welcome to bring their entire family, including their pets. There are coin-operated laundry facilities available for guests that are open 24 hours a day. People have found many different things to do in Mackay Idaho. The owners suggest that you bring your ATVs, hiking boots, and bikes. The town has a tour that takes guests through the best mining locations. It allows visitors to enjoy an ATV ride while simultaneously learning more about the history of Mackay. The Craters of the Moon National Monument is another attraction that guests can enjoy. Craters of the Moon National Monument has a variety of lava flows for guests to see. There is also a golf course right in town for visitors. As a state, Idaho is prominent for its hunting and fishing. Guests can hunt a variety of game, including deer, quail, and more.


The culture that Wagon Wheel Motel & RV Park strives for is one where visitors feel at home. One of Cindy and Greg's main goals is to help visitors feel welcome. Some guests stay for extended periods while they are working nearby; for these guests, Cindy hopes they will feel like they are at their home away from home. For those guests who are vacationing, Cindy hopes they will be able to relax and not worry about anything regarding the campsite. Wagon Wheel Motel & RV Park strives to create an atmosphere that feels like a community and a family. Guests have even commented on how the campsite feels like a community. They have also mentioned the clean property and exceptional customer service. There is a lot for guests to do while staying on the property. The area is known for its ATV riding. Cindy, the owner, says that Mackay is the ATV capital of Idaho. Along with ATV trails, there are hiking trails, biking trails, and plenty of outdoor activities. The Mackay Reservoir is an excellent place for fishing rainbow trout. If guests aren't looking for adventures—but rather a more relaxing time—the scenic views and peaceful nature of the campground will provide exactly that.


Cindy and Greg Blackwell are the owners of Wagon Wheel Motel & RV Park. They have owned the property since July 2018. The business was first built and established in 1947. The previous owners were Don and Karen. In the 80s, RV sites were added as well as the cabin. In the spring of 2019, Cindy and her husband remodeled the RV park in order to accommodate bigger RVs. When Cindy and her husband bought the property, they were looking for a new project. They were both tired of their jobs and were ready for an exciting change and felt the campground was the perfect fit for them. Once they were empty nesters, they sold their house in Washington and moved to Idaho to run their campground. They were on a camping trip of their own when they decided this would be the path for them. They spend a lot of time and energy, ensuring that their guests feel welcome and are cared for.

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809 Custer St
Mackay, Idaho 83251
United States




Cindy and Greg Blackwell

Owned Since
Previous Owners

Don and Karen

4.75 (197 Reviews)
4.7/5 172 Reviews
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