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Riverland Lodge & Camp

The Riverland Lodge is a campground located near the Madawaska River. The park was established in 1976 and, at one point, was part of a town. Some foundations from former buildings can still be seen and are sometimes used as pads. The property consists of 160 sites. Mobile homes make up four of the sites, while the rest are for RVs and campers. On the grounds, visitors have access to playgrounds, a recreation field, beaches along the river, and a lodge for events and various activities. The property is most known for its location and is often visited by families and seasonal groups for hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, and ATVing. The staff strives to help guests have good experiences and hopes to create a family-friendly culture. 


Riverland lodge and camp is located in Madawaska, Ontario, Canada. Situated in the forest, the property runs along the Madawaska River. The establishment has a total of 160 sites. All spots have 30 amp hookups along with water. Sites on the grounds typically have trees and small grass areas to help give guests shade and a place to gather. Four of the 160 sites are mobile homes that can be rented by visitors who are hoping to stay on the property but do not have a camper. Mobile homes come with amenities such as a private bath, a private common area, and rooms. Most mobile homes and camping sites are within five minutes of the small sand beaches of the Madawaska River. Guest can use the beach to access the river with small boats and flotation devices such as canoes, kayaks, and tubes. 

The main common area available to patrons is the lodge. The building acts as a rental facility and lounge area for guests. At the lodge, visitors may rent kayaks, canoes, and ATVs to use during their stay. The event center and gathering area is known as "The Black Bear Lounge." Visitors can play pool, darts, board games, and puzzles at a few provided tables. The Black Bear Lounge has a small bar area where guests can purchase snack food items and drinks, along with a sitting area and a large flat-screen TV available to all patrons on the property. Although the lodge is a public building, groups can reserve the common area to use for large family gatherings or other similar events. Also located near the lodge is a kid's playground and recreational field where guests can bring their own nets, balls, and other equipment to use the area. 

Attractions in the region are mostly outdoors. The Madawaska River is generally a popular attraction, and several waterfalls feed into the river near the reservoir. Several provincial parks surround the region, such as Bell Bay Provincial Park, Upper Madawaska River Provincial Park, and Tom and Mick Murray Millennium Park. Additionally, many ATV and snowmobile trails can be found nearby, as well as various places to hike and bike. At Berry's Bay, visitors can play at the local golf course and visit several lakes in the area. There are convenience stores in town, but patrons may need to visit other neighboring cities if they desire to eat out. 


Riverland Lodge and Camp is similar to most campgrounds and strives to give guests an outdoors experience. They make an effort to be a place where guests can feel relaxed and free to do outdoor recreation activities. The staff and owners mention that the property is most known for its location near the river and its unique history, being on the old townland of Marysville. Visitors often mention the lake and activities in the area during their stay at the establishment. One particular guest mentioned, "Friendly family-owned campground. Large swimming and picnic area on Madawaska River, which runs into Bark Lake. Great for boating and fishing. Residents are all very friendly and helpful." 

Many of those staying at the park come for family gatherings, hunting, fishing, and seasonal activities such as snowmobiling and ATVing. Running through the acreage is a snowmobile and ATV trail available to all patrons. Guest can drive their ATVs and snowmobiles throughout the property on the designated roads or trails. During the spring and fall months, the majority of guests come to hunt. Black Bear hunting is popular among visitors and is typically the main attraction for hunters to the area. Due to the Madawaska River and other bodies of water close by, there are often many fishermen that come to the property. Some of the more common fish of the area are trout, walleye, pike, bass, perch, and whitefish. A fishing license is required to fish on the river and surrounding region. 

Many of the other visitors to the campground often come to relax and gather as a family. The original owners of the establishment attempted to make a family-friendly park and a place where families could enjoy the outdoors. The staff still strives for this and has made an effort to achieve this goal by adding a playground, games to the lounge, and amenities they hope will enhance visitors' experiences during their stay. The campground is open year-round and allows pets on the property. They only ask that animals are to be attended to and taken care of while staying on the premises. Smoking is allowed on the grounds but not inside any of the public buildings.


Riverland Lodge and Campground is situated on the land of the city called Marysville. The local engineers and townspeople thought the town would flood with changes and construction that had been made to the river so they decided to move the homes to the adjacent town. The estimations by engineers who predicted the issues with the town's placement were wrong, but the town had already been moved. Foundations from former buildings can still be seen, and a few sites use these foundations as pads for campers. Additionally, the area has been known for its influence in the lumber industry. J.R. Booth was a prominent figure who had helped bring the surrounding towns to the region. 

Jane and Marry established the Riverland Lodge and Campground on May 19, 1976. The property was purchased from previous owners, the Flaglers, who had not done much with the land but had planned on making a campground during the 1960s. After the Flaglers reflected on the fact that little progress was being made, they decided to sell the acreage. As the property was now under new management, the owners began clearing areas for RV sites and they started to construct the lodge on the grounds. Over time the landscaping was established, and more sites were added to the premises as they purchased additional land, developing their expansion. 

The owners had the idea in mind to create a place where children and families could enjoy nature and they hoped to be a unique attraction for those who visit on vacations. Currently, the staff has plans to add more equipment and amenities for the playground area and hopes to add a few more sites to the property. They hope to continually grow and are even considering adding a fish and chips stand to the establishment. 

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