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The Mountain View Motel

Mountain View Motel & Campground offers motel rooms as well as tent and trailer sites on the campgrounds for those looking to stay in Stratton Eustis, Maine, which is close to the northern border between Maine and Canada. The motel is found in a mountainous area and is within proximity of a ski resort on Sugarloaf Mountain. While the motel rooms are open at all times of the year, the campsite closes seasonally in the winter. Mountain View Motel & Campground has WiFi, and the current owner, Keith, encourages guests to bring their work with them if they need to. According to Keith, the rooms at Mountain View Motel & Campground are the only rooms with fully equipped kitchens in the city. Ever since there was a change of hands in ownership in 2017, Keith has added a number of new features to the property.


At the Mountain View Motel & Campground, there are a total of eight rooms in the motel, 17 camping locations in the campgrounds, two RV spots, four huts, and 11 tent sites. The rooms in the motel are similarly decorated, all with a cabin-like feel to them, and can sleep up to four people at a time. Each unit has a fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom, dishes and utensils for cooking, towels, and spare blankets. For those that don't require a full kitchen or would like a smaller room, several units can be reserved for a lower price than the others. The huts are pre-established structures where visitors can stay if they don't want to bring and set up a tent. These places don't have any accommodations inside besides two mattresses, so guests will need to bring their own items for their trip, including bedding. Like all of the campsites, the huts have their own fire ring and access to the WiFi.

Something that all visitors have access to is the lounge building. The lounge has a variety of things for guests, including games like foosball, darts, and cards. There are couches, a kitchen, a television, and access to WiFi. During the winter, it is also a place for skiers to tune their ski equipment before and after heading out to the slopes. Outside of the building are showers and bathrooms, available for all guests staying at Mountain View Motel & Campground, and separate from the other camping locations is a community fire pit.

Beyond the property line, there are many outdoor activities that guests are able to take advantage of while they are in the area. One activity that people have enjoyed taking part in in the past is skiing. South of the property is Sugarloaf Mountain, which has a variety of ski slopes along the mountainside. Sugarloaf Mountain Base Lodge is found at the base of the slopes, where visitors can find and rent equipment for a number of different winter sports.

Within the vicinity, there are a number of different restaurants. One restaurant that Keith, the current owner of Mountain View Motel & Campground, likes to recommend to people looking for a place to eat is called The Rack. The Rack is found east of the property, in the town stead before Carrabassett Valley and north of Sugarloaf Mountain Base Lodge. Another restaurant he mentions by name to travelers is called The Backstrap Bar and Grill. The Backstrap Bar and Grill is located east of the property and offers a number of alcoholic beverages and grilled products.


Keith, the owner of Mountain View Motel & Campground, explains that his goal for the property is to create an atmosphere that is welcoming to their guests and make them feel like they are part of the family. He tries to be laidback and create an environment that allows people to truly relax. To emphasize his goal, he has several mottos that he likes to tell people about. "Imaginary friends stay free," "Up the road, down to earth," and "Gluten-free rooms available" are three of the mottos he uses to show how he wants his property to be viewed. Another thing that he does to help his visitors is that he provides WiFi as well as a number of seating areas so that guests can bring their work with them if they need to.
The Mountain View Motel & Campground has had many people stay in the past. A number of those people that previously visited left reviews regarding their stay. One of the most commonly mentioned aspects of the property is the quality of cleanliness that the property had. Among these reviews, one person wrote, "The rooms were clean. The kitchens are stocked with everything you might need to cook. Very close to the mountain as well." Another thing that is commonly mentioned is the quality of care that the owner has regarding his visitors. Someone who recently stayed at the motel left a review that reads, "The campground was great! Keith, the owner, was extremely accommodating and friendly. There was a lounge and covered fire pit where we hung out when it was raining."

The Mountain View Motel & Campground has seen many patrons over the years. The owner, Keith, estimates that, as of recently, about 80% of people who stay at the property have stayed at the motel in the past at least one other time. Regarding this, he says, "Now, it is rare that I encounter someone that hasn't stayed at the property before." He also reports that many people who come to the establishment are seeking outdoor experiences. On a regular basis, Mountain View Motel & Campground gets a wide range of mountain bikers, hikers, tourists, skiers, and many people who enjoy doing activities in the outdoors. During the fall, hunters are able to hunt in the surrounding area, so that season tends to be a bit busier for the property. The busiest seasons tend to be both the winter and the summer. In the winter, many guests arrive for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter-themed sports, while in the summer, most people come for the lake and the hiking and biking trails. The Appalachian Trail is one such trail that is located east of the property.

Mountain View Motel & Campground is pet-friendly, though they ask that their guests be responsible for their pets. The rules for having the pets in the motel and campsite are for the owners to pick up after them, keep the noise down as not to bother neighboring guests, do not let them on the beds, and do not leave them unattended. Smoking is not permitted inside any of the rooms or buildings. The owner also asks that guests keep the noise level to a minimum past 10:00 in the evening. So long as guests are respectful of the others in motel and campgrounds, they can be at the gazebo, community fire pit, or lounge room at any time.


The current owner of Mountain View Motel & Campground, whose name is Keith, bought the property about five years ago, in 2017. At the time, Mountain View Motel & Campground was only a motel. A couple of years after he made the purchase, Keith built the lounge room and gazebo with a fire pit. Then, two years after the lounge was finished, he created the campground and tent sites. There are plans to add two more rooms to the motel to make it an even ten. The owner explains that there are not many places in the area for visitors to stay, so adding rooms will give more people an opportunity to stay for one or multiple nights.

When the property was first built in 1960, it was a laundromat that was used by those living in the area. Within a few years, it became a shower house for the surrounding campsites, as well as a laundromat. Near the end of the '60s, they added the second floor and renovated the whole place so that there were rooms for guests to stay in, and it has been a motel ever since. It wasn't until Keith took ownership of the property that the additional camping features were added on.

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