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Umpqua RV Park

The Umpqua River Front RV Park is located in Oakland, Oregon, and sits on 8 acres of land. Wayne, the owner, also owns the 114-acre farm right next to the park. All of the 20 RV sites, one rental cabin, and six dry camping sites are located on the riverfront. There are two boat ramps for patrons to use during their stay, where they can launch boats or flotation devices. Fishing is one of the most popular activities to do on the river, with 24 different species of fish to catch. Common areas on the premises include a pavilion event space, a Santa-Fe BBQ grill, bathrooms, showers, and laundry facilities. The establishment provides shampoo, conditioner, charcoal, and wood to guests. Other amenities include a kitchen/fish cleaning area and a dog washing station. The park is open seasonally from April to September each year.


The Umpqua River Front RV Park is located in Oakland, Oregon. The park is 8 acres, located behind the owners 114 acres of farmland, which conceals it from the nearby highway. Those who stay at the park check-in at the shade pavilion located near the front of the park. All 20 of the RV sites are found by the riverfront, and each one is a pull-through with full hook-ups. There are also six dry camping areas designated for tents. Additionally, there is a cabin that is rented out seasonally. The cabin does not have power but does sleep up to four people and is located away from the other sites.

Guests are also able to access tiled shower facilities as well as bathrooms and a laundry area. Laundry facilities can be used for a small fee; however, the park provides the laundry soap for free as well as shampoo and conditioner in the showers. There is a kitchen area outside of the showers where guests can wash their dishes or clean the fish they catch at the river. Near the kitchen, there is also a dog washing and blow-drying station free of charge for those staying at the park. There is also a relatively large fenced-in grass area for a dog park with dog toys provided. The property provides firewood for patrons; however, they must bring their own fire pits. Depending on the surrounding area’s conditions, fires may be restricted to protect the environment.

There is an upper and lower ramp on the river for guests to use to back trucks into. Wayne, the owner of the park, says that a popular activity among visitors is to bring flotation devices and float between the two ramps. The river contains 24 species of fish, such as catfish, bass, bluegill and salmon. According to the owner, the Umpqua river is a great place for kids to learn to fish and grow in their confidence. Many different types of wildlife are found in the area and the river, including elk, beaver, deer, and bald eagles. The land is considered a forested and timber country. The property is 45 minutes inland from the beach and is on the edge of a dominant farming area.


Wayne, the owner, says that the goal of his property is to provide a safe and peaceful place for his guests. Ways that he accomplishes this is through a strict 10:00 PM quiet time every night. According to Wayne, the goal is to maintain an old-school, respectable property through screening visitors who come in through phone booking and policies in hopes to help everyone feel safe. The property sees regular repeat guests who come multiple times a year. The owner says a big draw to his property is the privacy and lack of cars traveling by. Wayne credits return patrons to the atmosphere that is present at the property.

The park does not have internet and will continue to abstain from it in hopes to provide a place where people can come together and spend time as family and friends. Visitors have remarked that “The park is right next to the river and very beautiful. The owner is friendly and very accommodating. We had fun paddling along the river, catching bass and crawfish.” Family reunions are a common event to take place at the park due to the relatively large pavilion. Wayne says that they try to provide as many things as they can for guests with no hidden charges, from laundry soap, free firewood, charcoal, etc. Other events that are often hosted at the property include corporate events, clubs, and occasionally weddings, depending on the circumstances. The establishment hosts a Veterans Weekend event during the first weekend in June to coincide with the free fishing week in the area, so the veterans don’t have to purchase a fishing license. Many of the surrounding businesses also participate in the event by donating to give back to the veterans.

Those who come and stay at the Umpqua River Front RV Park fall into many different categories, according to Wayne. Couples, families, senior citizens, and fishermen are some of the demographics that often visit the park. Wayne says that his property attracts many different kinds of people. Umpqua River Front RV Park is open seasonally from April to September. The park is specifically for short-term stays, with no long-term residents on the premises.

Wayne recommends that if visitors are looking for a place to eat in the surrounding area that they try an old-school diner named Arlene’s Café located in Elkton. Another place he suggests is a restaurant in Roseburg called True Kitchen + Bar, he also recommends Backside Brewery Co., which is in the town of Southerlin. All of these places are located relatively far from the property due to it being located in the country. Other things to do in the surrounding area include mountain biking, visiting wineries, stargazing, and wildlife viewing.


The Umpqua River Front RV Park has been owned and operated by the current owners for the past nine seasons. The business was originally established in the 1990s as a low rent park. When Wayne, the current owner, purchased the property from Yard, the previous owner, they cleaned up the park by removing the vegetation and making it a riverfront area. The land next to the park is also owned by the owners and has been a farm since it was originally homesteaded in 1850.

Wayne was led to enter the lodging industry because he felt that God wanted him to serve others. He moved to the area to open the park and provide a place for families and kids to grow and learn. The property was designed to provide a clean and wholesome environment where patrons would able to feel safe. After purchasing the property in 2013, Wayne closed the property and essentially recreated the area with a whole new look and feel. The business reopened in 2014 and has been owned and operated by Wayne since.

Every year the establishment has a goal of adding one new thing to the park. Specifically, Wayne says they try to make the new addition to the highest standard possible. The next addition to the property is going to be a commercial ice-maker, free for patrons to use. There are also future plans of bringing in a 19-foot retro trailer for couples only, with children not being permitted in the edifice.

Overall, the owners want to have a place for people to spend time in nature, get closer to each other, and have time together without the internet and TV. According to Wayne, kids that stay at the property initially dislike it at the beginning, but eventually start to have fun as they connect with their surroundings and those around them. Wayne reports that guests have said that the property is not an overnight place but instead a destination. Most people who stay at the park will spend multiple days there.

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