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British Columbia
The Lost Moose Cabins & Campground

The Lost Moose Cabins & Campground

The Lost Moose Cabins & Campground is located in south-western Canada, in the town of Penticton. The area is mountainous in nature, though the most prominent feature of Penticton is arguably its positioning right between Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake. Lost Moose sits just outside of the main section of the town.


There are 19 potential sites to rent at Lost Moose Cabins & Campground. As the name suggests, the lodging options range from campsites to cabins. There are 15 campsites, 5 of which are large enough to accommodate an RV (though it should be noted that there are no hook-ups or other RV-specific amenities). These campsites are not open during the winter season. They come with access to showers, flushing toilets, fire pits, and picnic tables. The four cabins on-site are open year-round and each one has a hot tub in addition to the previously-stated features of the campsites. Visitors also have access to a dishwashing station. Lost Moose has other features about its property that make it unique and accommodating. One of these aspects is the chickens and rabbits that they have. Children frequently get near the animals, which are perfectly safe and tame. The campground also has a paved trail that goes around the property, which allows for children to ride bikes and scooters outside without leaving the boundaries of Lost Moose. The area itself is full of outdoor activities that any amount of people could take part in. Some of the things to do in the area include mountain biking, cross country skiing, dirt biking, ATVing, snowmobiling, show shoeing, and hiking. There is also a lake specifically for fishing only 30 minutes away from Lost Moose Cabins & Campground. The Penticton area is also known for its wineries and lakeside beaches. There are also many fruit trees in the area, especially peaches and cherries. Lost Moose Cabins & Campground is 15 minutes away from the main bulk of Penticton.


Lost Moose Cabins & Campground strive to provide a quiet atmosphere for its guests. They attempt to reduce the amount of partying on-site—considering peace to be an important aspect of outdoor vacationing. The campground has many viewpoints that impress the guests, and none are far from the campground itself. Lost Moose attracts many birdwatchers due to the fact that "there are many birds on the property," explains the owner, Jordan Wheatley. The goal of the property is to allow guests to escape from the standard hustle and bustle of life to enjoy some of Canada's fantastic nature sights and experiences. The owners also consider it a high priority for the facilities and sites to be well-kept and clean. Guest reviews show that this priority is met, and is a valuable aspect of the experience.


The Lost Moose Cabins & Campground was created around 30 years ago. In the past, the property had a restaurant available for guests, but there was a fire that burned nearly everything down back in 1993. The previous owners had about 500 acres in the Penticton area. As time passed, they sold sections of the land away, eventually leaving the property with the 63 acres that it has today. The current owners—Jordan & Shauna Wheatley—bought the property in 2017. They adapted the park's culture, attempting to shift from the partying crowds that would normally enter Lost Moose to a more laid-back and peaceful crowd. They also cleaned up a handful of aspects at the campground.

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2301 Beaver Dell Rd
Penticton, British Columbia V2A 8V6




Jordan & Shauna Wheatley

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