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True West Campground

Located in western Tennessee, True West Campground has new management by Tim and Heather Sutton which began in February of 2023. The establishment is situated on 11 acres of land in the town of Oneida near Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. Due to the campground's close proximity to Big South Fork, those who enjoy outdoor recreational activities are considered the main demographic that the property receives, as several hiking and horseback riding trails wind throughout the vicinity. With the aim to facilitate people to explore these horseback riding trails, 67 horse stables and 2 horse-washing stations are found on the premises of True West Campground. For an additional fee, guests can also purchase a cleaning service for their stable.


True West Campground is a 34-campsite facility located in a rural area about 40 minutes away from any major town. The campground offers water and electric hookups for all campsites, nine of which also have septic hookups. A picnic table and a firepit are supplied at each site for guests to use. The property encompasses over 11 acres and includes a covered common area with tables and a grill as well as a gift shop fully stocked with items such as T-shirts, belts, home decor, jewelry, and camping equipment. The bathhouses contain three shower stalls and two toilets each, and there is a covered front porch along the building.

In addition to the campsites, the campground also offers other accommodations, such as a cabin, a suite, and several wagons that are available for rent. The cabin is called the Miner’s Shack and features one bedroom with two bunk beds, a microwave, and a refrigerator. While the wagons are designed in a way that intends to provide a Western camping experience, they are also equipped with modern amenities, such as air conditioning and heating. As for the Marshal Suite, occupants of this unit are given access to a small dining area, a refrigerator, a TV, one queen bed, one full bed, two twin beds, a private bathroom with a tub and shower, and a sofa, among other amenities.

True West Campground is rustic in its appearance and decor. One of the managers, Heather Sutton, describes the front of the building as having an “old-timey True West feel” with a sheriff's office and a marshal's office. The building itself is made of wood, and the windows have shutters that add to the rustic style. Generally speaking, the managers try to keep the campsite area spacious and well-maintained so that people can have room to set up their tents or park their RVs. True West Campground offers various on-site activities and amenities for guests to enjoy. There is a covered common area with a porch, TV, grill, and tables for patrons to relax and socialize. Notably, the property contains 67 stables that can accommodate horses. Those who bring their horses to stay with them at True West Campground typically ride on the trails in Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. Over 180 miles of trails wind through Big South Fork, all of which vary in both difficulty and duration.

True West Campground is located in the countryside of Oneida, Tennessee. As such, the campground is surrounded by forests, mountains, and rivers that can offer a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. Heather believes that True West Campground is known for providing a unique experience for those who are interested in camping, hiking, horseback riding, and exploring the outdoors. The location is relatively secluded, which may allow some visitors to escape from the hustle and bustle of urban areas. Despite the campground being in a rural environment, there are still a few attractions within the vicinity, including ATV trails, motorcycle trails, hiking trails around Big South Fork and Scott State Park, and fall festivals. Guests can also visit nearby restaurants and grocery stores for meals, such as Freddy's Hitching Post, Betty's Wildwood, and fast food chains in the closest town, which is about 20 minutes away. Heather recommends her patrons dine at Freddy’s Hitching Post, as the restaurant occasionally hosts karaoke nights or live music performances.


True West Campground plans several events throughout the year to provide guests with more activities to enjoy during their stay. They are working with the local community to organize events that are both “fun and educational,” as mentioned by one of the managers, Heather Sutton. Some of these future activities involve horseback riding, guided hikes, and live music. Moreover, Heather says that they plan to host a Coggins clinic and a branding clinic in the near future. The managers express that they are open to receiving suggestions from people and they strive to be dedicated to creating a “welcoming and engaging” atmosphere for all visitors. "We just want to try to make everything as easy as possible for them out here,” Heather remarks.

Tim and Heather Sutton, the managers of True West Campground, make an effort to be friendly and approachable, with the intent to exhibit that they are willing to help with anything their guests might need. The goal at True West Campground is to create an atmosphere where people can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature while still having access to modern amenities and activities. One former camper who stayed at the establishment commented in a review about their experience, saying, “Great place to park your horse trailer and ride. Come back after the ride, wash your horse, and let them rest in a nice stall. Sit back and enjoy a few drinks overlooking the pond to get ready for the next day.”

Open year-round, True West Campground anticipates its busiest season of operation to occur in September and October. According to Heather, during the month of August, the location of the campground experiences temperatures that reach around 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit; therefore, the number of guests tends to decrease. The managers expect September and October to draw the highest quantity of people due to “the leaves changing colors” as well as the fall festivals.

Heather states that she and her husband try to make safety a priority at True West Campground, especially when it comes to the presence of horses on the property. The campground’s policies require patrons to be respectful and cautious when around horses. People are allowed to bring their pets, provided that they remain leashed and do not create a mess. With regard to smoking, visitors are only welcome to do so outside of the wagons, the Miner’s Shack, and the Marshal Suite. It should also be noted that guests are responsible for cleaning up their cigarette butts.


True West Campground has been in operation for over 12 years and was previously owned by a couple who, according to the current management, maintained “a good reputation” for the facility. The previous owners had staff members who would help clean the customers' horse stables and offer turnover service in the cabins and wagons that are available for rent. Heather and Tim Sutton, the new management, try to continue this legacy by preserving “the True West feel” of the property, including the old-timey buildings and decor. Since February 2023, Heather and Tim Sutton have been the managers of True West Campground, with the goal of creating a safe and enjoyable experience for their guests.

There is no information regarding renovations that True West Campground has undergone in the past. However, the current managers have stated their plans for updating and improving the property in the future. Concerning any future improvements for the business, Heather mentions that they hope to update the stables by adding new paddocks and replacing the materials of the structures with new wood, new gates, and new hardware. They also have a dream to build a riding arena. Moving forward, Heather explains, “Our plan is to mingle and get to know our campers personally if we can and see if they have any ideas on updating. We'd love to take any ideas or suggestions to see how we can change things, update things, add things, and maybe even remove some things.” They also plan to “maintain the five-star reputation that the previous owners established,” and they want to help their guests feel welcome and relaxed during their stay.

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