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Vineyard RV Park

Vineyard RV Park

Vineyard RV Park, located in Vacaville, California, is open to guests year-round, usually becoming busier during the spring and summer months. The property contains a total of 305 RV sites, one of which is a rentable tent RV. On the 20 acres of land that make up the business, there is a clubhouse, a fitness center, a volleyball court, two swimming pools, horseshoe pits, and the main office. There are also restrooms, showers, and laundry rooms. All of these areas and amenities are free for patrons to use at their leisure. The staff of Vineyard RV Park hopes that those who stay with them are able to have a quiet stay and that they will feel safe while at the property. They strive to be friendly and to keep the property clean and welcoming for the people wanting to stay with them.


Vineyard RV Park is located in the state of California in a city called Vacaville. The property is about 20 acres large and has many visitors staying there so that they can visit many other places in the area, including NAPA Valley, San Francisco, and Sacramento. There are 305 RV units available for guests to use when they stay at the property. All of the sites but one are to be used specifically for RV's; the one that is not is a tent cabin that is available to rent, located in suite four. People often rent it out in advance in order to claim that spot early. All other units are similar to one another, each having some space for people to walk around and a picnic table for them to use.

There is an abundance of areas on the grounds that visitors can use for recreational or other purposes. Some of these include the main office, a clubhouse, a fitness center, restrooms and showers, three laundry rooms, and two swimming pools. The main office includes a store inside of it that is open for visitors to buy trailer supplies, ice, and ice cream. The clubhouse has been used in the past by larger groups of people as well as for those who are just looking for a place to sit down and watch some TV. RV groups have been known to use the clubhouse as an area for a rally. The building includes TVs, kitchens, outdoor grills, and more.

Additionally, there is a playground that children can use, dog areas for those who brought pets, a volleyball court, and a horseshoe pit. There is also a small pond on the property that guests can walk around. For those that need it, propane refills are offered at the property as well.

The surrounding area is in the central valley area. Patrons may be able to see the hills in the distance, but most of it is farmland. Because of this, the property offers a more secluded atmosphere to those that stay on the grounds.


The staff at Vineyard RV Park hope that their guests feel safe while they stay with them and that they are able to have some quiet time when they want it. To help patrons feel this way, they strive to resolve concerns in a variety of ways, and they try to keep the camp clean and up to date. The general manager, Sandy, says that in a given year, the staff interacting with their visitors is "90% of the job," so she encourages her staff to strive to always be friendly to those who are visiting the property

The business' slogan is: "Vineyard RV Park, where the road ends, the vineyard begins." According to Sandy, the property is known for being close to NAPA Valley, San Francisco, and Sacramento. She also says that guests feel that they "have great customer service." Many of the park's reviews reflect these observations; one guest said, "The staff is great. They keep the park well maintained and clean." Another visitor said something similar when they wrote, "I stopped there for three days. The property is close to Napa Valley, the JellyBelly factory, and to various shopping malls. The pool is nice in the early time of day, and later in the afternoon it has a lot of children having a good time. The WiFi is good, and the showers have good running water, both hot and cold."

The property is open year-round, with a busier season being from the spring through the summer. Many of the patrons are retired couples, but there is a variety of demographics that stay at the RV park, ranging from young families to single workers. Many of these people are repeat guests, coming often and creating relationships with the staff members. According to Sandy, Vineyard RV Park is generally 90% full at any given time. She claims that the amenities offered at the park have helped it become more successful. Many visitors have taken advantage of the swimming pools, the fitness center, and other areas for a variety of exercise or entertainment purposes.

The staff often recommends places for guests to visit if they are looking for places to go or for places to eat at. Some of the locations that Sandy recommends visiting are the various wineries in the area, Old Town in Sacramento, and San Francisco for the piers and for Alcatraz. Additionally, some places that she recommends for patrons to eat at include Los Reyes Restaurante Y Cantina, which specializes in making Mexican food, Buckhorn BBQ + Grill, a steak house, and the Merchant & Main Grill & Bar.

The property has a couple of policies that they ask each visitor to follow. Pets are allowed at the property, but they must be kept on a leash and picked up after. There are a couple of off-leash walk dog areas available for people to let their pets loose for some catch and exercise. There is no smoking allowed in the buildings that are on the property, but they are allowed to in their own individual campsites.


The current owners have owned the Vineyard RV Park for 17 years. When they initially purchased the grounds, there were 100 RV sites available to guests to use at the property. Since their time there, they have purchased some more land, giving them the ability to add an additional 205 RV sites so that more people could stay with them. The current owners also added the fitness center to the property with some newer amenities in hopes of giving people more activities to do while they stayed with them. Other updates and renovations have been made to the grounds over the years, leading it to what it is today. The business has been an RV park for over 30 years and only has plans to continue operating as such.

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