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Stinson RV Park

The Stinson RV Park is situated on the outskirts of Campbell, Texas, a short distance from I-30. With a total of 82 reservable sites, the park is equipped with full RV hookups and contains a variety of on-site activities. Perhaps the most notable of these features is the three-acre fishing pond that can be found in the center of the premises. A concrete path surrounds the pond and is often used by guests for walking and biking. Horseshoes, a swimming pool, a volleyball/badminton court, and a dog trail can be found throughout the establishment's 22 acres of land. Some of the park's more distinguishing features include the fact that all of the RV sites are "pull-through" and that small animals such as ducks, rabbits, and chickens occasionally roam the grounds.


Located in Campbell, Texas—which is described by locals as "a remote area"—is the Stinson RV Park and Self-Storage. There are a total of 82 units in the RV park, two of which are monthly-rate tiny homes, while the remaining 80 spaces are for RVs. All of the RV sites are "pull-through" and come equipped with a variety of amenities such as sewer, water, and electric hookups. While all of the sites have picnic tables and fire pits, they do vary slightly in the amount of additional land around them that is usable by guests. It should be noted that, apart from the tiny homes, a visitors' stay can be in daily, weekly, or monthly increments. Prices for monthly stays do not include electricity, which must be paid separately and with a deposit. 

There is a range of activities that people can participate in without leaving the grounds of the property. One such activity is to go fishing at the three-acre pond that is on the premises. Laks, who is one of the owners of Stinson RV Park, asks that guests do not swim in this pond. Any fishing done at the pond is designated as "catch and release." Other attractions include a badminton/volleyball court, horseshoes, a swimming pool, and a concrete path that surround the aforementioned pond that is used for walking and biking. In this same pond area, there are a few gazebos that patrons can utilize for small gatherings or activities. Grills, picnic tables, and fire pits can be found in the general area as other supplementary resources for such events. 

In the event that a guest needs to repair some aspect of their RV, they are able to visit a small store in the main office on-site. Here, a selection of RV-related parts and other basic supplies can be found. Laks describes this feature of the park as "a little convenience store." 


Regarding the typical guest experience at Stinson RV Park, campground owner Laks explains that many people feel the same way as him. "They leave nice reviews and say that the park is very quiet," he says. One recent visitor to the RV park stated, "Quiet, convenient location with friendly people. Level gravel sites with solid utilities. Reasonable price. A few nice amenities such as a pond, dog park and small pool." This coincides with what Laks considers to be one of the park's most unique features: the quantity of on-site attractions it contains. 

Visitors to the Stinson RV Park should be aware of a few of the establishment's most important policies, which can be found in greater detail on the property's website. Pets are allowed and even encouraged at the park. "We know that pets are part of the family," the business's website reads. As such, up to 5 pets can be included on a reservation, though dogs cannot be of an aggressive nature/breed. Owners of pets are expected to clean any messes that are caused, and "noisy pets will not be allowed." In a similar fashion, quiet hours at the campground range from 10 PM to 8 AM each day. Other policies at the park include a speed limit of 5 MPH, the prohibition of cutting down trees, and restrictions on storing hazardous materials. 

Open year-round, the Stinson RV Park generally sees its highest occupancy rates over the summer, though such differences are marginal. "It is busy throughout the entire year," explains Laks, and that "the more activities that are going on nearby, the more people come." Apart from community events or attractions in the nearby Campbell area, visitors are free to participate in some on-site parties and other similar gatherings. The RV park occasionally hosts bands or does karaoke nights, as well as movie nights.


The current owner of Stinson RV Park is a man named Laks, who has been with the park since 2020. He, and the other people who own the campground, had been looking for something of its kind for a handful of years and found Stinson RV Park to be a good opportunity right around the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Laks states that RV parks are "where people go" during times of crisis, which is why he saw it to be a good business venture.

Having opened in 2017 under the ownership of Margie Stinson—for whom the park is named—the establishment replaced land in Campbell, Texas, that had not been utilized for anything prior. Margie was at the park for only a few years before Laks and others came along and purchased it for their own use. Despite the property's young age, Laks thought it would be a good idea to add a handful of extra features to the grounds of the RV park. For example, he decided to expand the business's range of services to include storage units in addition to acting as a lodging enterprise, as it had before. Other attractions on-site that were added during this time included a golf park, a swimming pool, extra laundry and restroom facilities, as well as increased access to the biggest pond on the property by means of concrete paths and the removal of foliage. 

In the future, Laks plans on increasing the size of Stinson RV Park to include more RV sites and storage unit spaces. During his time at the park, he has come to enjoy the location, in particular. "It is very peaceful here because it is a remote area," says Laks. He also enjoys interacting with the guests that visit the establishment, though he admits that he does not talk with people as much as his general manager. 

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