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St. Hazards Resort

St. Hazards Resort

St. Hazards Resort is located on Middle Bass Island, which is one of several island towns on the southwestern end of Lake Erie in Ohio. The island can be found near Put-In-Bay, an area with several restaurants and attractions that are accessible via ferry. The resort has 16 rentals available for people to reserve, ranging from rustic cabins to villas to chalets. St. Hazards Resort is open from Memorial Day to September 30th, and there is also a restaurant owned by the same company that is open in the off-season on weekends. With regard to the kind of experience that she hopes to provide, the general manager, Kyla, would like her guests to feel comfortable and at peace during their stay. 


St. Hazards Resort offers a wide range of accommodations for visitors, totaling 16 rentals and 153 private residences. The resort mainly features 10 rustic cabins—which do not come with electricity and running water—and 5 larger chalets with restroom facilities. It should be noted that some of the chalets are equipped with kitchenettes. Additionally, there is one villa that serves as a fully furnished house for guests. The villa comes equipped with a microwave and a small refrigerator. Notably, this unit type tends to be the most popular, followed by the chalets. St. Hazards Resort maintains its main office within the central building, which also houses the restaurant and two bars, contributing to its unique Caribbean-themed atmosphere. The establishment is situated on an island with a fairly tropical atmosphere. 

St. Hazards Resort aims to combine the various accommodations, Caribbean-themed ambiance, and outdoor amenities in an effort to provide visitors with a positive experience. While there is a pond on the property, it is mostly for scenic purposes and not intended for swimming, though guests can stroll around it or even enjoy some fishing. The surrounding area is generally open, with the exception of the vicinity near the restaurant and bar, where tall grasses create an atmosphere reminiscent of bamboo.

The resort offers breakfast from July 1st onwards, and it is available for both guests and visitors. However, it is not complimentary; instead, it is made to order in the main restaurant. Regarding the restaurant's hours, they vary depending on the season. From July 1st to September 30th, the restaurant opens from 9:00 a.m. to midnight. However, the resort is seasonal, with the restaurant typically open from Memorial Day to September 30th. After September 30th, it operates on weekends only, and certain services may not be available during the off-season.

As for indoor amenities, the resort primarily offers an inside bar. However, outdoor facilities include a tiki bar, a pool with volleyball, and a hot tub. It should be mentioned as well that the pool remains open all day. Two separate bathhouses are available for guests' convenience, along with the sale of firewood and a small convenience store within the office.


St. Hazards Resort strives to provide its guests with a carefree and relaxed experience in an effort to help them feel happy and at ease during their stay. Most of the units are handicap accessible, including the pool area. The staff at St. Hazards Resort also tries to interact with patrons frequently, giving them the opportunity to ask for assistance should they need it.

In terms of the best season for the resort, July and August tend to be the most popular months, seemingly due to the fact that this is typically when families are on vacation, and the temperatures are often moderate for outdoor activities. St. Hazards Resort caters to a wide range of guests. While Middle Bass Island may not have many local attractions, nearby Put-In-Bay offers more extensive options for exploration, and St. Hazards can serve as a base for visitors looking to enjoy the islands. According to the general manager, one of the most unique features of St. Hazards Resort is its Caribbean vibe.

According to the general manager, Kyla, the resort maintains policies that are designed to promote a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere, such as quiet hours from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Pets are not permitted inside any of the rentals.

St. Hazards Resort has had many visitors spend time at the resort, and a few of them left reviews of their experiences at the establishment. One person wrote, "The villa we stayed in was awesome and all the locals around us were very friendly and helpful. The staff was also friendly." The business is open from Memorial Day to September 30th, and the property caters to any demographic that is interested, frequently welcoming back repeat guests as well.


St. Hazards Resort, established in 1998 by Edmund Gudinas, began with Edmund's love for the Caribbean and his desire to bring that experience to others. According to Kyla, the general manager, he still frequents the business and spends some of his time in St. Barts. Kyla has been in the hospitality industry since 2002, starting her career at a larger resort in southern Ohio. She explains that her favorite part of the job is meeting the people.

In the future, the resort plans to expand its RV sites and create a garden alongside the restaurant. An existing herb garden will be further developed to include vegetables such as peppers, zucchini, and cucumbers.

One notable aspect of the resort's history is its connection to Oliver Hazard Perry, a commander in the War of 1812 for the Lake Erie battle. The resort pays homage to this historical figure throughout its premises, even possessing one of the cannons and both nameplates from the ship "Oliver Hazard Perry." According to Kyla, the resort makes an effort to preserve history, its handmade wooden furnishings, all imported from nearby Barley.

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St Hazard's Village Rd
Middle Bass, Ohio 43446
United States



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