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Salmonberry County Park & Campground

Salmonberry County Park & Campground

The Salmonberry County Park & Campground, located in Alsea, Oregon, is a smaller property with a total of 29 units, some of which are hookups and campsites. On the property, there are thirteen electrical hookup sites, a cabin with electricity, fourteen tent sites, and a yurt that holds up to five people. The property is located next to the Alsea River, which can provide the opportunity for guests to participate in various water activities. The property, which is owned by the county, does not offer specific amenities other than bathrooms, the cabin, and the yurt. Amenities and extra items like tents, canoes, paddleboards, supplies for campfires, and more must be brought by the patrons who stay at the property. The county strives to give guests a place where they can make memories and gather together as a community. There is no store on the property, and nothing is sold.


The Salmonberry County Park & Campground is located in Alsea, Oregon. The property holds thirteen sites with electrical hookups, one cabin with electricity, one yurt, and fourteen tent sites. The cabin holds up to five people, as does the yurt. Two campsites, specifically sites eight and twenty-one, are ADA accessible. Also on the establishment is a place to park cars and boat trailers during the day, along with a ramp that assists with getting small boats into the river, which is called the Alsea River. The registration kiosk located on the property has the main purpose of assisting guests with staying on the property but does not sell anything.

At Salmonberry County Park & Campground, campfires are allowed. The only condition is that guests staying at the establishment must bring their own supplies to start the campfire. Guests are also expected to bring their own amenities.

The property, which is relatively small and secluded, has grassy areas where guests can participate in various activities as long as they bring their own supplies. The Alsea River is located next to the property, though it is a public river. The river can house smaller boats, canoes, paddleboards, kayaks, and other smaller water supplies. Patrons to the property are expected to bring these things to the property if they want to be out on the river. 

Located near the Salmonberry County Park & Campground are the Campbell County Park, the Missouri Bend Recreation Site, and Siuslaw National Forest. Other than the Alsea River, bodies of water in the area include Salmonberry Creek, Five Rivers, Brush Creek, Grass Creek, Squaw Creek, and Alsea Bay. There are also multiple beaches within 100 miles of the property such as Tillicum Beach, Wakonda Beach, and Searose Beach.

The main amenity at the campsite is the showers that are coin-operated. The showers have a limited amount of time producing water per coin that is inserted. Shampoo, body soap, and other shower amenities are not offered.


Benton County stated, “Benton County recognizes that our community benefits significantly from outstanding natural areas and parks, connected by a well-established network of greenbelts and trails that provide public access, recreation, renewal, and education for all.” They strive to make a campground where the families can make new experiences, and the community can gather. Guests staying at the Salmonberry County Park & Campground have commented on the campground, the proximity to the river, and the bathrooms. One guest, in particular, said it has, "large sites, clean restrooms and is near the river." Another guest said that it can be a "fun place to take the family to play in the Alsea and catch crawfish." Guests have mentioned the fact that there is no cell service, which can allow for a more private stay at the property.

Guests often come to the campground to be on the water or out in a more secluded area. One of the workers says that "Once you're out there, you are really out there." In other words, when people stay at the campground, they are staying in a place that is more nature-oriented. This worker also mentioned that people can, "get down on the water." The river located near the property, called the Alsea River, can host smaller boats, canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and more. Many of the patrons at the campground come to fish and do other water activities. 

The Salmonberry County Park &  Campground has started expanding as far as technology goes. They recently added people to the staff who keep social media accounts for the campground. This can help to promote visitations and to attract new visitors. The county has the goal to promote healthy natural habitats and provide quality services to guests. They strive to help patrons feel safe and comfortable while visiting the property.  Currently, the property receives a variety of repeat guests. There have been people who grew up going to the campground that continued going over the years. According to a worker on the property, it is mostly a generational group of visitors that will come to the campground. It is also common for couples to bring their children to the campground. 

Guests who stay at the Salmonberry County Park & Campground can have the opportunity to do other things during their stay other than being out on the Alsea River. Near the property are multiple creeks, parks, and a small town called Alphy that has places to eat, gas stations, schools, and houses a small community.


The Salmonberry County Park & Campground is owned by the county. The property was first established in 1980 by a family. Originally the establishment wasn't used as a campground and instead was a home for the family. At some point, the family decided to transform the property into a campground, and it has been operating as such ever since then. The county purchased the establishment a few years after it was opened as a campsite. It continued in its function as a campground and continued to be updated, improving the bathrooms and enlarging the parking area. The county mentions, "We treasure, protect, and enhance these public places for connection to nature, sense of community, and sustained benefits to the economy, health, and social wellbeing of Benton County." The county purchased the property with the goal to maintain and keep the campground a location where visitors can have memorable experiences and learn about nature in the area. 

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United States




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