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Shoshone Lodge

Shoshone Lodge is located in a remote forest that can be found about 46 miles from Cody, Wyoming. The lodge has a total of 17 available cabins on their five acres of land that guests can choose. Both breakfast and dinner are provided by Shoshone Lodge when visitors are staying in one of the cabins. The lodge has stayed with the Christensen's family for a long time, as many of the cabins were first built in the early 20's and 30's and were passed down to each generation . The location is also within 3.5 miles of Yellowstone National Park, a national park that stretches throughout Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.


Shoshone Lodge sits on 5 acres of forest land in the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Throughout those acres, 17 cabins filter throughout, offering lodging to a variety of guests, including older couples and families. The cabins range in name, with those names including the Tatonka Teepee, The Rustler, Eagle's Nest, Cassidy's Casa, The Sundancer, Cabin Creek, Wapiti Wigwam, Elks Fork, Ft. Washakie, The Bunkhouse, Camp Sacajawea, Camp Grizz, Camp Jonathan, The Remington, Cougar's Rest, Bighorn Bungalow, and Clearwater. In each of these lodges, TVs can be found, mini-refrigerators provide a place for guests to store their chilled products, as well as a microwave. For an additional fee, a wireless internet connection can be established through the cabins, providing access to the internet and social media for their guests.

Most lodges include one to two bedrooms, with the Bighorn Bungalow being the only one that offers three rooms. The Sundancer lodge and the Cassidy's Casa are connected through an internal door, allowing them to be rented as one lodge, titled Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid. This connected lodging gives guests the ability to sleep up to seven people, allowing larger groups to book a stay at the Shoshone Lodge. A full kitchen is offered in this combination, with multiple bathrooms and sleeping arrangements.

Located 46 miles away, Cody, Wyoming, is the nearest town to Shoshone Lodge. Cody is located in the Northwest part of Wyoming and serves as the county seat of Park County, Wyoming. Named after Colonel William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody, the city originated in 1896. It sits at a population of 9,520 as of the 2010 Census. Cody offers several tourist shops and dining for guests who travel into the city.

Shoshone Lodge is located 3.5 miles from Yellowstone National Park, a national park that stretches throughout Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Yellowstone is known for its "Old Faithful," a cone geyser located in the park. Yellowstone was the first national park established in the United States and is heavily regarded as the first national park in the world.


Shoshone Lodge, being remotely located, strives for a "unique western experience" for its guests. The lodge offers horseback riding and dining for its guests to further their idea of a "unique western experience that guests can get without having to stay at a dude ranch," as mentioned by an employee. The diner serves both breakfast and dinner to its patrons, from the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. for breakfast and 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. for dinner. Items served include pancakes, french toast, ribeye, grilled trout, and an endless Bison Buffet, seen as a "crowd-favorite."

The owner, Mike Christensen, is mentioned in several reviews left by guests, stating, "the owner is very helpful and friendly, providing top quality service to each patron." Other guests who have stayed at the Shoshone Lodge mention in their reviews the relaxation levels they experience, specifically stating, "the property is very relaxing, from horseback rides to roasting marshmallows, the Shoshone Lodge provides a comfortable stay for their guests." The location of the property, being 3.5 miles from the grounds of Yellowstone National Park, is mentioned as a "premier location" by guests of the property. The views at Yellowstone National Park get mentioned in the park's guest comments, referring to the views as "phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime."

The nearest city to both the lodge and Yellowstone is Cody, Wyoming, a town that is known for its close location to Yellowstone. Besides its location, Cody is also known for hosting The Buffalo Bill Center of the West, a complex of five museums throughout Cody that showcase the artifacts of the American West, including the life of Colonel William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody, founder of the city.


Shoshone Lodge is currently ran and operated by Mike Christensen and has been operated by Mike for the last 15 years, since he took over the business in 2005. The lodge has been in Mike Christensen's family since 1924, being rented from the National Forest during this time. Previously owned by Mike Christensen's grandmother, Mike took the business over during her retirement, keeping the Shoshone Lodge in the family. The cabins were built from native timbers during the 1920s by Cody's first county sheriff, Henry Dahlem. It was run by Henry until the 1950s, when his son Harry took over operations with his wife, Betty. Harry soon passed away at the age of 37, leaving the lodge to Betty and her children. Betty's daughter Debbie took over the business and ran it until her retirement in 2005, where her grandson, Mike, and his wife, Betsy, took over. Mike Christensen purchasing the lodge from his grandmother made it so four generations have owned the Shoshone Lodge.

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