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Timber Ridge Horse Campground

Timber Ridge Horse Campground is located near the edges of Jamestown, Tennessee. It can be found near the southeastern side of the Big South Fork National River and Recreational Area. The business offers twenty-four RV spaces and three cabins for guests to reserve, as well as a place for pitching tents. As the name implies, the campground is horse-friendly and allows visitors to bring their horses with them to the establishment. People can stable them at one of the two barns or in the corrals. There are many equestrian trails in the vicinity where patrons can go horseback riding if they would like. The Timber Ridge Horse Campground owners, Eric and Susan, want their guests to feel “relaxed and at home” during their stay.


Timber Ridge Horse Campground offers a total of 24 RV sites for reservation. Each site has access to water and electrical hookups but no sewer attachment. Other amenities that can be found at the RV spaces include a fire ring and a picnic table. The business also has three cabins that people can reserve if they would like. Two of the cabins come equipped with a mini-fridge and a table with seating. The third abode has the same amenities as the others, but it also has a full bathroom with a shower, a kitchenette, and more space than the previous two.

Guests can use several common areas at their leisure across the 23 acres of land. A covered deck can be found with two gas grills and smokers that are available for patrons to use to make food. Visitors can find a souvenir store on the property, which sells branded T-shirts, coffee mugs, and other memorabilia. The bathhouse is available for guests to use throughout their stay as well. Timber Ridge Horse Campground is primarily a horse camp and is able to offer 50 stalls in total for guests to stable their horses. Forty of these are found in the main barn, and ten of them are located in a separate barn. Because of the trails and stables, horseback riding tends to be one of the more popular activities for patrons to do while they stay at the establishment.

The campground is located in a more rural area and can provide access to over 200 miles of trails, many of which are located in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. The establishment is found close to Pickett State Park, which offers various activities such as hiking, camping, canoeing, and swimming. Also near Timber Ridge Horse Campground are trails for horseback riding, which, according to Eric, “[There] is a 17,000-acre equestrian community that has 25 miles of trails, and guests have access to them from the campground.” Another popular attraction that Eric mentions is The Mennonite Community at Muddy Pond, which features a restaurant and a leather shop where guests can purchase horse gear. There are also several historical attractions that people can spend time at, including The York Institute, which has exhibits from World War II. Eric explains that the area is rural, so there are a limited number of restaurants. However, he does recommend that patrons try Simply Fresh, Forbus General Store, and Freddy’s Hitching Post if they are interested in eating out.


The owners of Timber Ridge Horse Campground, Eric and Susan, would like their visitors to feel relaxed and “feel at home” during their stay. In an effort to create this atmosphere, the owners put forth an effort to be available 24/7 to assist guests if they need help with anything or have questions. Eric mentions that he and Susan typically walk around the campground twice a day to interact with occupants and offer any assistance they may need. Eric remarks that they live very close to the campground, saying, “[his] commute to work is 252 steps.” Another thing that the owners will do is they will help visitors settle their horses, organize their gear, and clean their trailers when patrons arrive at the establishment.

There are several policies that visitors need to abide by while they are at the campground. The business is pet-friendly and allows people to bring their dogs and horses for the trip. However, the owners ask that guests clean up after their animals. Dogs are to remain on a leash when they are at the campsite or on the trails. Smoking is permitted outside but prohibited inside any of the cabins or other buildings. Alcohol is not sold at Timber Ridge Horse Campground, but the owners are okay with patrons bringing their own. Quiet time begins at 10:00 p.m. each evening and continues until 6:00 a.m. the following morning.

Many people have made reservations and spent time at Timber Ridge Horse Campground, a few of which have also left reviews of their experiences. One person who recently stayed at the campground wrote, “The campground is clean and comfy, and the restrooms are upgraded and well stocked. New owners greeted us, checked in regularly, and were extremely accommodating without being intrusive. Barn is super clean, and the other campers were chill and welcoming.” The typical demographic of visitors tends to be outdoorsmen who bring their horses to ride along some of the trails and participate in some of the outdoor recreational activities that are offered in the vicinity. However, Eric mentions that he also receives many families and retired folk as well. People can make reservations at any time, as the business is open year-round.


Timber Ridge Horse Campground is located in a rural part of Jamestown, Tennessee. The current owners, Eric and Susan, bought the property in August of 2019, though the campground has been around since 1999. Their favorite part of running the establishment is meeting the people who visit, and Eric mentions that they have received people “from all over the country. We have people from as far away as New Hampshire and California.” The campground has hosted various events in the past, especially on holiday weekends. One such event that the owners have for their guests is potluck dinners, and Eric mentions that, on Thanksgiving Day, they “provide a complete meal for guests.”

The owners have made several updates to the business since they bought the land. Many of these renovations took place for the bathhouses, the stalls, and the cabins. In the future, Eric mentions that he would like to build an arena allowing them to hold events and clinics at the campground. However, he notes that this project may take some time for them to accomplish.

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Jamestown, Tennessee 38556
United States




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