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Seashell Suites Resort

Seashell Suites Resort

Seashell Suites Resort is a bed and breakfast that can be found in Melbourne Beach, Florida, and is right on the edge of the ocean. The property owns its own private portion of the beach, which is only a short walk away and allows guests to spend time by the sea in what could be considered a more private setting. The resort allows its patrons to borrow things like beach chairs, towels, boogie boards, and other items for use at the beach if they would like. Breakfast is served each morning and is available to patrons all day. Several of the suites are advertised as pet-friendly, allowing guests to bring their pets if they would like. The beach is a known location for seeing leatherback and loggerhead turtle nests.


Seashell Suites Resort is a gated and private tropical oasis that is found on the water's edge. The property consists of one building, which contains eight two-bedroom suites, a laundry room, a breakfast area, and an office. The building itself is long, about 250 feet in length, and is only one story tall. Many of the walls are made with solid cement, making them more sturdy. 

The eight units on the property share similar themes and layouts, though the names are unique, with rooms such as Conch, Starfish, Sand Dollar, Sea Turtle, and others. Each room comes with a microwave, ice maker, refrigerator, 52" television, a dining table, private bathroom, and a full kitchen. WiFi is available in every suite, as well. Patrons are able to hook up their own Rokus, Netflix accounts, and other streaming or television services. 

Breakfast is included with each reservation. This breakfast consists of Continental-style food, and each item is individually wrapped. Some of the dishes that they may serve include things like Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches, small pizzas, fruit, coffee, tea, English muffins, bagels, and a variety of drinks, such as V8 juice, apple juice, orange juice, and even carrot juice. Breakfast is available to guests all day. While there is a breakfast room for visitors to eat their food, they are also able to take it anywhere on the property they would like. Some choose to go to the tiki huts outside, while others prefer to remain inside.

Outside of the Seashell Suites Resort, there is a variety of places to go and activities that can be done. Fishing is popular for both amateurs and professionals. There are several bait and tackle shops along the coast that sell many of the things guests would need for such an activity. Some people like to bring metal detectors to the beach and search the sands for a supposed treasure that is said to be lost from one of several Spanish galleons that sunk in 1619.


Smoking is prohibited on the property. The property prides itself in being eco-friendly, so the products that are used and given to the guests when they arrive are non-scented and low allergy. Three of the suites are pet-friendly and allow guests to bring their own animals. Small dogs are permitted on the beach, allowing guests to bring them to the coastline for a walk or run.

The motto at Seashell Suites Resort is "Nature, Privacy, Comfort." The employees are instructed to try their best to be ready and available for when customers need help with anything. Patrons that have stayed before often mention that they were pleased with how they felt during their stay. One guest, in particular, left a review that reads, "Fantastic gated small eco-resort, miles from the crowds, and minutes to the conveniences." Another person who stayed at the property wrote, "I spent my time sleeping on the beach, or surfing. The resort provided boards, umbrellas, chairs, towels, snacks, sunscreen. At night, a million stars feel close enough to touch."

There are many events that are held by people that are visiting at Seashell Suites Resort, most often family reunions. The property is not very large, but the owner is happy to allow guests to hold small events of their own during their stay. The typical demographic of visitors tend to be families and people aged 30 to 50 years old. There are many patrons who come for the warmer weather. The busiest times tend to be between Christmas and Labor Day.

Seashell Suites Resort rests about an hour and fifteen minutes from Orlando, Florida, which means that visitors can go to places such as Disney World. The Space Coast is another attraction that is close to the property. The owner, whose name is Ross, likes to recommend a variety of places to eat for those who are staying at Seashell Suites Resort. Ocean Grill, Mulligan's, and The Chart House are a few eateries that he enjoys telling people about. He also explains that there are a large number of cafes in the area, including Sunny Side CafĂ©. Another restaurant he recommends by name is called Coconut Cove, which serves German-American cuisine, specifically their Weiner Schnitzel.


The building that is used by Seashell Suites Resort was finished being constructed in 1964. The current owner purchased the property in 2001 and opened the business as an inn in 2009. There have been four previous owners, but he is the original owner of Seashell Suites Resort as a business. Previously, the building was used as a motel under the name of Sandy Brook Motel.

The current owner, Ross, was led into the business because he saw the opportunities that were available in the area. He says that he enjoys the weather, as well as the climate of both the town and the people that live in it.

In 1919, roughly 32 miles of coast were purchased between Vero Beach and Melbourne Beach by the Melon family. It was purchased because a young man found that, in this area, leatherback turtles would nest. Ever since he convinced his grandfather to buy the land, some of the beaches have become a no-build zone to help maintain the habitat for the turtles. It is now owned by the state. Seashell Suites Resort is built along the leatherback and loggerhead turtle's habitat, making it an available location to view the turtle's nesting grounds. There are rules and regulations about how close people can get to see them, but each year, an abundance of turtles may nest on a portion of the property's beach at a time.

The Archaeological Society has been to the property twice in the early 200s. They found that a couple of tribes of Native Americans, including a tribe of Seminoles, would meet every five years or on the anniversary of the second blue moon. They would exchange their medicinal and herbal remedies. According to Ross, the owner, "they would meet right where the property is built." 

Ross, the current owner of Seashell Suites Resort, has a number of plans for the future and is getting ready to add a few things to the property. In the near future, he would like to add a spa to the pool and sauna. He also has plans to make one of the rooms ADA accessible to give more guests an opportunity to stay at the property.

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United States




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