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Shadow Lake RV Park and Campground

Shadow Lake RV Park and Campground

Since 2020, Shadow Lake RV Park and Campground has been under the ownership of Lynn and Cynthia Parker. Currently, 110 sites are available for guest reservations. Classified into three types of units, the spaces that are offered include 90 RV sites, 9 cabins, and 11 primitive tent sites. A wide range of activities are provided at the RV park for patrons, namely miniature golf, a playground area, and a swimming pool, among others. The property is also located near a few notable attractions including Wayne National Forest and Monroe Lake. During certain holidays, Shadow Lake RV Resort frequently hosts events for guests to participate in. One of the more popular events that the RV park hosts is the two-day Halloween-themed event that offers a number of family-friendly activities, as well as Trick-or-Treating for kids.


Shadow Lake RV Park and Campground occupies an expanse of 98 acres in the eastern region of Ohio. A total of 110 units are offered for visitors. Among these units are three categories: 90 RV sites, 9 cabins, and 11 primitive tent sites. Each type of unit offers different amenities. RV sites, to begin with, offer full hookups, water, sewer, and 20, 30, and 50 amp electrical service. Many of these particular spots also have a concrete pad for guests to park their RVs. Concerning the cabins, these lodges are fully furnished, and they each contain a number of bedrooms. All cabins, with the exception of one, have kitchens with utensils. Moreover, DirecTV is provided in each of the nine cabins. Seven of these lodges have two bedrooms with different bed configurations. One of the cabins is a single-bedroom, studio-style unit, and another one of the cabins is two stories tall, featuring three bedrooms that can sleep up to ten people. Lastly, the primitive tent sites all include a picnic table and a fire ring. 

Aside from the various units that Shadow Lake RV Park and Campground have available to visitors, other facilities can be found on the grounds, as well. One such facility is the main office building, where guests can check-in. Showers and restrooms are also situated on the acreage. It should be noted that in the shower and restroom building, there is a coin-operated laundry machine for guest use, in addition to an ice machine. Furthermore, the property also has what is known as the "event barn," which is where guests can host celebrations, meetings, or parties. The event barn can accommodate up to 100 people, and a full kitchen facility is featured inside of it. Additionally, a pavilion that provides water and electricity can also be utilized for events that are hosted on-site. Though the pavilion itself is not enclosed, it has a roof that can shelter occupants.

Some visitors may consider Shadow Lake RV Park and Campground to be an attraction in and of itself due to the number of on-site activities that are provided. The resort offers a nine-hole miniature golf course, as well as a swimming pool. Other activities include volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, and two miles of hiking trails. For younger visitors, a playground area is available on-site, as well. Four ponds can additionally be found on the premises, all of which are stocked with fish, as reported by Lynn. One of the larger of the ponds stretches about five acres and is referred to as Shadow Lake. Lynn and Cynthia describe the area outside the borders of the acreage to be "forested" with "rolling hills." In terms of attractions, one of the biggest draws for tourism is Monroe Lake, which is located one mile away from Shadow Lake RV Park and Campground. Another notable draw is Wayne National Forest, situated three miles from the campground. Lynn and Cynthia believe that many visitors who stay at the campground come because the property is located in an "Amish country." Several Amish communities can be found in close proximity to Shadow lake RV Park and Campground. Lynn and Cynthia also comment that during hunting season, deer and turkey hunters frequently visit the area. For those who are in search of places to eat, Lynn and Cynthia recommend Taste of the Ole West Food Truck, Traditions, Jerry's Restaurant, and George's Pizza.


The owners of Shadow Lake RV Park and Campground, Lynn and Cynthia Parker, want guests to feel like the property is "a place where they can bring their family, [and] make many friends while they're here." "Security is very important to us," he further explains. Lynn has the goal of providing his patrons with a "safe and secure" stay, and he says, "We promote a welcoming, heartwarming environment." Lynn and Cynthia believe that one of the unique aspects of Shadow Lake RV Park and Campground is that they know "about 90% of visitors by name." Regarding his efforts in getting to know those who visit the campground, he says, "We work hard at that." Beyond this, Lynn and Cynthia strive to create a "family-oriented" atmosphere, considering that the majority of those who stay at the property are families.

Concerning the operations of Shadow Lake RV Park and Campground, the campground is open year-round. May to October tends to be the busiest season for the RV park. The property's social media presence has reportedly aided the success of the business, as stated by Lynn; however, the majority of patrons discover the campground by word of mouth.

A few policies are enforced at the RV park, and guests are required to act in accordance with such guidelines. One of the main policies is conformity to traffic guidelines, for example, obeying the speed limit and being aware of traffic signs when driving through the campground. Golf carts and utility vehicles are permitted on-site, as well. Additionally, the property implements a quiet time starting at 11:00 PM.

During holidays such as Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day, the property hosts live music, entertainment, kid-friendly events, and occasionally fireworks. Halloween is also celebrated on the second weekend of October. Shadow Lake RV Park and Campground holds a two-day Halloween-themed event during this time, which entails a haunted trail, various activities for kids, and Trick-or-Treating.


The property that is now Shadow Lake RV Park and Campground is over 100 years old. At the time that it was first established by an individual named Clem Peters, the land on which the campground currently resides was a 300-acre property. Clem "wanted a place for family and friends to enjoy," Lynn comments. Throughout the duration of Clem's ownership, he raised bison, elk, and white-tailed deer. Lynn reports that Clem also created the fishing ponds that can still be found on the premises today. When World War II occurred, Mr. Peters harvested and donated meat and elk, bison, and deer as a service to support American troops and the country as a whole. The meat was put into refrigerated trucks and sent to meat packing plants for it to be processed and distributed to soldiers and American citizens. It wasn't until the year 1980 that they began to add sites and convert the property into an RV park.

Lynn and Cynthia Parker have been the owners of Shadow Lake RV Park and Campground since they purchased the acreage in 2020. In 2019, they retired after being in the corporate environment for over 40 years. They wanted to "find a property to get out of the big city," Lynn says. Initially, Lynn and Cynthia were not interested in owning an RV resort, but when they discovered Shadow Lake RV Resort, Lynn describes that "[they] knew [they] could make it better" than the condition it had been when they first discovered it. One of Lynn's and Cynthia's favorite aspects of managing the business is getting to know those who come to stay at the campground. "We like it when a family or customer has a need," he explains, because "we want to be the people that fulfill those needs." He continues, "When we satisfy that person, it gives us great joy."

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