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Valhalla Pines Campground

Valhalla Pines Campground

Valhalla Pines Campground is located in Vallican, British Columbia, and offers 14 tent sites, 5 RV spaces, 3 huts, and access to WiFi, a community building with a kitchen, bathrooms, and showers. The 6.75-acre campground is located in a relatively quiet forested residential neighborhood. Guests may self-check-in or request an orientation on arrival. The owner/operator, Tom, lives on the property and says that making the guests feel comfortable is his number one priority. The campground is generally busiest in July, August, and September, and is closed in winter with the exception of the huts, which are insulated and have access to a bathroom. The community building is closed for winter.


The campground is surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers. At this time, the total number of guests is limited to 25. All of the tent sites have picnic tables and WiFi at their sites. Some tent sites have fire pits, and others have access to shared fire pits. There are a number of large hammocks set up in the trees and there is an outdoor sink and rain-sheltered picnic area.

All of the RV spaces have access to water and electricity hookups, either 15 or 30-amps. The RV sites are not drive-through sites, and there is limited space for maneuvering. The total length of a motor home or trailer must be less than 28 ft. Additionally, the total length of both one's vehicle and trailer must be less than 40 feet long. Also available to all guests is a community building that features a kitchen and two bathrooms with hot showers. According to Tom, the communal building is one of the patrons' favorite features of the property.

The campground was “developed to fit on the land,” remarks the owner, instead of the relatively traditional style of having sites laid out right next to each other. Another draw to the area that Tom mentions is the quiet nature of the land. It’s common for the campground to be vacant during the day, according to the owner, since most visitors leave to explore the surrounding region. 

The valley where the campground is located offers various attractions for guests. Guides are available for tours and excursions involving various activities, such as visiting Doukhobor farms, aboriginal settlements, and historic Japanese internment camps, as well as more natural-based trips to learn more about local mushrooms, cannabis, waterfalls, rivers, and the alpine wilderness. According to the owner, the most popular activities include floating down the rivers, hiking in the alpine, and paddle-boarding or canoeing on Slocan Lake. Slocan Lake is one of the few remaining undammed large lakes in the area and is reported as being "extra clean" by Tom due in large part to it being surrounded by several parks including the Valhalla and Kokanee Glacier Provincial Parks.

Tom reports that the Frog Peak Cafe, Mama Sita’s Cafe, and the Dam Inn Restaurant & Bar are less than 20 minutes away. Many other restaurants and cultural activities can be found 35 minutes away in Nelson, British Columbia.


Operating Valhalla Pines allows Tom to meet people from all over the world, which has become his favorite part of the job. A considerable number of guests are repeat guests. Due to the diverse demographics of the guests, Tom reports that he has become accustomed to accommodating special requests as much as possible. An example is when he was asked to make the property “clothing optional” for a particular group of guests during their stay. Visitors are coming for various reasons such as rock climbing, real estate, weddings, conferences, yoga festivals, and healing gatherings, to name a few. When visitors stay at the Valhalla Pines Campground, Tom asks them to abide by certain policies such as being “fire smart,” not leaving food outside for wildlife to get into, refraining from smoking in the buildings, and staying off of the neighbor’s land. Pets are permitted on the property; however, Tom reserves the right to limit the number of pets.

According to Tom, the outdoor shower, the community building, the big trees, and the quietness are what the Valhalla Pines Campground is mostly known for. One review left by a previous guest said the following: “Camped here for six nights, and it was a fantastic experience. Tent spot number 5 was large, private, and came with a hammock and sun shelter. The community building offers clean bathrooms, a kitchen, and lots of space to sit, eat, and mingle. Booking is conveniently done online.”


Valhalla Pines Campground has been operating for six years. The business has been growing little by little with new amenities added each year. Future plans for the campground include the construction of a new Tree Hut and possibly a sauna.

Tom, the owner of Valhalla Pines Campground, describes himself as a traveler and remarks that "many people have helped him on his journey." He appreciates that and wants to pay it forward to those who stay at his campground. His intention is to share the land with others while preserving its beauty, as best he can. His values include environmental stewardship, self-sufficiency, wilderness preservation, wildcrafting, composting, and gardening. Tom is also a professional engineer designing small and medium-sized residential and commercial sewage systems. Operating the campground is "a lifestyle choice,” says Tom. He enjoys interacting with guests, meeting new people, and keeping the campgrounds as clean and natural as possible.

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4011 Barbados Road
Vallican, British Columbia




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