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Tra-Tel Tucson RV Park

The Tra-Tel Tucson RV Park is located in Tucson, Arizona, and has a total of 59 RV sites that guests can reserve. Each site has full 50 amp hookups, with some sites capable of supporting 30 amp as well. Guests to the park have access to a building with amenities such as the pool, laundry facilities, and recreation room. The staff of the park will host monthly gatherings in this room to provide an opportunity for patrons to get to know each other and socialize. A unique aspect of the park’s location is its short distance from “The Loop,” a ring trail around Tucson that guests can walk or bike on. This trail also provides alternative access to many different attractions in the area. The park management makes the effort to provide guests with suggestions of things to do in the area and assist with any other needs that may arise.


Situated a relatively short distance from Interstate 10 in Tucson, Arizona, is the Tra-Tel Tucson RV Park. When guests arrive at the park, they must check in at the main office before proceeding to one of the 59 RV sites that are offered. Each RV site is equipped with full 50 amp hookups and comes with access to the park’s wireless internet connection. Additionally, some units support 30 amp hookups, and all but five units have a picnic table in the space adjacent to the RV site. There are also a handful of RV spaces that are pull-through. The roads throughout the park are gravel with bushes, cacti, and ferns spread between each unit. A few of the units have trees next to them that can provide some shade during the more sunny parts of the year.

In addition to the primary office building, there is another building that guests can access that houses many of the main amenities of the park. One of these amenities is the recreation room, where guests can gather. The room has tables and chairs where people can sit and a TV on the back wall. Those who may be hosting an event can store any cold items in a fridge in the back corner of the room. This room is most often used for events that the park will host for its guests, such as movie nights, coffee and doughnuts, and special holiday meals. Patrons at the park can also host their own events in the recreation room. The building also houses the property’s laundry and restroom facilities with showers, with the former being coin or card-operated and the latter free of charge for guests. Behind the structure, there is a pool that guests can enjoy.

Among other unique aspects of the Tra-Tel Tucson RV Park is its close proximity to ‘The Loop,’ a 130-mile trail that travels the perimeter of Tucson. Visitors can travel on The Loop on foot, on bicycles, and on horses. The Loop connects several parks around the city that visitors can travel to and other attractions that people may enjoy. Other notable places aside from The Loop include the Tucson Museum of Art, the Tucson Botanical Gardens, and The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, which displays a variety of miniature versions of famous rooms and buildings.


The Tra-Tel Tucson RV Park staff try to interact with guests quite often over the course of their stay. Should a problem arise, there are managers who are at the park daily that can assist guests with whatever their needs may be. Jeannine, the owner, says that her favorite part of the job is being able to interact with and meet new people. While she is not at the park all of the time, there are managers at the park who try to make themselves available to assist guests as needed. As stated by Jeannine, one particular desire that she has for her guests is that they feel like they “are getting value for their dollar” during their stay. She also describes the property as feeling like a “close neighborhood,” thanks in part to the frequent social events offered and to a high number of returning guests each year.

Most of the people who visit the park are mature couples, although families have also stayed there in the past. Some people who have stayed at the property have left reviews of their experiences, many of which have noted the cleanliness of the sites and facilities and the park’s location. One person commented, “Very friendly and accommodating staff. Easy access to the freeway and Tucson tourism sites. It made a good home base.” Many people have also mentioned the helpfulness and hospitality of the park staff and management, saying that “the managers are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about the area.”

Surrounding the Tucson area are many various natural formations that guests can travel to. East of the RV park is Saguaro National Park, which offers views of the desert, hiking, and scenic driving. Other places where hiking and panoramic views can be found include the Tucson Mountain Park and Mount Lemmon, which is on the other side of Tucson. Additionally, visitors can find the Mount Lemmon Sky Center Observatory at the mountain’s summit. For those who want to explore caves in the area, the Kartchner Caverns in Benson, Arizona, allows visitors to inspect a variety of geological formations such as stalactites and stalagmites throughout the cave system.


The Tra-Tel Tucson RV Park was established in the 1960s as an RV park. It operated under its first owner for about 20 years before a family purchased it in 1984. These second owners ran the park until recently when they passed it on to their daughter, Jeannine. While Jeannine does not live on the premises, she is still heavily involved in the business and will travel to the park once a month to check in on the staff and greet guests. In the time that her family has owned the property, there have been many updates and changes to the property. Some of the most notable changes have included modernizing the bathrooms, upgrading the electrical systems of each RV site, and adding new washers and dryers to the laundry facilities in the guest building.

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Tucson, Arizona 85705
United States





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