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RV Texoma

RV Texoma is an RV park resort located in Sadler, Texas. It sits on 32 acres and is owned by Michael and Suzee, who are the original owners of the business. The property has a total of 7 sites to choose from, and comes with full hookups including sewer, municipal well water, and amp electrical services. The property sits in a more rural location, with little light and noise pollution, which can provide relatively clear night skies. The property also serves as a wildlife management site, providing help and aid to the wildlife in the area. The owners strive to accomplish this service to the animals by feeding, providing shelter through wood, or strip mowing to provide protection from prey. RV Texoma is a gated area with security cameras, which the owners installed to provide more security to guests.


Sadler, Texas, is home to the 32 acre RV resort park known as RV Texoma. The town of Sadler sits close to the Oklahoma-Texas border. The business was established and is currently owned by Suzee and Michael, who created the establishment in 2015. Seven sites are available to pick from when staying at RV Texoma. According to Michael, the sites are spread out more than most RV parks, which creates more privacy between guests. The added space between each site allows for more parking—enough to park a boat if needed. The seven areas are named Saint Croix, Saint Thomas, Buck Island, Saint John, Tortola, San Juan, and Virgin Gorda. All of the sites have full hookups such as sewer and municipal well water hookups. Each location has a 50 amp, 30 amp, or 20 amp electrical service.

Apart from the full RV site hookups, amenities offered by RV Texoma include grills, picnic tables, and firepits. The owners also provide firewood to use for free from the trees that fall at different times during the seasons. The additional space involved with each unit can also be considered as an amenity, as well as one of the more unique aspects of the establishment. The whole property has partial shade provided by the trees that are spread out across the land. The property currently has a laundry area with two machines, but future plans will update it to a more functional laundry situation. There is no on-site office, resulting in everything being taken care of through online reservations. Michael and Suzee currently live on the property with the guests in their own RV and try to be present whenever needed.

The property also serves as a wildlife management site, where the owners help provide care for the wildlife that enters the land they own. The aid and help provided by Michael and Suzee include providing deer corn, feeding the fish, shelter for small mammals through piling wood, and strip mows to provide refuge from birds of prey. Animals that can be sighted roaming the property are bobcats, rabbits, deer, wild hogs, and turkey. The owners also own chickens on-site that live in coops. Buying a new flock is included in future plans for the property since the original one has decreased significantly since its first opening in 2015. The property also has fully stocked ponds; guests are free to fish while staying at RV Texoma.

RV Texoma park is a gated community; only the owners, guests, and wildlife are permitted to enter the property. Before arriving at the destination, guests are sent an email with the access code to get through the gate. The resort also has multiple security cameras providing more security to the guests who choose to stay on the grounds. There are no restrictions on dogs, except that Michael and Suzee strongly encourage no big dogs. By having smaller dogs on the property, the noise and cleanliness levels are in better control.


Michael and Suzee, the current owners of RV Tecoma, carefully screen each guest who enters the property. The owners do this to help keep a clean and wholesome atmosphere. There are no set quiet times within the park. The screening done before the arrival of guests has contributed to the lack of issues with quiet times. When problems with guests happen, the owners take the initiative and ask those guests to leave in an effort to keep the park safe and clean. The owner's goal for their guests is to provide a place where patrons can enjoy the peace and quiet that surrounds them. 

The RV park as a whole has little to no noise and light pollution because of the property's seclusion. With the lack of corruption, the night sky is often full of bright stars and other cosmic features that can be seen at night. Occasionally space stations can be sighted moving through the night sky. The ambiance that is created by the RV park does not come inherently; Michael and Suzee request that guests turn off unnecessary lights during the night. Speaking of the park's night sky, a guest has said, "If you're looking for a small, quiet, restful, beautiful place to spend a few days or longer, RV Texoma is the place for you. The birds are plentiful, the quiet is wonderful, and the dark night skies are perfect for stargazing." Michael states that their property is "a good place for a family," especially under the night sky around the fire, which creates what he calls "an experience to treasure." 

RV Tecoma is open for short-term visitors and long-term as well. Visitors who are planning a short visit often come to explore nearby attractions such as Lavender Ridge Farms, Extreme Sandbox, Megastar Casino, Cedar Bayou Marina, and Wild Berry Farm. The resort is also located near multiple marinas in the area; wildlife refuge shelters are also standard in the regions. Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge is about a twenty-six-minute drive from RV Texoma. Food places recommended by the owners while staying in Sadler, Texas include Pelican's Landing, Fitzel Winery, Catfish Haven Restaurant, Back Road BBQ, Little Johnny's Roadhouse, and La Hacienda Mexican Grill.


Michael and Suzee, who are the current and original owners of the RV Tecoma RV park, established their business in 2015. Michael had some issues with his previous job, which resulted in them not knowing what direction to take. They were eventually led down the RV property path through small things, such as when they decided to buy an RV until they saved up the money to build a home. They initially purchased 12 acres, but soon after, the other 20 became available. Michael and Suzee decided to buy the remaining land on a whim. Now Suzee and Michael still live in their RV alongside their guests and haven't looked back since. They hope to construct a house in the area with enough time and money.

Michael says that he feels like he is on vacation every day as he travels through their property; that he lives the life they want patrons to live. The owner's hopes for RV Texoma have exceeded their original expectations when first purchasing the land. The property has even become a wildlife management site, which served as another way the ground has surpassed their expectations.

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