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Riviera RV Resort

Riviera RV Resort is situated in Las Vegas, Nevada, offering both short-term and long-term stays. The property only allows visitors over the age of fifty-five to stay at the resort. An ADA-accessible pool is provided on-site, as well as a laundry facility and main office building. Keeping the park quiet is one specific standard that the owners, staff, and manager try to add to the overall atmosphere of the RV resort. Since 2017, the Mcgavin family has strived to provide their guests with a quality experience during their stay. Attractions such as the Sahara Circus and The Stratosphere Casino are generally notable draws for tourists in the area. Nearby shops, gas stations, and some dining options in Boulder Station can also be found near Riviera RV Resort.


Riviera RV Resort occupies land in Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring up to 135 spaces in total. The property itself expands to approximately seven acres as it features various facilities, including the main office building, pool, jacuzzi, and laundry room that provides coin-operated laundry machines. Additionally, a vending machine and seating area are provided in the laundry room, as well as a relatively small TV that is situated on a bookshelf. Showers are also available for visitors to utilize during their stay. Picnic tables are provided near many of the sites, and visitors are welcome to use the tables for a variety of social purposes, including picnics or lounging. A covered seating area with picnic tables can also be found on the grounds in a generally enclosed space with some fencing around it, separate from the RV sites.

Three different sizes of RV sites are available to visitors, such as back-in sites, pull-through sites, and medium-size, which can accommodate shorter rigs that are under 28 feet in length. The majority of sites may provide visitors with enough space to park other vehicles aside from their RV or trailer. Fences encompass a large portion of the acreage, and a small dog area can be found on the grounds, allowing visitors to spend time with their pets on-site while still being on the premises. One particularly unique aspect of Riviera RV Resort is that they offer an exclusive discount to all Good Sam customers, veterans, and individuals in active military service.

The RV resort is located about three and a half miles from Freemont Street, which can be a draw for tourism in the area, as a variety of shops and restaurants can be found there. A popular dining option that the owner of the Riviera RV Resort recommends is the Boulder Station Hotel and Casino. The casino has multiple buffets and dining options available. Las Vegas can be considered by many to be a draw for tourism in the area, and the manager mentions that many of those who stay at the RV resort come to the area to engage in attractions that can be found in Las Vegas. A couple of specific attractions that are in close proximity to the establishment are the Sahara Circus and The Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, both of which can appeal to many tourists and are located on the Las Vegas Strip.


Riviera RV Resort is a property that allows visitors aged fifty-five and older to stay either long-term or short-term. The manager remarks that there are a fair amount of full-time residents that live on-site. Furthermore, policies are implemented at the establishment, and patrons are expected to act in accordance with them. Keeping the park relatively quiet is one of the main policies that the property strives to keep up with, so quiet hours last from 9:00 PM to 8:00 AM. One such policy that visitors are asked to abide by is putting forth effort in keeping the park clean. As for pets, the manager says that the animal must be approved by them and that no aggressive breeds are allowed at the RV resort.

The manager and owners hope that their guests will feel as though they are "at home" when they stay with them. In an attempt to emulate this experience for patrons, the staff tries to keep up with maintenance for the sites, in addition to providing visitors with information about nearby places to shop or eat at. They interact with guests as much as the individual prefers. One of the most notable aspects of the property is the service that they try to provide, as they strive to keep their service at a high standard. Many reviews of previous visitors comment on how they were pleased with how they were treated during their stay. One previous guest commented on the amenities that are offered at the resort, saying, "The park is clean and well kept. The pool is super warm, as is the jacuzzi."

The park is open year-round, with the best season of operation occurring through fall and winter, as the weather may be generally warmer than in other locations. According to the manager, the park itself is relatively smaller than most RV parks in the area. 


Though the RV park has been around for over twenty-five years, the current owners, the Mcgavin family, have had ownership of the property since 2017. The Mcgavins own more than one RV park, one of which is located near Riviera RV Resort and is relatively larger. Throughout the years that Riviera RV Resort has been around, the property has always been a campground. The current manager had experience in the lodging industry as she often worked with RVs prior to being employed at Riviera RV Resort. She mentions that many renovations have been made to the RV resort but nothing major. Keeping up with standard maintenance is one particular element that the owners, managers, and staff strive to provide for the business.

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United States




The Mcgavin Family

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