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Seawind RV Resort

Seawind RV Resort is located in Riviera, Texas, at the edge of Baffin Bay, a common place for visitors to fish or boat. Surrounded mostly by farmland and ranches, this RV park has 185 sites with full hookups. About 25 units are pull-throughs, and the rest are back-ins. Seawind RV Resort is equipped with a pair of bathhouses and a single laundry facility, a dump station, a recreation center, a fire ring, and an on-site body of water called Kaufer Lake. Furthermore, the campground is connected to a boat launch and a nature trail. The RV campground also provides overflow parking. Seawind RV Resort is next to Kaufer-Hubert Memorial Park, a county-owned park with a pier, observation tower, and a playground for children. According to Letty Couch, the property manager, Baffin Bay and King Ranch are Riviera's two most popular attractions.


Seawind RV Resort is a county-owned RV park located in Riviera, Texas, five miles from Baffin Bay, one of the region's most-known features. Seawind RV Resort is surrounded by farmland, ranches, and other hospitality businesses such as RV parks and inns on its southern and western sides. The rest of its surroundings consist of water.

According to Letty Couch, the property manager, Seawind RV Resort has 185 RV sites for its visitors. These are strictly for RVs; no tent camping is allowed. About 25 RV units are pull-through, while the rest are back-ins. They provide full hookups, and most sites have picnic tables. Additionally, the main area has asphalt while the outskirts have gravel, and the rest of the park is covered with grass. While the RV park has trees spread throughout its acreage, most units are not shaded.

Seawind RV Resort includes two buildings that serve as bathhouses and laundry facilities on opposite sides of the property. The RV resort has a recreation center with a communal kitchen used for personal use and events, a buffet counter, tables and chairs, a dancing area, and a stage. The rec center comes with the option to be rented for private use. Additionally, Seawind RV Resort has a dog park along the fenced-in perimeter for dogs to roam and exercise off-leash. This is the only designated off-leash spot on the property. An RV storage office is located on-site, and visitors may rent space there. Another resort feature is Kaufer Lake, a round body of water on the western side of Seawind RV Resort. Kaufer Lake is an effluent pond. It is not for swimming or fishing but does attract several species of ducks and other birds. A game room next to the rec center is equipped with a pool table and a card table. Finally, Seawind RV Resort offers overflow parking for an extra fee, a fire ring for the winter, Wi-Fi, a walking trail, and a dump station.

People visiting Seawind RV Resort can access Baffin Bay to fish or boat. Letty says fishing is the most common activity among the resort guests, and they mostly catch black or red drum. However, visitors are required to bring their own fishing gear. The other main draw to Riviera is King Ranch; Letty explains that the ranch draws many people to the area and is one of the largest ranches in the United States. Regarding places to eat, she recommends they visit King Inn, a seafood restaurant about a mile north of the property. Letty also suggests visiting Baffin Bay Seafood Co. about 5 miles southeast of Seawind and El Tapatio in Ricardo, Texas. Baffin Bay Seafood Co. offers seafood and a variety of burgers, steaks, and pasta, while El Tapatio serves Mexican food.


Seawind RV Resort is described on its website to be a "wonderful family-oriented park with many ongoing winter activities to accommodate [interests] of all kinds." Letty, the manager of the resort, echoes this thought, saying that it is hoped guests feel "like family" during their stay. She also explains that visitor interaction is frequent, and patrons are invited to participate in activities with the long-term winter Texans. "Everyone becomes friends before they leave," she says. As such, one guest commented in a review, "Great little community. Wonderful wildlife and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets." Another visitor wrote, " Everyone in this campground is so friendly, warm, and helpful. They have so many activities to keep you busy; music, dance, exercise, church, breakfasts, trips, cards, games, ice cream socials, and more. It's a true home away from home."

Letty states that the long-term visitors from the north, or winter Texans, are a significant part of the campground's culture and business; the winter Texans volunteer and organize their own activities since the park does not host its own. Some winter Texan activities include games at the fire ring, Bible study sessions, karaoke, line dancing, quilting, ice cream socials, and wood shop projects. These activities last from November to March, as the winter Texans visit the park to be in a warmer area during the cold season. Letty reiterates that Seawind RV Resort is most well-known for such mentioned winter Texan activities and Baffin Bay.

Seawind RV Resort has a list of policies on its website for visitors to follow, but Letty says a few are worth mentioning the most. First, while the property is pet-friendly, dog owners must clean up after their pets and keep them leashed. Second, visitors must not park on the grass, as sprinklers can be damaged if they are crushed by vehicles. Furthermore, quiet time is enforced from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM each night. Smoking is not allowed indoors or at building entrances, but visitors may smoke outdoors or in a designated smoking area behind the rec center.

Seawind RV Resort is open year-round, and most of its activity lasts from November to March because of the winter Texans who make up most of the park's clientele. According to Letty, most short-term guests are in the area to fish at Baffin Bay or visit other people already in the area.


Seawind RV Resort has been owned by Kleberg County since the 1980s. It operated as a privately-owned RV park even before its acquisition from the county. Letty, the manager of the park, explains that no significant changes other than expansion have taken place since the county took ownership. As far as she knows, there are no current plans to add or change any aspects of Seawind RV Resort.

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