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Sweetwater Valley Park

Sweetwater Valley Park

Sweetwater Valley Park is located in Villa Rica, Georgia, a city known as Georgia's original "City of Gold." Due to its early 1800s gold rush, the town exhibits gold rush-era artifacts, namely at the Pine Mountain Gold Museum. Sweetwater Valley Park is a twenty-eight-acre RV park with thirty-two RV units, three tent sites, and a sleep cabin with two cots and a handicap-accessible ramp. The property's namesake, Sweetwater Creek, flows through the property, skirting several hiking trails throughout the park. Sweetwater Valley Park also includes a bathhouse, a coin-operated laundry facility, a dump station, a playground, a family area with a volleyball and badminton area, and an outdoor pavilion, among other amenities. Most nearby attractions are found in or near Georgia, such as Six Flags and the Atlanta Aquarium.


Sweetwater Valley Park is a 28-acre RV park in Villa Rica, Georgia. The property's surroundings consist of forests and woodlands, and Sweetwater Creek runs through and around it. Farther out, a handful of towns and small cities are located about a mile or more from the park. The following camping rentals are offered to visitors: three tent sites, one sleep cabin, and thirty-two RV sites ranging from back-ins to pull-throughs. Each RV site has a fire pit and picnic table as well as 30- or 50-amp electric and water hookups. Campers are also given access to an on-site dump station throughout the duration of their stay. The cabin is a one-room sleep cabin, meaning it does not offer more amenities beyond accommodations for sleeping. As such, it has two cots and electricity, with water and a fire pit just outside. The cabin can be entered via a handicap-accessible ramp. According to Michelle, the park manager, sites 11 and 15 are commonly rented because they are the closest to the property bathhouse, although she notes that none of the RV or tent sites are far from the bathhouse. She also says site 22 is "spacious and out of the way," which some visitors find "appealing."

Several  facilities and features are provided at Sweetwater Valley Park. For example, guests can use a coin-operated laundry facility and a vending area that sells dry goods, such as chips and candy bars, and laundry detergent for the washing machines. A bathhouse with men's and women's bathrooms is open as well. Michelle also mentions a sleep cabin in the camp area, which is equipped with a ceiling fan, outlets, two cots, curtains for privacy, and a screened top half to let the breeze in during the summers. A pavilion can also be found in the grassy area, which includes a ceiling fan, picnic tables, electricity, and water. Sweetwater Valley Park has a playground and a family game area with volleyball and badminton. Finally, Sweetwater Creek runs along the property's walking trails through the woods. Much of the area is shaded due to the growing century-old oak trees. Michelle explains that wildlife can frequently be seen throughout the park as well.

Michelle says most nearby attractions are found in or close to the city of Atlanta. Some of these include Six Flags and the Atlanta Aquarium. She also includes Pine Mountain Gold Museum, a mining attraction with children's activities in Villa Rica. Regarding eateries in the area, Michelle's top restaurant recommendations are Johnny's New York Style Pizza, O'Charley's Restaurant & Bar, and Chick-Fil-A.


Michelle, the manager of Sweetwater Valley Park, wants visitors to feel "at home" and "like family" during their stay. She says it's a family-friendly area where people can feel safe and quiet. Some things that encourage this atmosphere are an on-site host that leads newly arriving guests to their sites. It should also be noted that 24-hour phone lines are available in case of an emergency or a need for assistance. Michelle affirms that staff members frequently interact with occupants, in an effort to ensure safety and satisfaction.

Regarding guest feedback, Michelle says most people have commented on the park's "peacefulness," explaining that Sweetwater Valley Park is "right in the heart of everything, but it feels like you're out and away from everything." One visitor left the following review: "The campground is small and cozy with some great sites. Jon, the camp host, showed us to our site and was super nice. The campground was so quiet, and the lack of traffic was refreshing. [The dump] station was easily accessible and clean, great water pressure on the hose too."

Sweetwater Valley Park currently does not host any activities, with the exception of gem mining in the park during the summers, which Michelle says attracts many children. The park owners and management look forward to incorporating more activities into Sweetwater Valley Park.

Sweetwater Valley Park's most important policies require visitors to clean up after their pets and to always keep their animals on a leash. Guests must keep noise to a minimum from 9:00 or 10:00 p.m.—depending on the season and time of sunset—to 8:00 a.m. Smoking is allowed at RV sites, but patrons must pick up any cigarette butts or additional garbage they leave. Finally, Michelle emphasizes that park occupants should respect their neighboring campers.

Michelle says the best time to visit Sweetwater Valley Park is April to November due to moderate weather conditions. The park is open year-round for short-term visitors, although the cabin and tent sites close down if it is too cold outside. Michelle notes that the temperature rarely falls far below freezing, but the precaution is in place for the "generational winters" that occasionally reach the area. People from "all over the world" account for the demographic of those who visit the property, according to Michelle. Oftentimes, the establishment receives repeat guests.


Sweetwater Valley Park was constructed and operated by the Brown family in 1996. Jennifer and Jimmy Davis currently own it; Jennifer is the daughter of Dennis O'Neal Brown Sr. and Betty Brown, the original owners. Dennis O'Neal Sr. and Betty started the park as a result of a lifelong dream of theirs, operating it until their daughter and her husband inherited Sweetwater Valley Park. Michelle, the park manager, has been a part of Sweetwater Valley Park for almost 15 years, and she says her favorite part of her job is working with the guests.

Jennifer and Jimmy have repaved parts of the park and completed minor updates as needed while currently working on a new electrical system. They plan to add ice and filtered water to the vending machines, a food store, and park activities open to the community. These may include summertime movies, flea market activities, and crafts.

According to Michelle, Villa Rica is known as Georgia's "City of Gold" as it experienced a small gold rush in the early 1800s. Today, it is a recreational town that attracts tourists and campers from various parts of the United States. It is the home of the aforementioned Pine Mountain Gold Museum and a few other gold mining exhibits to commemorate its history as a mining town.

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United States




Jennifer and Jimmy Davis

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Dennis O'Neal Brown Sr. and Betty Brown

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