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Rustic Knolls Campground

Rustic Knolls Campground

Rustic Knolls Campground falls under the jurisdiction of the town Mt. Vernon in central Ohio, though the property itself sits well outside of what could be considered as traditional city boundaries. It is a secluded property with a private lake and many activities for children. It has been a family business for 52 years, under the management of the Biffaths for the entirety of its lifetime.


The Rustic Knolls Campground rests in the green hills of central Ohio, just outside of the city of Mt. Vernon in Knox County. The property has been in operation for 52 years, owned by three different generations of men named Frank Biffath. It has expanded both in size and in notoriety over its existence. Currently, Rustic Knolls Campground has just over 150 sites on-property. There are 140 RV sites, 3 cabins, and around 10 tent camping sites. The RV sites each come equipped with full hook-ups, including sewage, electric, and water. Trees have been planted throughout the campground in order to provide privacy between the sites. Each of the three cabins on-site has full electricity, as well as common appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, freezers, coffee makers, and toasters. Cabins also have their own fire pits and picnic tables. The cabins do not have running water, though all guests of Rustic Knolls Campground have access to modern shower houses, and staff members "clean them every hour, on the hour!" Rustic Knolls can be described as a destination campground because the majority of those who stay at the campground are there specifically for that experience. While there are other things to do in the area, "most people just kind of hang around here," explains one of the property's managers. This is likely due to the fact that there is an abnormal assortment of activities that are available directly on-site, giving very little reason for visitors to search for entertainment elsewhere. Some of the activities at Rustic Knolls Campground include their private lake (open for swimming), a game room, basketball courts, horseshoe pits, cornhole pads, a playground, a covered picnic shelter, and a recreation building with other activities. Free 5G WiFi is available for all guests. For those in desperate need of supplies, while staying at Rustic Knolls, a store is present on-site, which sells essential camping/RV supplies, such as firewood, ice, and snacks. T-shirts and other memorabilia are also sold in the store. The property is open from April 15th to October 15th of each year, and their busiest month is generally July (though their Halloween events in October also draw a huge crowd).


The culture of Rustic Knolls Campground is inarguably that of family-friendliness. The current owner of the property is Frank Biffath III, though he politely asks to be called "Campmaster Frank," and puts forth much effort into advocating for the children of the property. The campground's most important priority is for the kids to be safe and to have a good time. He says, "We are very serious about children running amuck in our park...our philosophy is that the kids own the road." Rustic Knolls asks that people drive slowly—2MPH to be exact—for the children's safety. The campground also doesn't tolerate irrational drunken behavior or excessive partying. These guidelines are to allow guests a reliable measure of security; due to that—and the small size of the campground—people feel comfortable enough to let their kids run around the property safely. Everyone tends to watch out for everyone else's children. The established expectations for the campground have brought back families for decades. Just as the campground's management has been a generational matter, many of the visitors to Rustic Knolls are the second or third generations of their families to do so. Some have been attending the campground for the entirety of its existence, meaning that they have stayed year after year since 1968. Others joined as the decades went by. At any given moment, Rustic Knolls Campground has a handful of campers that remain for the entire open season of the property. In addition to those more permanent guests, there are many who are merely passing through for a weekend or two. One of the unique aspects of the property and its culture is the wide variety of activities that are directly on the property. Playgrounds and a private lake for swimming make for convenient entertainment. Yet, in addition to the previously-mentioned attractions at Rustic Knolls, the property also tries to put on weekly events to bring the campground together and enjoy quality time. Such events include "Shark Week," Fathers' Day Cook-offs, and "Christmas in July." Guests have said that they appreciate the many memories that have been made over the years as they've returned many times to the campground. The environment makes it possible for people to have a relaxing time or to create experiences of a distinct nature. Guest reviews generally speak highly of Campmaster Frank and his staff, as well as the cleanliness of the property.


The legacy of Rustic Knolls Campground begins over 50 years ago in the memory of Frank Sr. & Nora Biffath. At that time, the couple was nearing their retirement, and they both realized that they wanted to remain a little more active even in their later years. They looked into a handful of different venues that would spark their interest, and one of their attempts was Rustic Knolls Campground. They considered the property that they lived on to be fit for public camping, primarily because of the lake on-site. They began to construct a few camping sites, and pretty soon had a small business up and running. Early on in the process, Frank Sr. planted trees around the campground. Those same trees are what provide much of the seclusion and shade that Rustic Knolls guests can enjoy today. They started adding in water lines, sewer lines, and other amenities. They happily continued this work until 2001, when Nora passed away. Frank's son—who shared his same name—took control of the property's management with his wife, Barb. During their time as owners, electrical lines and other 21st-century features were implemented into Rustic Knolls Campground. Some 14 years later, ownership of the property fell into the hands of Frank Biffath III, son of Frank and Barb. Since 2016 he has strived to maintain his family's legacy, and he has expressed gratitude at his parents and grandparents for creating and sustaining a "true family campground for three generations."

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Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050
United States




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