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Solitude Pointe Cabins

The Solitude Pointe Cabins rest in the middle of three state parks in South Carolina: Caesars Head, Jones Gap, and Table Rock. The area is known for being a refuge from the outside world, offering a place of solitude.


Solitude Pointe Cabins consists of about 20 acres at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina. The terrain is decidedly mountainous in its nature, especially compared to other regions of the southeastern United States. Solitude Pointe has 14 RV sites with full hook-ups, and six cabins for rent. Each cabin is equipped with the basic amenities of a standard home while maintaining rustic atmospheres. Some of these amenities include microwaves, satellite televisions with DVD players, heating and air conditioning units, fireplaces, toasters, and their own dining ware. A charcoal grill is also available outside of each cabin. Hot tubs are provided at each cabin, as well. Solitude Pointe Cabins has a small store on-site that sells T-shirts, RV supplies, toys, candy, ice cream, soft drinks, and other essential supplies. One of the unique aspects of the property is hinted at in its name: the solitude offered by the area. The slogan of Solitude Pointe Cabins is, "At some point everyone needs solitude." The property's central location places it in the middle of some of South Carolina's most organic nature. Three state parks are only a short drive away, opening the door to possibilities such as hiking, fishing, and sightseeing. It is a stark contrast to the majority of South Carolina's activities, which generally deal with the coast. Solitude Pointe Cabins breaks away from the crowd, sitting four hours away from the nearest shoreline. The area is known for that distinct beauty, and many people come simply for the views. A handful of weddings have taken place at a nearby chapel. Solitude Pointe Cabins is open year-round, and they have two busier months than the rest. July, due to the fact that it is the middle of summer and there aren't any people in school; and October, because the leaves at that time of year are particularly special. Also included at Solitude Pointe Cabins are a playground, basketball court, and a river that runs nearby.


The privacy of the Solitude Pointe Cabins is one of the most significant components of their culture. This ideal typically draws older or smaller crowds to the campground, such as couples or solitary visitors. Families are less common on-site unless they are in the area with specific fishing spots or hikes in mind. Amy Ross—who owns the property with her husband Rodney—hopes that any guest that comes their way feels cared for. To her, part of that process includes a thorough cleaning of the cabins. "We are meticulous. Turning couch cushions inside out; that sort of thing." Guest reviews show that this goal is met more often than not. Visitors have also expressed their good impressions of Rodney and Amy. Rodney is somewhat of a "jack of all trades," and is quick to offer his services to any guest with some sort of issue with their equipment or lack of RV experience.


What would eventually be known as Solitude Pointe Cabins once began back in the 1980s and 1990s as a group of older folks with privately-owned property in the region of Cleveland, South Carolina. As the years progressed, the owners began to pass away, and eventually, all of the lands were bought up by someone else. The purchase didn't last long, and the buyer had to sell it all to someone else. This second owner placed the name of Solitude Pointe Cabins over the property, but after only eight months was forced to sell it to Amy and Rodney Ross, who are the current owners of the property. Amy states that they entered the industry because of a feeling they received from God. Both of them are devout Christians, and they felt "led" to do it in order to care for people. They enjoy the flexibility of the industry and have enjoyed the work for the past 15 years. They have been able to raise their children on the property, and have had many pleasant experiences. The only downside, in their opinion, is the necessity of being on the clock 24/7.

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102 Table Rock Road
Cleveland, South Carolina 29635
United States




Amy Ross

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