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The Bandera Star Riverfront Camping & RV

The Bandera Star Riverfront Camping & RV

The Bandera Star Riverfront Camping & RV park is located in Bandera, Texas. Established in 2019 right on the Medina River, it is a new campground close to nature and the surrounding town. At the park, guests can enjoy the peace and quiet it tries to provide them while also experiencing the "old charm" of the western style of the city itself.


The Bandera Star Riverfront Camping & RV park is settled on ten acres of land which used to be part of a large ranch. As such, the property is surrounded by creeks, rivers and trees. One guest after staying at the park said that they “love the scenery. The river is crystal clear. The place is quiet and well kept. The trees are beautiful and the birds are just lovely to listen to.” The campground has fifty-eight RV sites of varying sizes and lengths, each spot offering full hookups—water, 30/50 AMP hookup, sewer, Wi-Fi, and a grass lawn.

Features that the park offers include a fenced in dog park, a laundry facility, horse stalls, bonfires and grills, dumpsters, and an area and the materials needed to play the cowboy classic game of horseshoes. It also boasts 700 feet of riverfront property so that its guests have easier access to the Medina River. This allows for the park's patrons to participate in various marine activities such as fishing, swimming, tubing, and kayaking. Christopher Bryant, part-owner of the park along with his business partners Michael Stegall and “Pops”, states "there is room to stretch out and enjoy the campground's peace and quiet." as well as bonfires and materials to play cowboys' classic game of horseshoes.


The Bandera Star Riverfront Camping & RV park is located in Bandera, Texas. Christopher Bryant says that Bandera is known as "God Country.” Bandera is also known by some as being the "Cowboy Capital of the World,” because it has the most cowboy champions per capita than anywhere else in the world. As such it hosts a variety of “western” related activities such as music, barbecue, and rodeos. These events happen year-round but especially on holidays like American Cowboy’s National Day.

Guests might get to experience a little bit of the history of the town through the abundance of preserved statues, plaques, and monuments that honor historic pioneers, cowboys, and other prominent people. The American Legion Post 157 Military Museum also showcases the towns history in regards to World War I. One guest noted that there are “plenty of things to do in town, including antique shopping which is a must while here.”

Some popular venues in the area are the 11th Street Cowboy Bar, Pipe Creek, and The Core Coffee House, where guests can enjoy a meal and listen to country music. Other activities include golfing, shopping, and dancing.

The atmosphere that The Bandera Star Riverfront Camping & RV park strives to create for its patrons is one of peace and quiet. They also want their guests to have an enjoyable time as well as respect those around them. One way that the park has done this is by implementing a “quiet time” from 10 pm to 7 am so that guests can spend the evening hours undisturbed by others. Another way they have tried to create this atmosphere, as well as offer a certain amount of privacy to their patrons, is by providing each of the RV sites with its own lawn. One guest review reads that the park is “a great place to just sit back by the river and listen to nature.”

Guests that have stayed at the resort often expressed their opinion regarding how much they enjoyed the rivers and nature surrounding the property. They also talk about their appreciation for how clean the sites were, the price of their stay, and the manner in which the owners, the manager team, and the park staff treated them during their stay. One guest said “from the time we arrived until the time we left we had nothing but positive things to say about this place. The owners are friendly and neighbors are friendly as well. It’s a great spot and it has a nice river access spot to enjoy.”


The Bandera Star Riverfront Camping & RV park is fairly new, having opened a little over two years ago in February of 2019. "Pops" along with his son Michael, and son-in-law Christopher, established the park as a family business. The land that they built the property on was originally their 600-acre family ranch. However, they sold the ranch piece by piece until all that was left was the ten-acres that this park now resides. Christopher talks of how they “wanted to start something fun with buying this property and create sites where families would have room to stretch out." Since establishing the park they have added many features and amenities to better cater to their guests, and continue to add more. They are also building cabins on the property which will be open soon so that people have the option to stay in actual lodgings.

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Bandera, Texas 78003
United States




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