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Valley View RV Resort

Valley View RV Resort is a relatively new business in the Layton, Utah area, soon to be established in the summer of 2022. On the property, there are 131 RV sites available for reservation, all including full hookups such as 20, 30, and 50 amp options. Other features adorning each site include a picnic table and the option of renting a propane firepit. Currently, the clubhouse on the property is still under construction and is estimated to be finished in the spring of 2023. Areas in the clubhouse will include a game room, lounge, kitchen, and a gym, to name a few. Also on the property is a pool and a dog park. Animals are permitted on the land; however, there is a three-dog limit per RV site. Reservations at the Valley View RV Resort are available year-round. Activities in the area include various skiing locations, Hill Air Force Base, Antelope Island, and The Great Salt Lake.


The Valley View RV Resort is located in Layton, Utah, situated on a 16-acre expanse of property. On the land, there are 131 RV sites, each of which is about 30 feet wide and equally spaced apart from the other. All RV sites include full hookups with 20, 30, and 50 amp options, with the option of either a pull-through or back-in site. At each site, there are picnic tables and the choice to have a rentable propane fireplace added to one's stay.

Currently, a relatively large clubhouse is being built on the property that will feature a game room, lounge area with a fireplace, kitchen, and a gym. Also in the same building is where the main office will be located for the business. Construction is expected to be finished in the spring of 2023. Other amenities being added to the campground include multiple laundry buildings, an onsite playground, a dog park, a pool, a firepit, two pickleball courts, and picnic areas. This water slide is being put behind the clubhouse, where a hill is located.

The RV park is in relatively close proximity to various attractions in Utah. On the properties website, one can read that "we're just 15-20 minutes from such iconic sites as the Great Salt Lake, Antelope Island, Snowbasin Ski Resort, Hill Air Force Base, and Pineview Reservoir. Salt Lake City and Temple Square are just 30 minutes south." Additionally, Adams Canyon is situated nearby, featuring a 40-foot waterfall with various streams running through the area. Other nearby attractions include Cherry Hill and Lagoon Amusement Park. Views of Antelope Island and the Wasatch Mountain range can be seen from the park as well.


Valley View RV Resort is a new business that is open year-round for reservations and is currently still being developed. Due to this, events are being added to the property with time. There are no current plans to host relatively bigger events such as weddings, but such options are in consideration for the future of the RV park. When staying at the RV park Casey and Robb, the managers, have enacted specific policies for those staying on the property to try to create a resort feel. Such policies include a standard that RVs must meet to be permitted into the park. Casey says they plan on having as few long-term stays as possible, in an effort to keep the resort as a short-term getaway for families. Other policies include limiting the number of people allowed at each site plus various pet policies that are in place with the intent to keep the property clean and safe for other guests. Policies pertaining to pets include having animals on a leash, only three pets per site, not leaving animals unattended, and cleaning up after them. 

Casey and Robb have established certain goals for the property since the creation of Valley View RV Resort. Such goals include having guests feel "like they are at a resort," says Casey, as well as feel like they have access to high-end amenities. The managers hope to create a place that is clean and friendly to all those who stay there. Some ways the property tries to enable this atmosphere is through picking a relatively efficient reservation software where they can add things to their stay from a mobile device. They also try to create an atmosphere where patrons do not have to put so much effort into communicating with them; one way is through the uniforms the staff wears so it is easy to identify when guests need to talk to somebody. The property is also willing to respect when visitors do not want to interact with the staff, though the staff still tries to be available if ever needed.

Valley View RV Resort is located near the Hill Airforce Base, situated near the South Gate entrance of Hill Airforce Base. One goal of the property is to provide a place for when the base has an overflow with the number of people there and to provide a place to stay for those visiting the area. Every two years, the base does a relatively big air show, during which time the RV park hosts "a big weekend," says Casey, one of the park's managers. Other attractions in the area include Antelope Island, Hill Aerospace Museum, Bonneville Shoreline Trail System, Cherry Hill, Hogle Zoo, and Lagoon Amusement Park. There are multiple ski resorts located relatively close to the campground. The properties website says, "Layton, Utah is close to some of the best skiing and snowboarding locations [in] the country." Such locations include Snowbasin Resort which has over 100 ski routes. Casey is open to recommending various restaurants that are in the area, her top three being Roosters, Teppanyaki Japanse Steakhouse & Sushi Bar, and Sill's Cafe, which Casey says is a famous breakfast spot. Additionally, other restaurants are suggested on the property's website.


Valley View RV Resort has been in development since 2019, with construction starting in 2021. The business opened in the summer of 2022 as a brand new RV park in the Layton, Utah, area. The clubhouse wasn't finished when the RV park first opened, but it is estimated to be completed the following spring. Casey and her husband, Robb, along with their business partner, purchased the land where the RV park is currently located. Before being converted into a campground, the area was primarily used for agriculture. After the completion, Casey reports that she and her husband planned to "keep it and manage it ourselves." The location was a driving motivator in the couple's decision to create the park, Casey says, as the land ordinances state that no permanent residences can be constructed in the area, and the air force base is nearby. They also noticed the popularity of the RV parks, and after investigating parks within Utah, Idaho, and Colorado, they decided to pursue starting the business.

In order to start the business, the land that would become the resort had to be "grubbed and excavated," says Casey. The development of the property took a lot of work, according to Casey, since the land was not developed before them. Future plans for the property include adding five small homes and some RVs for visitors who either don't have an RV or didn't bring one. Plans may continue to add to the landscaping each year, as well as add new features to the current amenities such as the clubhouse and pool. Casey and Rob also hope to one day add events for guests, such as Sunday live music with pizza, to help aid the patron's experience.

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