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Rudy's Cabins and Campground LLC

Rudy's Cabins and Campground LLC is a family-owned and operated campground located in Clarksville, New Hampshire. With a history dating back to 1938, the property has evolved from log cabins to an RV park to cater to fishermen and ATV enthusiasts. The campground has RV sites and a single cabin rental, providing amenities such as power, sewer, and water hookups. The property features a bathhouse, a fly fishing pond called Clarksville Pond, and access to nearby ATV trails. Patrons can expect a gravel-based site with grass areas and the option for pull-through or back-in sites. A priority for the campground is the quiet time starting at 9:30 p.m., and the owners expect guests to be respectful of others. Pets are allowed but must be leashed and cleaned up after. Smoking is permitted, but proper disposal of cigarette butts is required. The owners pride themselves on their hospitality, offering suggestions and assistance to visitors. In terms of the operating season, the campground operates from Memorial Day to Columbus Day, with July and August being the busiest season. Those visiting the campground can enjoy the historical sites, Connecticut lakes, hiking trails, and various dining options in the area.


Rudy's Cabins and Campground LLC is a campground located in Clarksville, New Hampshire. The property spans 96 acres, providing patrons with space to explore and enjoy the outdoors. With 41 sites in total, the majority of them are seasonal, with 38 dedicated to long-term residents. However, there are also three overnight sites available for guests seeking a shorter stay. In addition, there are various sites specifically designated for tent campers. The RV sites at Rudy's Cabins and Campground provide a range of amenities to provide a comfortable stay. All RV sites, including the three overnight sites, include power, sewer, and water hookups, with options for either 30- or 50-amp service. The RV sites themselves are situated on a gravel base, with a grass lawn in front of each site. While most of the sites are back-in, the three overnight sites include the convenience of pull-through access. Visitors can maneuver their RVs without the need for backing up. There is currently one cabin available for reservation. This housekeeping unit has amenities such as a queen-size bed, a full-size bed, a set of twins, and a view of the nearby pond. It also features its own fire ring and dock. Additional features at Rudy's Cabins include a single handicapped accessible bathhouse, which includes a laundromat and a kitchen sink.

A unique feature of the campground, according to Kathleen, one of the owners, is that the campground has access to a fly fishing pond called Clarksville Pond. This pond is exclusively dedicated to fly fishing and is home to brook trout, making it a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts, according to Kathleen. To preserve the area, the campground has placed a development easement on the pond's shoreline, ensuring it will remain undeveloped.

While the RV sites may not offer direct views of the pond, visitors can walk down to the shoreline, sit on benches, and enjoy the scenery. The campground also features a lawn area, a dock for launching kayaks and canoes, and a common area for relaxation. Guests are responsible for bringing their own watercraft or outdoor equipment.

In addition to ATV trails, the area surrounding the campground includes attractions such as historical sites, Connecticut lakes for boating and fishing, hiking trails, waterfalls, and opportunities for bird-watching. Guests can refer to local resources, such as the Colebrook Kiwanis Moose Book, which provides information on events and attractions in the region. When it comes to dining options, the owner recommends several establishments, including the Black Bear Pub in Colebrook, as well as Murphy Steakhouse and Tall Timbers in Pittsburgh. 


Rudy's Cabins and Campground LLC is a family-owned and operated campground located in Clarksville, New Hampshire. Kathleen, one of the owners, says that they aim to create a "relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere" for its visitors, with a focus on providing a "peaceful and nature-filled experience." The owners, who have knowledge of the area, interact with guests regularly, offering suggestions and assistance whenever needed.

The campground has established rules, such as quiet time starting at 9:30 p.m., to ensure that all people can enjoy a tranquil environment. Pets are allowed on the property as long as they are leashed and cleaned up after. There are no specific breed restrictions, but responsible pet ownership is emphasized. Smoking is permitted on the property, but guests are expected to dispose of their cigarette butts properly.

Kathleen mentions the campground "prides itself on its hospitality," which is a "key aspect of its identity." She explains that being family-owned sets Rudy's Cabins and Campground apart, as it is a "rare feature in the area where many original family businesses have ceased to exist."

The campground attracts a variety of guests, including families, couples, and individuals of different age groups. Rudy's Cabins and Campground operates from Memorial Day weekend to Columbus Day weekend, with the busiest season typically being July and August. 


Rudy's RV Park and Campground has a history that dates back to 1938 when Rudolph Shatney, the current owner's father, purchased the first piece of the property at the age of 16. Initially known as Rudy's Log Cabins, the business operated as a hunting and fishing guide service, offering six or seven log cabins for rent. Over time, the demand for hunting and fishing declined, leading the business to adapt its focus. Today, Rudy's RV Park and Campground mainly caters to fishermen and ATV enthusiasts. In recent years, the owner played an active role in advocating for the opening of a road for ATV access to nearby trails. While the log cabins are no longer available due to their susceptibility to water damage in the northern climate, there is currently one cabin for rent, which is a housekeeping unit equipped with a queen-size bed, a full-size bed, and a set of twins. The ownership of the property transitioned to the current owner, Rudy's daughter, Kathleen, in the 1990s after the passing of Rudolph Shatney and his wife. Since then, Kathleen and her husband, John, have taken pride in providing hospitality to visitors. The property has seen some changes, including the removal of old cabins and the construction of a bathhouse. Future plans include rebuilding a cabin for the owner's residence and the possibility of adding more cabins, although no other significant developments are currently envisioned.

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Kathleen (Shatney) & John Domanico

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