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Rockport RV Resort

Rockport RV Resort is a destination located in Rockport, Texas. With 47 units, the resort offers relatively spacious accommodations, including RV sites and cabins. The RV sites supply full hookups, equipped with 30- and 50-amp electricity. In addition to providing a mix of concrete and gravel spaces, the resort has both pull-through and back-in sites. A clubhouse that serves as the main office contains amenities such as showers, restrooms, a laundromat, and a pool. Patrons can enjoy recreational activities within the clubhouse, namely pool tables, shuffleboard, karaoke, and a TV. The owner says that the resort aims to create a "relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere," as they strive to contribute "friendly and accommodating service." Guests can take advantage of the dog park, children's play area, horseshoes, and bean bag games available on the property. The resort's proximity to the beach and fishing pier can give opportunities for outdoor activities. 


Rockport RV Resort is a coastal beach town destination located in Rockport, Texas. The resort has a variety of amenities and features that cater to both vacationers and long-term tenants who can reserve an RV unit or cabin rental. With a total of 47 units, the resort provides relatively spacious accommodations for its visitors. In addition to the RV units, Rockport RV Resort also has two cabins available for reservation. One cabin accommodates up to 14 people, while the other is a one-bedroom, one-bath unit. Both cabins contain restrooms and kitchens in an effort to supply comfortable and convenient lodging options. The RV units at Rockport RV Resort are equipped with full hookups, including water, sewer, and electricity. The electrical hookups are available in both 30- and 50-amp options. While most of the sites are gravel, there are around a dozen concrete spaces. Additionally, the resort offers pull-through and back-in sites to accommodate different preferences. According to the owner, people visiting Rockport RV Resort can enjoy a sense of space and privacy, as there are grassy areas and yard space between each site. 

In addition to the RV sites, Rockport RV Resort features a clubhouse that serves as the main office. The clubhouse has various facilities, such as showers, restrooms, a laundromat, and a pool. People can also take advantage of the upgraded WiFi and cable TV services at the resort. Within the clubhouse, visitors can find a range of recreational activities as well as a pool table, shuffleboard, karaoke, a TV, and a fully equipped kitchen. These amenities can allow guests to have options for entertainment and socializing during their stay. The resort's property spans approximately five acres, although the exact size is not confirmed. While there are no specific gardens, gazebos, or walking trails on-site, Rockport RV Resort does have a dog park for pet owners and a pool area that operates during daylight hours.

Those at the resort can find a range of shopping and dining options in the surrounding area. Rockport itself is a coastal beach town known by many for its landscape and atmosphere. The owner says that the area attracts both vacationers and long-term tenants, including winter Texans seeking a "pleasant escape." Rockport also hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, such as Sandfest and Oysterfest. These events tend to draw crowds and offer additional entertainment options for patrons staying at the resort. The festivals typically occur during the summer months, providing visitors with opportunities to explore the local culture and enjoy festivities. Rockport also features a variety of dining establishments catering to different tastes and preferences. Guests can explore the local restaurant scene to find their preferred dining spots.


The owner's favorite aspect of running Rockport RV Resort is interacting with the tenants. He says that "building personal relationships" and "ensuring the happiness of the guests" brings him satisfaction. The owner remarks that he and the staff value maintaining a strong connection with the tenants and he explains that they try to "go the extra mile" to accommodate their needs. With the goal to offer a sense of "spaciousness and tranquility," the owner believes that the trees and pool contribute to the overall experience. He also says that the staff tries to be committed to assisting patrons and ensuring their satisfaction. As they strive to provide customer service and address any needs or concerns that may arise, the staff intends to periodically interact with those staying at the resort. According to the owner, the resort prides itself on its "accommodating and hospitable nature," with employees living on-site and being available via phone to assist anyone who might need help during their stay. One former patron mentioned in a review, "I had a great experience with Rockport RV Resort. The staff was friendly and receptive to all of my family's needs."

The resort welcomes visitors of all ages, including families with children and elderly. The owner says that one of the resort's most notable features is its dog park, which is a "popular amenity among guests." In terms of policies, Rockport RV Resort does not have any restrictions on the number of dogs or other animals people can bring. It should also be noted that quiet time is observed from 10:00 p.m. until the morning. 

Rockport RV Resort is open year-round for patrons to occupy the units. According to the owner, the best season of operation at Rockport RV Resort is the winter, as it attracts visitors from northern regions who are seeking warmer weather. The resort's location, just five minutes away from the beach, draws a number of families and fishing enthusiasts. 


Rockport RV Resort was established as an RV Park in the 1990s. Over the years, it has transitioned from primarily offering long-term rentals to catering to short-term vacationers and a mix of long-term tenants. The current owner acquired the property in recent years. Their interest in the lodging industry and the appeal of Rockport as a coastal destination led them to invest in the resort. The owner says that they purchased the property with the intention of improving the community and transforming it into a high-quality park. Growing up in the area and having expertise in selling mobile home RV parks, the owner remarks that they recognized the demand for RV parks in the region and saw an opportunity to make a positive impact. 

Since acquiring the property, several changes and renovations have been made by the current owner. The utilities have been upgraded to include city water and sewer connections. Additionally, renovations have been carried out on the roof, WiFi, and cable services. The owner is currently in the process of upgrading the RV sites and plans to renovate the roads to make them more spacious. Looking toward the future, the owner intends to continue improving the property. He explains that these improvements aim to create a more comfortable and enjoyable environment for visitors.

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606 West Market Street
Rockport, Texas 78382
United States



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