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Range RV Campground

Range RV Campground

Found in the southwest region of Utah, Range RV Campground is a 10-acre property that contains 65 operational RV lots available for reservations. The property is currently under development and has various future amenities that will be available for guest use in 2023. The land was purchased by the current owners, Mike and Tygard, in January 2021 and opened as Range RV Campground in late September 2022. Tygard mentions that they strive to create an atmosphere at the campground where customers feel that they are staying at a "nice, modern campground" and "have an authentic camping experience" during their stay.


Range RV Campground is located in the town of Apple Valley, situated in the southwest corner of the state of Utah. The 10-acre property contains 65 RV lots available for reservation, and one of the owners of the property, Tygard, has plans to have 88 total sites available by spring of 2023. About 59 of the currently available sites are 35 ft wide on average and, as Tygard says, have "quite a bit of space" overall for guest use. In addition, each of these units is outfitted with a picnic table, water attachments, sewer lines, and power hookups. The other six sites are smaller in size and only have water and power hook-ups available for guests. These smaller sites are designed for vehicles with smaller rigs. 

Apart from the lots, Range RV Campground also contains the main office building with multiple adjoining facilities and nine private bathrooms that are located throughout the property. The main office is primarily used for checking in and out of the campground, but there is a seating area available for guests as well. Patrons can also stop by the main office for recommendations of nearby restaurants and shops. Apart from the office itself, the building has a maintenance garage attached to it where people can perform any necessary work on their vehicles during their stay at the campground. Additionally, the main office building has a bath and shower house attached to it that is open to everyone staying at the property. Lastly, the main office building also contains laundry machines that patrons of the property may use. The machines are operated through an app that allows guests to pay wirelessly for their laundry to be washed and dried. Tygard explains that he has various plans to add on to and improve the available amenities at the campground, and many of these additions are already in development. 

The property is located in a part of southern Utah that Tygard describes as a "high desert." As reported by Tygard, the elevation of the property is 4,691 feet above sea level, which contributes to a temperature that is 15 to 20 degrees cooler on average than the southern Utah city of St. George. Tygard believes that this difference in temperature and the "amazing views" available on the campground attracts many people to the area and to his RV campground. 


Tygard and Mike, the owners and managers of Range RV Campground, strive to create a culture at the establishment where guests feel that they are staying at "a nice, modern campground," as stated by Tygard. He further explains that he ultimately wants the patrons of the property to have an "authentic camping experience" during their time there, and both he and Mike have taken various actions and plan to do even more in order to achieve these goals for the culture of Range RV Campground. 

The owners of the campground have instituted multiple rules and policies that all guests of the property are expected to follow throughout the duration of their stay. Visitors who bring a pet with them are required to keep their pet on a leash and they must clean up after them. Moreover, pets must be kept in their respective RVs during the night. A limit of two vehicles and one RV is permitted for each individual site. It should also be noted that a campground-wide quiet time begins at 10:00 p.m. and ends at 8:00 a.m. Apart from the policies of the campground itself, the city of Apple Valley has a light ordinance that restricts the amount of light that is used in the area so that there is a clear view of the stars during the night. 

In addition to the policies that the owners have instituted, Tygard explains that they do "contactless check-ins," which allow guests to check in to their site without going to the main office. Instead, they drive straight into their lot, and one of the owners will come and check them in. According to Tygard, they are also planning to include "a branded tote," which will include information about the campground itself and attractions in the surrounding area, with the goal of improving the overall experience of guests during their stay. The property is open year-round, and is "available to all demographics," as Tygard says. 


Tygart and Mike opened Range RV Campground in late September of 2022. They originally purchased the land that the campground now sits on in January of 2021 and began the construction of the property in June of that same year. Tygard explains that the process of purchasing and developing the land into an RV park was "challenging and long" due to a variety of factors. Tygart explains that he has various plans to add on to and improve the park with multiple additions. These additions include a public and smokeless firepit, a pool and spa, and more RV lots that are currently under construction.

Tygart expresses that his favorite part of owning and managing Range RV Campground is "meeting the people." He specifically states that he enjoys "learning where [the people] are from, hearing their stories, and learning about their experiences." The property has had guests from various locations around the world during its time of operation. Tygart also says that he enjoys sharing tips with guests on where to hike, camp, or stay. 

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