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The Breeze Hotel & RV Park

The Breeze Hotel & RV Park

The Breeze Hotel & RV Park is located in the beachside village of Surfside in southern Texas. The property is a combination of hotel suites and RV sites and has direct access to government-owned beaches on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Many guests who visit the property choose to visit these beaches frequently to spend time with their friends or family. The Breeze Hotel was recently remodeled and refurbished by the new owners, who bought the property in the year 2019. Guests have four rooms to choose from for their stay, each room having space for a maximum of 4 guests.


The Breeze Hotel & RV Park sits directly on the coast of southern Texas, at the northwest corner of the Gulf of Mexico. The property is part of a village called Surfside, which is a small strip of land that stretches along Texas' south rim at varying distances from the main landmass of the state. The population of the permanent residents of the township is less than 700, though the vast expanse of the ocean coast draws in thousands of visitors each year. At Breeze Hotel & RV Park, there are fourteen RV sites and four hotel rooms, making it a relatively small business in the eyes of Frances Conway—one of the property's owners. Each of the four hotel rooms is identical, offering medium-sized refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers, television sets, and foldout sofas in the living area. The rooms can accommodate up to four guests in an effort to promote a family environment, which the property strives to obtain. It should be noted that stoves are not provided in the rooms, and cooking appliances are not permitted.

Below the hotel, guests can find and utilize BBQ grills upon request. The hotel rooms have recently been refurbished, and the walls are currently made up of authentic fence boards. The styling of the rooms is modern, though not precisely contemporary (according to Frances). The remainder of the property is a plot of land for the RVs, paths leading to the beach, and wetlands across the street that serve no residential purposes. The total acreage of the property is five acres, though only two and a half acres make up the functions of the hotel/RV park. At each RV site, visitors can access full hook-ups such as water, electric (30/50 amp), and sewer. The RVs sit on concrete pads and have small grassy areas in between each one. Most of the RV sites sit to the side of the hotel. The only shower on the premises is a small beach shower, primarily used for rinsing off sand after visiting the beach. Access to the beach is made via a short stone path, and it takes less than a minute to do so. The beaches in Surfside are owned by the government, meaning that it is legal to drive on the sand in a car or make a bonfire. Plans are currently being made at Breeze Hotel & RV Park to construct an office building on-site, which would provide guests with a small store of retail items and a modest selection of food. Currently, no food is served to guests of the property.


The culture of The Breeze Hotel & RV Park has changed drastically in the past year due to new management. Though the property has always been on the coast, always offered the same number of rooms since its opening in 2010, and always striven to provide guests with a relaxing experience, The Breeze Hotel received critical reviews from guests for many years. In the middle of 2019, the property was in a rundown condition. It came into new ownership in September of 2019 and was immediately closed for refurbishing. Since its reopening in May of 2020, the property has been receiving very positive reviews. "The new management has done a fantastic job in turning this place into a clean, beautiful, and safe place for their guests to enjoy. The best part is it's located right on the beach. Such a convenience for families with kids." Currently, The Breeze Hotel & RV Park strives to provide a family-oriented, peaceful beach experience. Frances Conway, one of the new owners, explains that "people don't come here to watch TV. They come for the beach." The property's proximity to the coast offers unobstructed views of the Gulf of Mexico. The beach is close enough to walk to in under a minute. Management desires for families to be able to come and feel comfortable and safe. In order to achieve this, the rooms accommodate up to four people, and the property doesn't tolerate rowdy or party-like behavior. Additionally, having pets and/or smoking are both prohibited at The Breeze Hotel. The property is open year-round, though during holidays such as Spring Break and over the summer, they generally see an influx of visitors. Another demographic common to the hotel are birdwatchers, in search of the roseate spoonbills that are known to migrate in the surrounding area. These medium-sized birds have the outward appearance of a pelican, though their coloration is more akin to flamingos.


The Breeze Hotel & RV Park opened in 2010 and was constructed by its first owner Troy McMinn. Initially, the property was designed to be a hotel for visiting surfers, so many of the features and amenities of the property were specifically catered towards that demographic. At some point, the property was passed on to Troy's son, Trent, who then managed it until 2019. He decided to place focus on other lodging ventures under his family's care, putting The Breeze Hotel up for sale. Frances Conway and her husband had been searching for a beach house and came across The Breeze Hotel & RV Park instead. They bought the property and are the current owners. The property caused them to remember old ideas of theirs to buy a hotel or inn of some kind and manage it. The timing seemed right, so they went for it. The hotel was closed from September of 2019 (when the Conways bought the property) until May of 2020. Various remodeling and refurbishing work was done during that time.

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2218 Bluewater Highway
Surfside Beach, Texas 77541
United States




Frances Conway

Owned Since
Previous Owners

Troy McMinn, Trent McMinn

4.5 (149 Reviews)
4.5/5 149 Reviews
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