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Rustic River Resort

The Rustic River Resort is a campground that can be located in Alberta, Canada, and sits on the shores of the North Saskatchewan River. The property is not found within any specific city limits, with the closest town being Rocky Mountain House. As such, the resort is primarily surrounded by woodlands and farmyards. Alberta, Canada has an abundance of untouched land, both recognized as national parks as well as being wilderness regions with forests, mountains, and over 600 lakes. Ownership of the Rustic River Resort has been in the hands of Linda and Brian Gibbs for roughly two decades, though the property has only been a resort since 2015.


Rustic River Resort is located on over 180 acres of land that is west of the Saskatchewan River. The property is northwest of the small township of Rocky Mountain Horse and has a postal address in Alhambra, Alberta, though the resort itself does not lie within official boundaries of either city. As such, the focus of the property is to allow families to have an outdoor adventure in the encompassing forests, or to give them the opportunity to enjoy some time down by the river. Throughout the 180 acres that make up the property, there are around 225 RV sites and three cabins that are available to the public. When guests are thinking about staying at the resort, they have the option of either signing up for a short-term or a long-term, depending on how long they would like to visit.

Also located on the property is a general store and a small liquor store. The general store offers a number of different items that guests may have forgotten. Visitors can also find candy, pop, water bottles, and more in the general store, while adults can visit the liquor store and find alcohol-based products. Several features that Rustic River Resort sports include the pool, campfires, and horseshoes. On their website, it is mentioned that there are a wide variety of activities that can be done during both the summer and winter months. Some noteworthy things to do during the summer include fishing, golfing, geocaching, and kayaking. Several winter-themed entertainments may consist of cross country skiing, ice climbing, and snowmobiling. An ice rink can be found on the property that is only available to those who are staying at the resort who wish to ice skate.

Rustic River Resort is about a 20-minute drive from the nearest city, Rocky Mountain House, which has many different attractions and activities for visitors to experience. Siffleur Falls is a hike to the west of the property that includes waterfalls, The Saskatchewan River, and The Siffleur River. There are several noteworthy sites that visitors can find in Rocky Mountain House, such as Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site, where they can see the remains of the indigenous peoples. Rustic River Resort is placed in a spot where guests have the opportunity to find an outdoor adventure in nearly any direction they take.


The typical culture of Rustic River Resort is one that encourages adventure and outdoor activities. The owner of Rustic River Resort, Linda Gibbs, says that they are proud of their ability to "provide activities for everyone during every season of the year." She says that it is the "number one goal of the resort" to allow guests the chance to have an enjoyable time and a rustic experience while they are staying on her property. While staying there, visitors have the ability to rent rafts, paddleboards, paddleboats, kayaks, fishing equipment, bikes, and golf carts. Should a family arrive having accidentally forgotten one of these amenities, the Rustic River Resort still strives to give them the opportunity to enjoy such features by means of their rentals.

Regardless of the season, there is a wide arrangement of activities that can be done. The resort offers a number of water activities that guests can enjoy at any time of the day. There are also a large amount of hiking and biking trails that can be found in the area. Visitors have left generally positive reviews, many of them commenting on how they appreciate the family atmosphere, the friendly staff, and the number of activities that can be done while staying at the establishment. Several of these reviews mention that the resort has an "excellent system of organization" on the campgrounds and that it's convenient to get set up.


The current owners of Rustic River Resort are Linda and Brian Gibbs, who have been the owners since 2015. Linda, the owner, said that they had owned the property for around 20 years before that, though at first it wasn't a resort of any kind. At some point in the early 2010s, they eventually decided that a campground and resort seemed like a good use of the land. Before the property was transformed into the campground that it is today, it was just another plot of land, indistinguishable from the woods that surround the area, with trees and grass overgrowing on most, if not all, parts of the 180 acres.

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