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Riviera Beach RV Park

The Riviera Beach RV Park is a campground located near Baffin Bay in South Texas. The current owners, Alice Canterbury and David Dore, purchased the park in 2004 and have made significant changes since then. The property has a total of 57 units, with both permanent and short-term spots available. There is also a cottage with two bedrooms and two bathrooms for rent. Guests can enjoy various recreational activities within the park, such as games in the clubhouse, a pool table, a shuffleboard, and cookouts organized by the management. The owners strive to foster a friendly and welcoming community where people can socialize and interact with each other. It is located a mile away from Baffin Bay, a relatively popular fishing spot. Visitors can also visit the park's pond, which is home to turtles and other wildlife. Although the establishment is located in a more secluded area, it is within a reasonable distance from attractions. Corpus Christi, with attractions such as the USS Lexington and the Padre Island National Seashore, is about an hour's drive away.


The Riviera Beach RV Park is a campground located near Baffin Bay. The property spans 20 acres and offers a variety of amenities and features for its guests. The business is owned by Alice Canterbury and David Dore, who purchased it in 2004. The park's history dates back to the early 1970s when it was originally established. The property consists of 57 units, with 30 permanent spots in the front half of the acreage and 27 temporary spots in the back half. Additionally, there is one cottage available for rent, accommodating both monthly and short-term stays.

Riviera Beach RV Park provides a range of amenities to enhance the guests' experience. These include a clubhouse with games, a pool, a shuffleboard, and barbecue pits. There is also an on-site laundry room and library for the convenience of visitors. Showers are available for use, and WiFi is accessible throughout the park. The RV sites are equipped with hookups for water, electricity, and sewer connections, and the pads are predominantly made of concrete with grassy areas surrounding them. Each pad measures 30 by 50 feet, with "ample room between them," according to Denise, the manager. 

Guests can enjoy the surroundings of the park, which is situated near farmland and mesquite trees. The property is located a mile away from Baffin Bay, which often draws fishing enthusiasts, according to Denise. It is also within a relatively short distance from the county pier and boat launch. On the premises, there is a pond that guests are able to walk to. The pond is home to various wildlife, including turtles. Moreover, the business organizes activities such as card games and dinners, providing opportunities for people to socialize and engage with one another.

Although the Riviera Beach RV Park is situated in a relatively secluded area, it is still within a reasonable distance from other places. The closest dollar store is approximately 8 miles away, while the nearest grocery store and Walmart are about 23 miles away. The surrounding area offers attractions such as Corpus Christi, which is an hour's drive away. Visitors can explore the USS Lexington, the aquarium, and various museums. The Padre Island National Seashore is also within relatively close proximity, providing opportunities for beach activities. South Padre Island is about an hour in the opposite direction, offering more tourist attractions and museums. Locally, there are limited attractions, but Denise mentions that the park's "peaceful setting and friendly community make up for it." In terms of dining options, guests are recommended by the manager to try Baffin Bay Cafe, King's Inn, and the meat market in Kingsville. These local eateries offer meals that cater to different tastes.


The Riviera Beach RV Park strives to offer a peaceful and enjoyable experience for its visitors. Denise, the manager, says that the property is known for its "friendly and welcoming community," particularly during the winter season when winter Texans visit the area. Cookouts and social events are hosted regularly, in an effort to foster a sense of camaraderie among residents and short-term patrons. Denise explains that guests are encouraged to feel relaxed and worry-free during their stay at the Riviera Beach RV Park. One person mentioned in a review, "Staying at this park was very comfortable as it is super quiet, clean, and friendly. The overall friendliness of the managers and the residents was great." The management strives to create a pleasant environment by maintaining the park's cleanliness and ensuring that everyone is respectful of one another.

A couple of notable policies include keeping pets on a leash and being considerate of neighbors. Quiet hours are observed, although the park rarely experiences noise issues due to the respectful nature of the patrons, mentions Denise. She also explains that the establishment is open year-round but experiences its busiest season during the winter when winter Texans flock to South Texas to escape the colder weather up north. Denise remarks that summers are generally quieter, except when work crews, such as pipeline workers, stay at the park. In regard to the guests at the Riviera Beach RV Park, Denise says that they tend to be older, although there has been a "noticeable trend of younger winter Texans" in recent years. Denise reports that many patrons are returning visitors, and they take pride in providing a positive experience that encourages people to come again. The park also welcomes new visitors who often express their intention to return based on the time they had.


The Riviera Beach RV Park's establishment dates back to the early 1970s. The park underwent significant development after its current owners, Alice Canterbury and David Dore, purchased it in 2004. Initially, the acreage consisted of 30 permanent spots, which were later expanded to include 20 additional temporary campsites, a boat barn, and a clubhouse. As for future plans, the owners are currently in a "wait-and-see approach," considering certain economic circumstances before making any significant changes or expansions to the property. When asked about her favorite part of working at the Riviera Beach RV Park, Denise, the manager, expresses her appreciation for the community and the presence of winter Texans. She mentions that the atmosphere, along with her personal connection to the area, contributes to her enjoyment of working there.

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