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Spider Rock Campground

The owner of Spider Rock Campground has been in charge of the property for twenty-seven years. A total of 47 sites, which contain tent sites, RV sites, and Cozy Hogans, are available to visitors for rent. Standard amenities, including water fill up and dump stations, are provided for each of the RV sites. One of the most notable attractions that is located near the campground is the Chinle National Monument, which typically draws in a number of tourists. Outdoor recreation is generally the main appeal to visitors of the area, as the surrounding land of Spider Rock Campground consists of an abundance of trees and forested land. During the spring and fall seasons, temperatures are relatively cooler, and as a result of this, these particular seasons tend to be busier for the campground.


Spider Rock Campground is located on the Navajo Reservation outside of Chinle, Arizona, occupying land on the expanse of four acres in total. Traditional campsites and tent sites can be found on the property and are available for guests to rent. An open fire pit is provided at every campsite, and firewood is obtainable at the campground, purchasable at a price of seven dollars per bundle. Water fill-ups, as well as a dump station, are provided for those who are staying in an RV. Visitors may also have the choice to stay in one of the three Cozy Hogans, ranging in size from small, medium, and large. An office is located on the grounds of the property, in addition to a separate shower and bathroom facility for guest use. The showers are solar-heated and require a fee of four dollars per person.

Visitors can purchase snacks and sodas on-site if necessary, or they could have the option to visit the nearest grocery store, which is located in Chinle. The campground contains a fair amount of woodland areas and trees, additionally with naturally grown flowers and natural habitats. The Chinle National Monument is considered by many to be a draw to tourists of the area, and a fair amount of guests who stay at Spider Rock Campground typically visit the national monument. Some other attractions include four-wheel-drive tours and guided overnight hikes. For patrons who choose to participate in the four-wheel-drive tours, they are taken on the Three Turkey Ruin, an Anasazi cliff in Canyon de Chelly, in addition to other destinations. Visitors can also view the canyon on the many guided or self-guided hikes within the area. Canyon de Chelly, in particular, is a notable hike that Spider Rock Campground serves as a trailhead where guests can begin their hike, which expands to approximately three miles.

The owner of Spider Rock Campground mentions that several museums and parks can be found nearby, in addition to the college that a fair amount of visitors to the area come to attend. Some of the restaurants that the owner recommends to those who are staying at the property include Junction Restaurant, Denny's, and a few other Native roadside restaurants.


Spider Rock Campground implements policies at the campground that visitors are expected to comply with. Quiet hour is enforced from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM in an attempt to allow occupants to rest during the night. Furthermore, pets are acceptable to stay at the campground, but they are to be leashed at all times. As for the campfire pits that are provided at each site, small fires are permitted if the weather is not too dry. The use of alcoholic beverages, fireworks, and all types of firearms are prohibited on the property in order to act in accordance with The Navajo Nation's guidelines.

Guests typically stay one day at a time unless they request otherwise and ask to stay longer. Howard, the owner, remarks that he wants to help patrons have an enjoyable experience that will make them want to come back again. According to the owner, about 35 - 40% of visitors to the property are repeat guests. A couple of notable characteristics of the property that the owner notes are the landscape and the service that he strives to give to his guests.

Spider Rock Campground is open year-round, with the busiest seasons typically occurring in the spring and fall when the weather is relatively cooler. Summertime tends to have higher temperatures due to the fact that the campground is located in the northeastern region of Arizona. The owner comments that the property receives mainly families during the summertime and couples during other seasons. He also remarks that people who are experiencing being out of the city limits for the first time tend to stay at the campground, and he says that he enjoys teaching them about camping in the dark with all of the wildlife, such as lizards and spiders.

One of Howard's goals for his visitors is to help them "leave with a smile." The property is intended to give off the Navajo culture, and the owner strives to welcome guests into this type of atmosphere and culture. One particular visitor who previously stayed at Spider Rock Campground commented, "Close to some canyon views, and there is a 3-mile hiking trail nearby. Howard, the owner, is a lovely man and knows a bunch of the Navajo history of the area."


Howard, the current owner of Spider Rock Campground, is the original owner of the property, and he has been since the campground was first opened twenty-seven years ago. Howard had grown up in the area prior to owning the campground, and he mentions that he had several ideas of what he wanted to do before deciding to be the owner of Spider Rock Campground, which is now a family-owned property. According to the owner, the canyon that is located in close proximity to the campground holds an extensive amount of history. A fair amount of tour companies have visited the canyon, and the owner mentions that his guests can learn more about the historical background of the Navajo area with these particular tour groups.

Howard mentions that when the property first opened twenty-seven years ago, the way it was run seemed to be satisfactory to those that stayed with him. Because of this, the campground itself has not undergone any extreme renovations or updates; however, the owner remarks that standard upkeep and maintenance are done on the property often. One of the owner's favorite parts about owning the campground is interacting with his guests and meeting people from "all around the world."

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